Squiz Food Pouches Review

Squiz Food Pouches Review & GIVEAWAY

You may already know how much I love cooking! Ok, not much I admit. But when it’s about Baba, I want him to eat the best. So I cook about 95% of his food. I didn’t say 100% as there are always times when you are tired or you can’t do it and some already made food is fine. I am not Wonder Woman (I wish in my dreams!). Baba is far from being parfait and I am not the perfect maman either. But when it comes to food, then, I can confidently say that I am ticking the box! And it’s super easy to do so when you have products like reusable food pouches to help you along the way! Today, we are presenting you with our Squiz Food Pouches Review. We will tell you what we make of those containers. Le plus? You can win a Squiz Bundle at the end of the post! So make sure you enter our second Frenchie Competition of the week! Yes, the first one is here if you missed it! Oh, and don’t forget to win a Baby Gift Set here and some gorgeous shoes here as well 🙂

But for now on, let’s crack on with our Squiz Food Pouches Review.

Why I cook fresh food for my Baba

You may have noticed by now. It is true to say that I am a bit of a control-freak. Being fully in charge of what my bébé eats is super important to me!

  • Research shows that initiating babies and toddlers with healthy habits very early on will help them to have a good diet later on in life
  • Food already made can be full of sugar or salt. I am a big enemy of le sucre! Fine, over Easter, I may not have followed this rule…
  • I want my baby to taste a variety of ingredients and not always the same things
  • When I cook fresh food, I know for sure that there are no additives, nor preservatives
  • It’s easier to make sure that Baba has at least 5 fruit and vegetables a day

What is Squiz?

Squiz was created by Elizabeth, a midwife and mother of 5. Elizabeth discovered reusable food pouches while travelling in the USA and was immediately convinced of the need for this kind of product in Europe: Squiz was born!

As a maman, she obviously knew how important it was to implement good food habits to her children. And when you are on the go, it can sometimes be difficult. I love the idea of helping a mum entrepreneur and this type of products is very good.

Squiz Food Pouches – A great idea for eating out!

Practical for mums and fun for kids, snacks in disposable pouches are becoming more and more popular. Single-use pouches have several disadvantages. They turn out to be quite expensive and they also increase waste. Squiz Food Pouches are a great alternative that is ecological as well as economical. In other words, the perfect ally for any maman!

Squiz is the on-the-go feeding solution that is practical and easy to use. You can fill Squiz pouches directly through the large zippered opening at the bottom, and store them in the refrigerator or freezer. Squiz pouches have a double-zipper sealing system that stays closed with no risk of a surprise leak! It’s fast and easy to clean Squiz pouches with a bottle brush, and they can be reused an average of 50 times. Just make sure that you don’t fill it over the line! Otherwise, you may have some surprises!

Squiz Food Pouches Review – First impressions

In order to write this review, we received two types of Squiz Food Pouches:

I am already a big fan of reusable pouches as I strongly believe in using sustainable products.

I immediately liked all the products. Frenchie Mummy was particularly impressed with the prints. Both were colourful and fun. My favourite was definitely Sophie la Girafe as it is so Frenchie! This is so cute!

All pouches were packed nicely in a plastic pocket with a zip. I actually kept them as I find them very handy to store the pouches in the kitchen. No mess in the Frenchie house for once!

I was also impressed to see that the pouches were available in two sizes: 90 and 130 ml. It’s fab to have the choice and not one standard type of containers. I don’t know about your bébé, but mine is a big eater! The large size is very handy when you have a toddler growing fast who needs a lot of energy!

New products to try!!

The instructions included in each pack were very easy to understand for anyone using this type of products for the first time!

Frenchie Mummy & Baba got cooking and testing!

All the Squiz Food Pouches became quickly part of our routine. I got going in the kitchen and Baba was delighted to try some new recipes!

Baba tested them all in different circumstances: at home, but also when we were out.

Some serious stuff was going on while we were at the pub…

They are also very useful to take to the nursery so that I know the Baba has a healthy snack even when he is away from me! I told you that I liked controlling everything…

We have been using the pouches for a couple of weeks now and I am so happy with them! I have cooked a batch of compotes yesterday and I know that I am done for a couple of days! Next? I just need to pack them up in Baba’s bag for when he goes to the nursery. And when we are out,  I don’t need to pack up a plate!

       Here is the Baba in action trying this product for the first time!

Why do we love Squiz Food Pouches?

  • We love the choice of sizes. Both portions are great for either babies weaning (90ml) and bigger ones (130ml)
  • It helps you feeding your little one fresh food
  • No mess when they eat
  • The pouches are reusable
  • It’s cheaper than buying many pouches
  • They are non-toxic. Made from plastic guaranteed to be free from BPA, Phthalates, and PVC, they are parfaits for your little ones!
  • Each pouch is made of 100% European materials
  • The prints are so nice. You have different collections. Your little on loves animals? Get the ones with a penguin! You baby is Frenchie? Then you need some from Le Petit Prince collection!

Squiz Food Pouches Review– Le verdict

You may have understood it while reading our Squiz Food Pouches Review. We are in love with those pouches. Not only they leave my mind at peace that my baby has some healthy food anywhere he is, but it is also so easy to use! Used with a Silicone Top that protects the baby’s teeth and gums, these products are a great asset to help the transition from bottles to solid food.

Doing it on his own! This is how we do like Katy says 🙂

And you can carry on using them, later on, to help le bébé to get independent. While we tested the pouches, it was obvious that Baba wanted to be in charge and I barely had nothing to do in the process! Well, I cooked the delicious food, but that was about it!

A great asset to help Frenchie Mummy!

Squiz Food Pouches are a great accessory to help any mummy who wants her little ones to have a healthy (and delicious) diet!

I hope you like reading our Squiz Food Pouches Review. Convinced by it? Then, check out the website and start a new journey with your enfant!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were kindly provided with some free Squiz Food Pouches for this review.  All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I would always cook fresh food for my little girl during the weaning stage. She was a big lover of fish pie. It’s shame we didn’t come across a great idea like this, would have saved us lots of time clearing away the mess #kcacols

  2. I bought some reusable pouches but these ones look so much easier to fill. I will def be checking them out as I always worry about the amount of waste when I buy the throw away ones! Thank you for joining us for #KCACOLS

  3. When I first started reading this post I was thinking, having a now 2.5 year old, that this is no longer relevant to us. But it really is. George still loves fruity Ella pouches and although we recycle them, it would be more eco conscious to make my own. Entered 🙂


  4. I love the packaging! would love to try these out on my baby boy, we have started weaning and these would be lovely to try 🙂

  5. I’m feeding my son with shop brought pouches because a bowl and a spoon is so messy with my little one and sometimes he outright refuses it , but he feels more independent with a pouch I didn’t even know you could buy your own

  6. What a great idea, I love the fact you know whats in your little ones food when you have made it yourself.

  7. Thanks for the review, I have an eight month old girl and she loves Ella’s Kitchen so would be great to try these. Thank you!

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