Boeuf Bourguignon

How to cook a great Bœuf Bourguignon in 7 simple steps

The other day, Grumpy Boyfriend was laughing at me and my blog. ENCORE! You’re calling yourself Frenchie Mummy and you don’t even have any recipes on it. Isn’t the favourite hobby in France? Cooking in a big white kitchen, a glass of wine in the hands and a necklace of garlic after you cycled on your vélo to the local marché to get all your fresh ingredients? He is not very wrong indeed… I do that pretty much every day!

It goes without saying that I am a wonderful cook. Being Frenchie, I am indeed une cuisinière hors paire. I remember the days when my mum would cook lovely meals in the kitchen. I would occasionally help her. Par exemple, I have wonderful memories of us preparing some fondant au chocolat and me licking the chocolate cake mixture out of the bowl.

But let’s get to the point. First time ever that super maman is willing to share with her readers her best recipe to date. The one indeed that made Grumpy Boyfriend falling under my spell. Le classique Bœuf Bourguignon.

Ready? Off we go for 7 simple steps and enjoy some great Frenchie food.

  1. Drive or in my case, walk down your local COOK. Don’t forget to stop by the boulangerie to get some Frenchie baguette. Oh non, we are in the UK so it’s going to be difficult… Instead get some wine and an extra bit of cheese, even though you already have some brie, a Camembert and some cheddar in the fridge. You’re not exclusive or nationalist, so you don’t mind helping the British economy by buying the last one…
  2. Go back home and put the oven on.
  3. Pour yourself your first glass of wine. You’re also allowed to have a little bit of cheese, or crisps if you prefer. Get whatever you are in the mood for basically.
  4. Just follow the instructions on the box. You can also serve the side suggested.
  5. Now, you have about 15 minutes of freedom where you can do the following:
  • Play with your dearest enfant(s) – I played with Baba all day long! It’s definitely Grumpy Boyfriend’s turn!
  • Watch some TV – You don’t have any, you dummy mummy!
  • Read some posts from bloggers you love – Getting better…
  • Rather go on your own blog and check / answer comments made by other people. You are getting so popular. God knows if you will even have enough time! But you settle for that. It’s much more fun than the other ideas.
  1. Ding! Your hard work is finished. Time to get serious. You might be on your second glass of wine by now and you already had half of this gorgeous Camembert from Normandie…
  2. Put your lovely apron on. Dish out in your most beautiful porcelain and your homme is well impressed by your culinary talents. Now, enfin, he realises how lucky he is to have found you…


Alors? Loving my best secret? You’re more than welcome. Please feel free to share with us your best recipes. You never know. You might inspire me to get in the kitchen for real and transform myself into une fée de la maison to Grumpy Boyfriend’s surprise.


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78 thoughts on “How to cook a great Bœuf Bourguignon in 7 simple steps

  1. Brilliant – that’s even easy peasier than my beef bourguignon recipe. I do particularly like the addition of Camembert!! Must try that version next time 😉 Eb x

  2. An entertaining read! I made Bœuf Bourguignon once at the request of my mother for Mother’s Day. It was a lot of effort but worth it. Maybe next time I’ll use your recipe 😀

    This post would make a great addition to Our Growing Edge, a monthly blog link up just for new food adventures. It’s a fun way to share your new food experiences with other foodies. This month’s theme is TRAVEL which includes any recipe or food experience inspired by travel or another place.

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  3. Looks yum… I’m glad I’ve found this blog, I’ve always wanted to make one but don’t know how. Thanks for sharing your recipe. #sharewithme

  4. I nearly spat my coffee out at the word COOK!
    hahahaha. I’m not the only one who ADORES that place then?!
    no? good..
    I love it so much my husband banned me from going there for a few months saying I could easily create their food at home, from scratch, everyday, and much cheaper.
    Yeh right. after 2 weeks of basically fishfingers or pasta for dinner he has allowed me to darken its door once more.
    You really had me there -Ii really thought I was settling down to a good recipe session to put a halt to the fish n chips!!!
    This is BRILLIANT xxx

    1. ? I am not that bad at cooking but this recipe is super long so scrap it! Cheese and wine are a better way to spend my time. Thanks for reading x

  5. I need to add more wine drinking and cheese eating to my cooking. Clearly the steps were missing from every recipe I’ve ever followed. Making them all wrong! #TheBabyFormula

  6. I was expecting a boring straight recipe post and thinking I’d just comment politely, but this was a great surprise and made me smile. Time is too precious for complicated culinary activities. #StayClassyMama

  7. And there I was with pen and paper ready to take notes!! You cannot beat good cheese, crusty bread and some saucisson sec (which you didn’t mention!) Parfait! #stayclassymama

  8. Gotta say I’ve never been a fab of this dish, but man you’ve made my stomach rumble! looks delish #sharingthebloglove

  9. Haha loved this – you had me all the way along, I was expecting the recipe at the bottom! I’ve never heard of COOK but it seems I’m missing out!? x #coolmumclub

  10. You had me fooled, I kept on scrolling down expecting to find a secret recipe. The pictures do look amazing, but it just takes so long to cook! Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

  11. Ha I hope they give you a free one for your this great review! Love the sprig of flat leaf parsley. Does Grumpy boyfriend not look for signs of cooking eg discarded onion skin, half finished bottle of red cooking wine etc? Easy to please then and glad it works for you guys 🙂 ps we occasionally use Cook too when we come back from holiday and can just pop it straight from freezer into the oven.

  12. Bonjour Franchie Mummy, superbe, très drôle!

    I’m living in Paris, spend my days dragging my pousette around but I have discovered Picard – the answer to my prayers!

    Keep making me giggle! Bisous TMx

  13. Bonjour Franchie Mummy, superbe, très drôle! I live in Paris now thinks I ought to be paying visits to markets, boucheries, boulangeries and patisseries – but I have discovered Picard, the answer to my prayers!

    Keep making me giggle, loving your blog, bisous TMx #SharingtheBlogLove

  14. You’re my kind of cook! And this is a recipe I can get on board with (especially the chilling out with a glass of wine bit!) Thanks so much for joining us again at #SharingtheBlogLove

  15. Ha ha classique…(er is that even french?). I was seriously getting ready to pin an easy dinner idea as cooking family meals is getting SO last season…but, the funny in this post made it even more spesh.
    Thanks for sharing it with #coolmumclub x

  16. This looks stunning ! My man would love this – rapidly becoming a huge fan of your blog and writing style. Thanks so much for linking up to #sharewithme

  17. Haha brilliant! You had me hooked for a second there that Frenchie was going to teach me how to make a French classic dish I could wow the boys with. So we have a Cook in Brighton and my other half is always tryng to convince me to let him get our Christmas dinner from there….maybe I should be a bit more open minded 😉 Fab post lovely #coolmumclub

    1. I am sure you would not be disappointed. You should try their appetizers or their cakes maybe. At Xmas, I am more traditional. Grumpy Boyfriend cooks the dinner, roast of course. Or you get invited so I don’t have to cook! ? Thanks for stopping by xx

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  19. I would like to see more recipes from you, especially for a decent French onion soup as I’ve always wanted to try that. I had a good chuckle reading this post, as is usual with yours. Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG!

    1. I am not sure you will see recipes’ posts any time soon…But if I find an onion soup recipe, I will adapt it my way for you. ?☺

  20. My sort of cooking! Before I had children, my piece de resistance was cereal. For every meal. I now feel compelled to make actual meals for my children. Though it is very likely cereal would be better than my cooking! Thanks for linking with #FridayFrolics. Hope to see you again next week!

  21. I’m going to be honest, I thought I was going to skim through a recipe and pretend that I would try this at home but actually just shove some shit in the oven because I literally CANNOT cook for the life of me. But actually, this seems fairly easy and you made me laugh throughout the “recipe” so I love it!! Haha thanks for sharing this deliciousness with #StayClassyMama!

  22. I’ve never heard of COOK, but that picture is making my mouth water. Fab post, I really thought you’d give the recipe somewhere… but this was much more fun and definitely like the wine and cheese involvement 🙂

    Thanks for sharing on #TheBabyFormula, hope you can link up this week too x

    1. You never heard of Cook?! Omg you must be a goddess mum who cooks delicious meals all the times!!!! So jealous. Seriously check it out, it is lovely and thanks for liking my post xxx

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  24. Yep, my kinda cooking. I prefer standing round with a glass of wine and chatting to the actual cooking although I do make a mean boeuf bourguignon! Tor x #FabFridayPost

  25. Lol I was drawn to this post on #fabfridayposts because i love beef bourginon but have only ever made it from a packet. I thought great, 7 easy steps to make it from scratch but it seems that I’ve been doing it right all along 😉

  26. This is my kind of cooking! Unfortunately my husband has recently requested that I do try at least one a week to cook rather than shove stuff in the oven… ooh its gonna be tough! #fortheloveofblog

  27. This takes me straight back to my childhood-it’s a recipe my (half) French dad would make often! Thanks for linking up to #thelist

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