SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review

SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review & GIVEAWAY

No Baba Fashionista this week. But you can still win a fabulous pair of shoes from Papouelli here (remember, it’s one of the favourite brands of Prince George) and a 7 piece baby gift set here! So go for it! And because it’s the weekend and the first week back to work after Easter has been too hard, we want to spoil all the mamans out there with a special new Frenchie competition today. Indeed, our SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review will give you the chance to win one solution for you to try too! It’s worth more than £39 and the good news is that it is a fab product! So why would you resist?!

Stretch Marks – The mummies’ nightmare!

As soon as I fell pregnant with Baba, I became obsessed with avoiding stretch marks. I started really well as I was making sure to hydrate my skin every single day with coconut butter and other wonders.

I was doing really well and I was actually proud of having none of those naughty lines! Happy (future!) Frenchie Mummy! But the dream didn’t last long and towards the end of my pregnancy, a massive stretch mark appeared at the bottom of my bump. I was gutted! I had been doing so well, making sure to eat healthy food and moisturising my bump twice a day to avoid it.

Once Baba was born, it became even worse. I actually had a couple of very dark stretch marks on both sides of my tummy. To be honest, I think I kind of gave up at this stage and I was so busy with un nouveau né, I was just happy when I was able to have a shower and feel fresh. Exit the moisturising routine!

Bien sûr, I hated them but I actually forgot about it all. I used to hate looking at them in the mirror the first few weeks, but I got to the point where I didn’t even notice them anymore…

SOS Solution for Stretch Marks – An introduction

But when Science of Skin asked me if I wanted to test their product and write some SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review, I decided it was time to sort those naughty lines out!

So what is the SOS Solution for Stretch Marks? Designed especially for mamans, this cream moisturises your skin and helps to soothe and calm it. Its fragrance-free formula contains natural active Green Tea extracts with vitamins C & E.

The SOS Solution for Stretch Marks is scientifically formulated to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and minimise their redness.

La crème parfaite for Frenchie Mummy as I happened to have very dark stretch marks and I want to rock in my bikini this Summer

A lot of nice stuff on the box, but does it work?

SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review – First Impressions

I usually like creams to smell like some fruit or other attractive smell. So the fact that the SOS Solution for Stretch Marks is fragrance-free would not have made me choose this cream. However, as soon as I started using it, I actually liked the texture of it. It feels a bit like a gel and it penetrates well the skin. Nothing worse than feeling sticky!

I was quite happy with the size of the solution too. At a retail price of £39.99, a bottle of 100ml seems reasonable.

100 ml of happiness 🙂

The directions for use indicate that for best results, you should use at least 2 to 3 times a day. Frenchie Mummy is not so much of a good student when it’s about following instructions. I reckon I used it maximum twice a day. Maman does not have the time nor the opportunity to apply some cream on my tummy at lunch. It would be really weird to do so at work…

Last but not least, I am always very suspicious about this type of products. However, what I like about the SOS Solution for Stretch Marks is that you are not promised some ridiculous results. I hate the type of creams that sells you the idea that you can drop two clothes sizes without having to exercise. It’s a scam!

But not this cream! Hurrah! The solution does what it says on the box!

SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review – Le verdict

As I previously said, before starting using the solution, I had very dark stretch marks. The SOS Solution for Stretch Marks is said to reduce the appearance of these awful marks as well redness associated with them… and it works!

I have only been using the cream for a bit more than 3 weeks and my lines are not as bad as they used to be! They look much better. It’s such a progress as I actually kind of gave up on them…

Another thing I like about this product is the fact that you don’t need to use much each time you apply it on your skin. I reckon I still have enough cream to last me quite a while!

The appearance of my stretch mark has reduced significantly since I started using the solution and my abdomen also feels very smooth.

A Frenchie Mummy very happy!

It’s a winner! I am in love with the SOS Solution for Stretch Marks:

  • it helps to soothe the skin
  • the tube is easy to use and so compact you can pack it away if you are off somewhere
  • it’s fragrance-free 
  • the stretch marks become clearly lighter within a couple of weeks
  • each solution can last you for a while
  • the appearance of stretch marks is significantly reduced!

I must admit that I am not a believer when it’s about this sort of products but I must say that this particular cream changed my mind!

It went away for the weekend with us…

I am definitely going to carry on using it for the next few months before the Summer!

Do you also want to show off your bikini body? Tired of seeing some dark lines on your body every day? Convinced after having read our new SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review?

Then enter our new competition today for a chance to win 1 SOS Solution for Stretch Marks worth more than £39! And it works!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. We were kindly provided with this solution for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. And yes, I rock in my bikini! Well, almost 🙂 Give me a couple of weeks of using the Solutions Stretch Marks and you will see the results soon on our Instagram!

Win 1 SOS Solution for Stretch Marks worth more than £39!

Now time to win the same solution for you to try and rock on the beach!

Enter via Gleam below for a chance to win this fabulous Frenchie prize!

Win 1 SOS Solution for Stretch Marks worth more than £39

This giveaway starts on Friday 21st April at 8 pm and ends at midnight on Monday 22th May 2017.

Competition Terms & Conditions:

The closing date is 11:59 pm on Monday 22th May 2017.

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of the blog.
The winners will be notified via email.
No cash alternative will be offered.
The competition is open to UK entrants only.
The winners will be chosen at random using Gleam.
The winner must respond within 30 days of receiving the email to claim their prize.
Provision of the prize is the responsibility of Science of Skin.
Your data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.
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Bonne chance!






60 thoughts on “SOS Solution for Stretch Marks Review & GIVEAWAY

  1. I’ve made my peace with my tiger stripes but come bikini (tankini) season it would be nice to fade them a little!

  2. Sounds like a fab product but alas I don’t believe there’s much can be done about stretch marks once you have them. I got them on the tops of my thighs of all places! Who knew.

  3. I don’t mind the ones on my tummy as I don’t have them on show very often but I would love to lighten the ones on the back of my legs x

  4. This would be great as you hear about so many of these products but really they don’t do much as they say they will.

  5. After having three babies Ive been left with lots of stretch marks and have tried all sorts but nothing seems to have worked would love to try this 🙂

  6. Although I don’t think I’ll be wearing a bikini any time soon, I’d love to have my stretch marks faded just for me.

  7. I didn’t think I’d got any stretchmarks. My husband left me to my delusions until after I had my son, when I could see them for myself…

  8. This stuff sounds fab! I’m pregnant with baby number 3, due any day now and would love a helping hand to feel more confident about my tiger stripes.

  9. Yes please! I have ran out of Remescar & it wasn’t as good so i’d love to try this on my stretch marks. Thanks xo

  10. My stretch marks are right where my pants sit and are quite sore. Great giveaway thanks for the chance x

  11. I’ve lost 2 1/2 stone and so need something to try to nourish my lovely stripes and maybe improve them better still fade them away altogether

  12. Three kids later my body’s not going to get any better without a great solution. Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. I never believe prosucts unless tried, tested and verified by a real person. As we are going away I would love to try something like this

  14. I don’t seem to be doing too badly with stretch marks, but at 19 weeks I still have time to get some stripes. I do have some on my hips from weight loss when I was younger, which I’d like to get rid of

  15. This sounds like a brilliant product. I have tried many products widely available on the market and nothing seems to help or fade my stretch marks. I would love to see if this lives up to its promise.

  16. I have been really lucky not to have stretch marks, but I would love to win for my daughter. After having two kids she is covered in them. She is so self conscious of them, if this would help, she would be so delighted.

  17. I am so self conscious about my stretch marks so would love to try this cream. I cover up in summer whereby it would be lovely to enjoy the sunshine.My boys were worth it though!

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