French baby drinking wine

My baby has 5 flaws and it’s totally my partner’s fault!

Baba is gorgeous. C’est un fait! I love him to bits and absolutely have no regrets to have become a mum. But he has 5 flaws and it’s totally my partner’s fault!

People love him, Grumpy Boyfriend’s family are around all the time because they can live without him. Having a baby means that I am off work for a year. Hurrah! I love being in bed up to 8am and don’t feel guilty if I am still in my PJs by 10 am…

Baba is cute, nice, funny, sweet and so much more! I am in love with him! That’s it! Oui, mais voilà. The truth must be said. He is not parfait! Far from it… There are times when he drives me mad!

But you know what makes me feel good about him being un petit monstre sometimes? It’s not my fault. Writing this up right now while the baby in question is  eating the carpet while endlessly banging his dad’s desk. Don’t tell Grumpy Boyfriend anything… It’s an expensive desk and he loves it to bits… oops!

So yeah, Baba has many flaws but I will totally blame it on my partner

      • The baby is massively stubborn! Admittedly, it’s not 100% Grumpy Boyfriend’s fault. I reckon I played some parts in it while we conceived our dearest enfant. Imagine, Baba has a double dose of this weakness! I now understand why he sometimes doesn’t listen to my instructions…
    • He has a smirk on his face. This one, I can totally blame it on my partner as I am not the sarcastic type whatsoever… Once, I was visiting a friend of mine and her little girl started crying. I swear this is not my imagination. He looked at me with his smirk. I could read in his mind ‘Look at this wimp! She is crying for nothing!’

      I am so chilled out My baby has 5 flaws

    • My baby is such a diva sometimes! He is demanding to the extreme… Once more, it’s my partner’s fault. I heard from a sure source (Grandad L) that he used to be a bit of a diva too when he was a baby. Nothing to do with me… I am not the princess type. Or maybe? I can’t recall the number of times Baba suddenly needed my attention when I just got myself a coffee. I have never ever drunk so many cold ones! Not the best. I reckon next time, I won’t bother too much and will start on drinking wine in the morning…
    • Burps and farts are a game to him and my other half! Once, I caught le bébé farting and he looked at his dad. They both laughed. Somehow, they were sharing a boys’ moment. I don’t get it! And wish to never do!
  • The babe is an endless flirt! Wait a minute! This one is not because of Grumpy Boyfriend! It comes from his grandfather!
    The two flirts in action at the beach this summer

    Le bébé did it all! Once, he started coughing really loud on the train. He was not thirsty. Two lovely ladies just came on and didn’t look at him. As soon as he started his little act, the two passengers obviously checked on him and started cooing ‘he is so beau!’. His cough quickly  disappeared and he could not contain his happiness… Another time, while shopping, I caught a woman blowing him a kiss! No need to say that he was giggling like she made his day. I happened to bump into her at the till later on and she did it again!  I am actually thinking that I might start charging people to play or flirt with my baby. I might quickly get rich!

You might have understood it. My baby’s weaknesses are purely here because of my partner… Basically, he is the spitting image of his papa! Thank God, Baba also got some cool stuff from his maman: he is cute and trendy. He loves good food and good wine!

French baby drinking wine
Drinking wine… I am Frenchie so what?

And you, what flaws did your children get from your other half? And which one is driving you mad?

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62 thoughts on “My baby has 5 flaws and it’s totally my partner’s fault!

  1. Ooh my poor dear, I doubt you’ll be getting a nice Xmas prezzie from grumpy boyfriend after he reads this .. Was funny though!

  2. These are lovely flaws for a baby to have! As my eldest gets older (he’s 4), I see real parts of my personality in him… He looks just like my husband but is much more like me in personality, so bebe may still change!

  3. Hehe this had me smiling! Elliot is a little flirt too, have no idea where he has it from as both mummy and daddy can be quite the socially awkward types! But the snoring!!! The snoring I fully blame OH for… it’s enough that I have to live with one, now two?! Will I ever sleep again…#triballove

  4. Haha! Unfortunately it’s pretty hard blaming everything g on Daddy as my mum is so forthcoming with stories of me being a little madam – baby definitely takes after me. #tribalchat

  5. The part about how he and his dad laughed over a fart…haha! I’ve got boys too, and my oldest (2.5) started saying “that’s funny!” after he burps! Though…this is partly my fault. I couldn’t help but laugh at an especially loud and poorly-timed belch the other day 😉

  6. I totally blame some of our daughter’s flaws on my husband! Not the falling down though. That’s 100% my side!!

  7. Not really a flaw but Ben has his dads appetite and chilled attitude.
    I’d say his flaws are from me to be honest! He farts like an adult, he has the most orange hair (daddy denies this but it’s true) and he loves pop music mainly anything with a girl singing – currently little mix is his all time cry-stopper! #ablogginggoodtime

  8. My 14 year old turned to me and deliberatey burbed at dinner tonight…And didn’t apologise. That is entirely Mr T’s doing! #KCACOLS

  9. Love it and cute pics of yr baby. Yes of course my own child would be parfait if he was cloned from just me. As it is he is slightly pedantic when trying to win an argument. Definitely not my genes 🙂 jo #KCACOLS

  10. LOL loved this post ❤️ Anything cute comes from my obviously and everything else from daddy ? Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT ?

  11. Ha ha! Seeing their personality develop makes you face your own traits, good, bad, previously unrecognised! Someone told me the other day my baby has the same intense stare as me… I have one of those?! #kcacols

  12. Hi Cecile,
    I love this post – and I think your blog is fantastique! J’adore adding a bit of French flavour to life so I look forward to reading more…
    A tout a l’heure!
    Kimberly (Media Maman ;_0 )

  13. Haha this is fantastic.
    Both of my children have big heads. Physically MASSIVE heads, they got that from their daddy. And their stubborness 🙂 #blogcrush

  14. Hehe I have two girls and they’ve both got their dad’s laid back, I’ll-sort-it-later attitude. I can be a good thing because they don’t get stressed like I do, but sometimes I just want to yell at them to get stuff done! #blogcrush

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