Living Arrows 22/52

Living Arrows 22/52 – A Week Full of Frenchie Adventures!

Bonjour lecteurs! I hope you are enjoying this fabulous Bank Holiday Weekend! I am off for a week and ready to have some great moments with Baba. But for today, let’s share our best ones with our new photography post! Living Arrows 22/52 this week is full of Frenchie Adventures. We have been up to a lot and I could not decide what to talk about in our Living Arrows 22/52. So I put it all! I hope you like seeing Baba’s pictures because you will have plenty of them this time around! This petit bébé français happened to have done so much this week! Vraiment, he is way too spoiled! I mean seriously! He wears the best clothes ever and goes to a great nursery where the staff is making such a fuss of him. A fortnight ago, he slept in the bedroom of the Queen Elizabeth 1st and now all those Frenchie adventures! Wow!

Last Sunday

Last weekend was the start of a beautiful and sunny weather. Without waiting, we went down to Hastings to visit Baba’s grandad. Do you remember me telling you that le petit monstre didn’t like walking in the grass?

Well, he decided to surprise us all and went for it without hesitation!

This version is softer than the one in London…

Baba also took the time to pose for the camera as Grandad’s garden was full of beautiful flowers and he played with the tea set… as we do!

Being serious with Papa

We are starting to think that the little one is a bit obsessed with tea cups vraiment… I don’t know where it comes from, but he can’t stop playing with them everywhere we are going! He is getting embarrassing really!

Nobody is watching? Let’s snatch them for my personal collection!

Hopefully, it went all back to normal when Baba decided to go in a car and show us his great driver’s skills (unlike Maman who is not good at it!).

Look at my Ferrari!

All this excitement was kind of exhausting, especially for Frenchie Mummy. So she had to have a break and enjoy an ice-cream. A day on the seaside is not a proper one without a good ice-cream…

Grumpy Boyfriend wanted to take a picture. I wanted an ice-cream 🙁

Not bad for a Sunday! I mean, I could have been blogging all day long. But this is way better! Oui, oui 🙂

Monday was sunny and Mummy was off…

The week carried on being gorgeous. Frenchie Mummy was supposed to clean the house. But it was too sunny to do so! Instead, Baba and I went shopping and enjoyed the beautiful weather. After all, he needed to try his new fabulous Frenchie cap and see if all his fans from the district loved it too…

Dad? Maman is not doing any housework as she is supposed to…

…and Friday was a repeat!

The housework was still much needed, but Baba was desperate to play outside! As I am trying to be a good maman, I executed myself straight away…

Argh! Not sure about this green stuff when I am wearing a nice pair of white shorts!

Baba was a bit more cautious on the grass that time, but eventually made a move!

Saturday was heaven!

Saturday was the perfect family day out as we were lucky enough to enjoy some fabulous food at Chi Kitchen, located on the Ground Floor of Debenhams on Oxford Street. The Frenchie baby was lucky enough to taste some fabulous food from the MasterChef 2014 winner, Ping Coombes.

I want some chocolate!

He loves chocolate! Thank God, he didn’t stay long as he was too busy checking out the Chef cooking. Frenchie Mummy could then enjoy her fabulous dessert… Phew! For a moment, I thought that I was going to have to share it with him..!

No no no! You have chocolate all over you! Go with Papa and watch the Chef cooking!

I mean, I love my Baba to bits, but sharing chocolate?! It’s not good for his teeth!

Don’t forget to come back and read our full review soon to be published!

The rest of the day involved some shopping for the boys.

The artist in action! It’s never too early!

Once home, we relaxed again in the garden!

Dad, do you realise that she is still not doing any housework today?

And today?

As Baba is a trendy baby, he went to the park in his new scooter

Where is my chauffeur gone?

No need to say that he liked very much being pushed around the park…

Who is the cute Baba in town? Moi!

We then went to see the new In the Night Garden Live show in Blackheath. I won’t tell you more for now. We will also reveal it all soon on the blog!

Exhausting to be such a star!

Stay tuned!

Not bad for a week, right? I hope you enjoyed reading our Living Arrows 22/52. What have you been up to?

And more importantly, what have you planned for this coming week? I can’t wait to share our stories in our next Living Arrows! Have a fab week!

31 thoughts on “Living Arrows 22/52 – A Week Full of Frenchie Adventures!

  1. Ah, what gorgeous pictures! Nothing better than kids playing outside when the weather is good and you do right to leave the housework – that will still be there when you’ve finished having fun! Love that the little one finds fascination in tea cups – how very British! haha

  2. Aww it’s so nice being able to spend time outside in the sunshine (though it seems to have disappeared today!) – life outside with children is so much more fun than inside 🙂

  3. That photo of him with the chocolate dessert looks like he’s getting really stuck in – I’d have been concerned I wouldn’t get any! (In fact, if it was my son, I doubt I would have!) Love the one of him in the little fairground car too – he looks so proud!

  4. Loving your blog and your fat foot baba! He is such a cutie! I’m sure that with all the adventures he gets up to, that he will be a smart kid. You must make sure of it. Thanks for sharing your adventures

  5. Both my girls are fascinated with tea sets and we have far more than anyone needs. They are the most played with toy ever! I would have definitely lost my chocolate pudding to Alice, she wouldn’t have let me not share it x

  6. Ahh so many gorgeous photos! He looks so grown up in the Ferrari!! I can’t believe how fast he is growing! Slow down baba! Mine are all obsessed with tea cups, and tea sets too, I drink so much imaginary tea each day!

  7. Sounds like a busy week for you all, lovely being able to enjoy the outdoors. Sharing food must be one of the worst bits of parenthood…

  8. Oh my goodness what a busy week!! Lots of different outfits too.. I am particularly loving the dungarees and the blue cloud top. I am completely with you on the chocolate. Unfortunately I do not have that excuse with the five year old so inevitably end up sharing unfortunately. Love all the outside pictures so good the weather has started to behave.

  9. Looks like you had a fantastic week. It looks so much and that chocolate dessert, I don’t think I’d have been able to share that either 😉 #livingarrows

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