Leadenhall Pizza Express

Making Pizza at Leadenhall Pizza Express

Bonjour lecteurs! If like moi you are not much of a cook, making your own pizza can seem like the challenge of the month. Let’s be honest, I am very good at eating them but when it’s about doing all the work in the background, it might be another story. But Frenchie Mummy was actually quite successful at Making Pizza at Leadenhall Pizza Express last week and she is now prête to share with you all the secrets to making the perfect Frenchie pizza. And oui, it involves a lot of fromage and a bit of wine…

Leadenhall Pizza Express

Having been a proud Londoner for the last 9 years, I have been many times to Pizza Express and yet I have never visited the one in Leadenhall Market.

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
Such a beautiful place!

Situated in one of the oldest markets in London, dating from the 14th Century, the restaurant has been transformed, including a new private dining area. Its new décor is indeed quite Frenchie in my humble opinion. It actually accentuates the traditional character of the building with some very warm gold pendants lights.  I was quickly at ease as soon as I arrived at a Pizza Making Party.

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
The Frenchie found the stunning bar as soon as she arrived!

Before starting the hard work, Frenchie Mummy enjoyed some good company with fellow mamans bloggeuses and some Merlot bien sûr!

But it was soon time to get my hands dirty and make a Frenchie Pizza!

Making a Frenchie Pizza

Doing so is not that difficile. After the fabulous Leadenhall Pizza Express’ team presented me with some dough, I was asked to turn it into a nice base for my pizza.

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
The draft…

Next came the tomato sauce and the toppings of my choice.

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
Step 2 was well conducted!

As you may have guessed, I decided to make it very Frenchie with some goat cheese and a lot of onions. Too much for you? The Pizza Making Party was parfaite as we had such a large choices of ingredients.

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
Look at all this yummy fromage!

And off it went to the oven!

So did you get the steps to cook the best Frenchie Pizza?

  1. Get a small dose of dough
  2. Drink a bit of your favourite alcohol to get some strength
  3. Turn the dough into a nice shape with the flour 
  4. Add some tomato sauce (not too much so that it is cooking nicely)
  5. Drink up a bit more
  6. Add the topping of your choice (come one, add up a bit of fromage! You know you want it!)
  7. Put it all in the oven
  8. While it’s cooking, top up your glass and have a bit more of garlic bread

C’est prêt! Time to enjoy it with a bit of Prosecco!

Leadenhall Pizza Express – Le verdict!

I must admit that I was actually quite proud of my pizza. The Pizza Making Party organised at Leadenhall Pizza Express was so fun and festive! I left the restaurant very confident that I could start my own pizzeria tomorrow!

Leadenhall Pizza Express, Pizza Making Party , night out
And the chef-d’œuvre! Amazed, right?

Fine, I might not be at this stage in my career of Grand Chef but I reckon Baba would love my pizza too!

Plus the Leadenhall Pizza Express is truly beautiful. Its décor is stunning. J’adore the Frenchie vibe it has!

Frenchie Mummy went back home that night feeling like a pro, after having enjoyed a very nice night out in a gorgeous restaurant. Good atmosphere, great food and plenty of wine… What else could I ask for a Monday night? Le bonheur!!!

If you are looking for something fun (and easy!) to do with some colleagues or friends, book a Pizza Making Party now with Pizza Express! You will not regret it!

Thanks for reading Making Pizza at Leadenhall Pizza Express. I hope I made you feel like having a pizza tonight!

Which one is your fave? And what is your secret ingredient to making your pizza wow? Share it with me so that I practise my new skills on my Frenchie family!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


47 thoughts on “Making Pizza at Leadenhall Pizza Express

  1. Wow looks very posh from the outside.I liked your number ‘Method’…
    2) alcohol to ‘get some strength ‘…( that must be one heavy pizza lol)
    5)’Drink up a bit more’ …..(drunk in charge of a pizza comes to mind lol)
    But you forgot No 9) ‘Drink up all that’s left,whilst waiting for pizza to cook …( oh! Silly Me! The Frenchie Mummy as none left lol)
    Glad you had a lovely time.

  2. What fun. I used to make my own pizzas and freeze them but am too lazy these days. I am fussy about the quality of the pastry and the cheese so like a good mixture of melting cheeses.

  3. I would love pizza express to start doing gluten free ones, I love pizza but I can’t have any when I am going out

  4. I love the idea of making my own pizza at a proper pizza restaurant. I usually buy the ready made bases and then pile as many things on them as possible

  5. This looks wonderful – I always used to get the children to make their own pizza which they thoroughly enjoyed and, of course, they could choose their own toppings too.

  6. Wow, what an amazing Pizza Express. We are visiting London this year, bringing our girls to see our fabulous capital city. I think this Pizza Express will be on our list of places to eat!

  7. I love a brie, potato and rosemary pizza. My top tip is a little sprinkle of polenta as it seems to give it an authentic look and taste!

  8. I haven’t actually made my own pizza before but am definitely going to have a go soon as I’m sure my daughter will love ‘helping’ xxx

  9. Love the look of a pizza party! Thought about it for my daughter’s birthday but after watching Motherhood, I didn’t want to be accused of taking the easy option 😉

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