Little Cooks Co Review & Giveaway

Bonjour lecteurs! I hope you are having a good weekend. For once, Frenchie Mummy cooked! Yes, she put her chef hat on yesterday and she was not the only one! Guess what? Baba also cooked the dinner! I am sure you want to know more about it all. Well, c’est simple! Sit down and relax. Our Little Cooks Co Review & Giveaway will give you all the details about this collaboration parfaite between Frenchie Maman and Frenchie Baba in the kitchen.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that this post also contains a Frenchie Giveaway. We teamed up with Little Cooks Co for you to win one of their cookery boxes for kids! Don’t forget to enter it at the end of this review!

Little Cooks Co Review

What is Little Cooks Co?

Little Cooks Co is the UK’s first monthly cooking kit for kids. Le concept est simple. Each month a box is delivered to your door bursting with vibrant recipes, cooking utensils, science experiments, family dinner table games and more. It’s guaranteed to deliver happy tummies and lots of family fun!

Subscription boxes are very popular these days and I absolutely love the idea to get children involved with cooking. I remember myself doing it with my mum, especially at the weekends and I have very fond memories about it all!

Each month 4 recipes will teach your children to cook a deliciously healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack. The brand’s food philosophy is to keep it natural, keep it simple, so all their recipes are based on whole natural ingredients with nothing refined! The dream for any maman!

Boxes are sent out monthly addressed to the child and cost £14.99 each. How about that to empower your little one?! Let’s describe our experience!

Baba was first to investigate

What is in the box?

Each month your box includes:

  • four healthy recipes
  • a children’s cooking utensil – we received some measuring spoons
  • a creative kitchen project
  • chef’s challenge & competition
  • family dinner table game & table talk cards
  • a themed badge
  • shopping list (also emailed in advance)

If you subscribe for 3 months, you also get a Little Cook Co apron and with a 6 months subscription, you will also get a recipe binder.

Little Cooks Co Review
A little box full of stuff!

Getting kids cooking and eating healthy food

As soon as we received our first box, Baba was eager to investigate. And Frenchie Mummy was just happy to  cook with him.  Even if he helps only a little bit at the moment (mainly tasting the ingredients and examining very carefully each food or object involved in the process), I am sure that Baba will help further in the future!

To me, it’s a very easy way to bond with your little one but not only!

Did you know? Nestle found that children who help to prepare their own meals eat significantly more vegetables than those who are not involved in cooking. Fact! So let’s get cooking!

The Frenchie baby is ready to get healthy!

Implementing a healthy lifestyle

Packed up with all the items listed above, we cooked two healthy recipes this week: some chia seed breakfast and some chicken dippers.

Both recipes were very healthy with the best ingredients possible: broccoli, Chia seeds, Greek yogurt and much more. All recipes in our boxes were simple to make and a lot of fun too! All ingredients were easy to find in the shop. There is nothing worst than having to buy super selective components. I don’t know about you, but if it’s too fancy, it already puts me off even before I have started …

My assistant checked the ingredients!

All the recipes can be made using whole unrefined ingredients and natural sweeteners.

Little Cooks Co’s ambition is to help educate children about the incredible power of food. In my opinion, their boxes are a winner!

Little Cooks Co Review

The whole concept is fun and simple. Baba loved wearing his apron and getting ready for the whole thing.

The measuring spoons we received were colourful and bright. Baba actually loved them straight away!

Spoons… Intriguing!

The box also contained some games such as ‘I’m thinking of an item of food…’ How to play it? Someone thinks about an item of food and everyone else has to try to guess what it is by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions.

I love the idea that it brings fun. I reckon it will be fab to use the Little Cooks Co boxes at a party with other children. The messier, the better!

Why we  liked it – Little Cooks Co Review

  • It’s simple and super friendly to use
  • You can reuse all the recipes later on
  • You have a science experiment in each pack so children can learn at the same time
  • It helps you building a very healthy routine with your family
  • You can stop the subscription anytime!
  • The recipes are healthy and tasty
  • It’s a fun way to learn about food and cooking
  • You will spend for sure a great time with your little ones!
  • Children get to keep fun object (like the badge or the apron) and it makes them feel involved!
  • Later on, you can actually sit down with a glass of wine while your child will cook your dinner! It’s a long term investment that will pay off!

Little Cooks Co has the great basis of any other food box subscription, minus the food. Some might say that it would be great to have actual ingredients in the box, but I don’t think it’s that important. The real mission that Little Cooks Co gave themselves was to teach children about healthy eating via games and fun. C’est fait!

Disclosure: we were kindly provided with a box by Little Cooks Co  for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. 


Baba even has the badge. Officially a Frenchie cook!

Thanks again for reading our Little Cooks Co Review! Loving the idea to cook with les enfants? Then, it’s your lucky day! We teamed up with the fab brand for our lecteurs to enjoy a 15% off discount to use on Little Cooks Co. Simply enter the code FM15OFF at the check out and enjoy!

In the meantime, we are very happy to give you the chance to win one of their cooking boxes for kids!

Enter via Gleam below for a chance to win this fabulous Frenchie prize!

Win a Little Cooks Co Box worth £14.99

This giveaway starts on Sunday 12th March at  10am and ends at midnight on Monday 3rd April 2017!

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  • Bonne chance!



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