1. September 22, 2016 / 8:01 pm

    Ha ha, I loved reading this, how many times do we bloggers read, we should do this and we shouldn’t do that. Definitely the most important advice here is write for yourself, write about what interests you and stay true to yourself and don’t try writing about something you know little about just because you think someone will want to read it because it will lack the conviction it needs of your own beliefs.

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 22, 2016 / 8:05 pm

      So true! Thanks for such an honnest comment! I agree a lot with you here. Hope to see you again soon x

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 22, 2016 / 8:08 pm

      Merci! an for all the RTs too. And I am now following you on twitter too! sorry, I thought I was!!!! xxx

  2. September 23, 2016 / 11:55 am

    Totally relate to the killing boyfriend/hubby thing… lol. Tip no 13… Don’t delete blog. Yup, that’s me! Got to start from scratch. Luckily I didn’t have many blog posts though 🙂

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 23, 2016 / 12:09 pm

      oh non! how come? YOu need to tell me what not to do… I might do the same lol

  3. Sarah Lea Stories
    September 23, 2016 / 6:13 pm

    I’m still working on that whole successful blogger thing. I have a poetry blog, so that’s probably why mine isn’t blowing up with comments, but oh, well, I’m writing for myself and anyone who’ll listen (or read). One thing to add: a powerful visual or beautiful image really helps get the clicks, if nothing more. Just keep writing great content, and eventually, you’ll get there, and you are right about headlines. They are even more important than the image.

  4. lindseytradup
    September 23, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    These are all extremely relevant tips. The one thing that I really wanted to focus on when I first started blogging was my e-mail list. Now that I (kind of) have a grasp on that I’d like to start figuring out how I can post consistently. With work, school and family, it’s difficult to find time to just… WRITE. Happy weekend to you love! ?

  5. flyingsolo7
    September 24, 2016 / 7:26 am

    I totally agree, when I knew nothing about “blogging” when I started, I knew about what I wanted to write about and I have stuck to that, albeit with shorter posts and more photograohy, I am still learning so much after 6 months but your right, it takes time to build it up and get people coming back. #fortheloveofBLOG

  6. Ali Duke
    September 24, 2016 / 10:48 am

    Your tips are great! I like you need to do an email list. Love your blog, always makes me smile.

  7. Rachel (Lifeofmyfamilyandme)
    September 24, 2016 / 10:59 am

    Good tips. I personally prefer short posts rather than essays but i guess it’s how it’s written too. #fortheloveofblog

  8. Kate Orson
    September 24, 2016 / 12:22 pm

    these are really helpful tips. I really like the idea of writing for ourselves first. If we’re not passionate about what we’re writing, then it’s hard for readers to be passionate about what they are reading. #fortheloveofBLOG

  9. September 24, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    I love this post! I’m in the still going nowhere fast stage but getting so much out of writing for myself – very cathartic too ? How do you go about doing giveaways though? Need advice! ??

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 24, 2016 / 10:39 pm

      I have the right post for you Buy Xanax Au
      I used that. Have a look xx

  10. September 25, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    Some great tips. Totally right about writing for yourself and catchy titles. I find writing titles the toughest part. I could never be a journalist. Only other tip I have picked-up is to get involved and give back. So read, comment and follow people else why will they do the same for you?! #fortheloveofBLOG

  11. Susie - This Is Me Now
    September 25, 2016 / 2:03 pm

    Haha I love you! It’s not fair, you seem to have such a unique ‘voice’ and I just feel bland and boring! Need to work on that! Will keep trying with these tips though X

  12. September 25, 2016 / 7:48 pm

    Great tips – and I think that I am now following most of them – but I’m with you on building the email list – there is no way I’ve even started to think about this!!

  13. absolutely prabulous
    September 26, 2016 / 9:13 am

    I have to keep remembering number 4 as I constantly forget to email my posts out to my subscribers ( sacrébleu ! ) and I’ve given up with number 11! #bigpinklink

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 26, 2016 / 9:19 am

      I am pretty bad with number 11 too! hahah. Thanks for reading x

  14. debsrandomwritings
    September 26, 2016 / 9:22 am

    Hi Cecile, some sound advice you’ve dealt there! My favourite has to be stay true to your voice. I used to worry about waffling on too much, but that’s me in text or real life. If I were to try and change my writing style I would no longer be me and then who would I be?

    Giving it time is also a good tip. All good things come to those who wait; it’s just that some may wait a little longer.


    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 26, 2016 / 9:23 am

      Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you are ok. I juts read and commented on your post about your dad. xxxx

  15. Mummy Muckups (Anna)
    September 26, 2016 / 9:35 am

    Some I do well; some not so well; loads of great tips. Thanks!! #bigpinklink

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 26, 2016 / 11:02 am

      Thanks for your super comment. I hope to see you again soon x

  16. thismumslife
    September 26, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    Hehe!! Very down to earth, and achievable tips!! I think, as somebody else commented, staying true to you, and your voice, will always be top for me. I sometimes swear, and sometimes give too much information, but this is how I like to write. This might rule me out from some collaboration opportunities, with companies who want more wholesome bloggers, but I’m not going to change the way I write, just for that! I think that not thinking too much about stats and page views etc is also really important. Building a following takes time, and will happen slowly, when you produce consistently good posts!! Thanks for sharing these tips with #bigpinklink

    • thefrenchiemummy
      September 26, 2016 / 12:40 pm

      I agree with you. I know that soem brands will never work with me but that’s ok. This is my space so I do what I want with it! Thanks for your in-depth comment xx

  17. September 26, 2016 / 12:56 pm

    I had another blogger share one of my posts with the tagline ” a short, but interesting read from thirsty daddy.” It made me wonder if I should be writing longer posts. That same night a co-worker told me that they liked the fact that I got straight to the point. Lesson : if you try and please everyone it’s not going to work!

  18. September 26, 2016 / 1:26 pm

    Time is the thing I think, it takes time to build a following! That and being regular with posts- I don’t mean loads, just one a week is fine but on the same day at the same time. Xx #fortheloveofBLOG

  19. September 28, 2016 / 12:05 pm

    I remember some of your first ever posts – you have come SO far and your blog is hilarious and awesome in equal measures. For me the number one tip for new bloggers is just to write, write and write. If you do that then all that practice means you get to find your own style and voice and then the audiences will follow. Thanks for linking up with us again on #fortheloveofBLOG x

  20. Hooks and Dragons
    September 28, 2016 / 5:06 pm

    I have been doing this for a year now and I am still not really sure who my audience is. I am good at identifying who I shouldnt appeal to, but as for the rest, not a clue.

  21. playdatesparties
    September 28, 2016 / 7:03 pm

    Great tips! You definitely have to write about things that interest you. If not, you’ll burn out really fast. Probably the best tip I ever learned is to make sure that most of your posts help a reader decide something or solve a problem for them. Thanks so much for joining the #happynowbloglinkup!

  22. Jen
    September 29, 2016 / 9:02 pm

    Yep, you are right on. Blogging is lots of hard work, but I love it! #happynowlinkup

  23. September 29, 2016 / 10:48 pm

    I love reading your blogs they always have a
    éclat to them. Matching underwear is so French. The British version is big Primark knickers and a flesh cloured bra #fortheloveofBLOG

    • thefrenchiemummy
      October 2, 2016 / 9:23 am

      I am for sure writing for myself. Have you seen my latest rant about facebook groups! so much better and and less stressful than an argument with Grumpy Boyfriend hahaha. Thanks for reading lovely x

  24. October 2, 2016 / 7:59 pm

    Great tips lovely … I am also failing at the email list which is languishing somewhere at the bottom of my to do list. I need to pull my finger out and go self hosted first. Interesting point on keeping it short … Do you know the ideal? I read somewhere it should be around 1000 words but may have made that up! Stopping by from #bigpinklink xx

    • thefrenchiemummy
      October 2, 2016 / 8:15 pm

      haha, the ideal is my choice really! As long as the post is engaging and interesting, I don’t mind the words’ number but if it’s boring, then I am dreading it! Thanks for reading x

  25. shinnersandthebrood
    October 4, 2016 / 10:51 am

    Have you seriously only been blogging for four months? Wow! That’s impressive! Thanks for the tips. Newbie here (one month in!) and I just love getting advice from experienced bloggers, especially ones who have done as well as you have in a mere four months! Go, you! Am definitely writing for myself to stay sane. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one reading what I am writing and then someone lovely will write a comment and I don’t feel as much like a total raving lunatic!

    • thefrenchiemummy
      October 4, 2016 / 1:01 pm

      I am sure lots of people read your stuff! keep writing about what you like and it will work. For me, I like playing the idiot and others seem to enjoy it lol xx

    • thefrenchiemummy
      October 15, 2016 / 6:41 am

      haha yes a lot of people say that. Thanks for reading x

  26. Tracey @ mummyshire
    November 21, 2016 / 9:59 am

    Agree, agree, agree!! Ha ha!!
    Be yourself and the rest will follow!!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 21, 2016 / 10:41 am

      SO true! And I am true to myself for sure. Thanks for reading x

  27. Foirell
    November 28, 2016 / 1:45 pm

    As a new blogger myself, these are really great tips. Especially the tip about being yourself. With so many different bloggers and others showing off their success, page views etc it seems so tempting to follow in their footsteps.

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 28, 2016 / 10:04 pm

      I would not. We all have somthing to offer x

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