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Help! I am dying!

It’s horrible, I am dying! Today, I am going to write about something serious, traumatic… I am not sure I can, actually. I am still upset about it. I didn’t cry because I am forte, but it was close. It’s a shock to me. I knew it was going to happen, but I pretended it would not. Quelle erreur!

It’s evident now. I am dying. Slowly but surely. You see, I should have seen the signs warning me. It occurred once last year, then a second time. But I was pregnant so I thought it was normal. Tiredness, sickness are common signs when you are about to have un bébé. And it was worth it because I badly wanted to have Baba. I mean look at him! Who wouldn’t want to be all the time with such a lovely face?

A gorgeous Frenchie Baby 😍

I always thought I was pretty healthy. I do a bit of sport. Right, maybe not as much as I used to do since Baba. But I am very occupée, pretending I am a cool blogger and a super maman! Remember, I am a cool cat!

I eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. More than 5 a day as advised by any doctors. I am on a sugar-free diet. Ok, I might not have been totally following it lately because it was my birthday. And I had a free cake from Baker Days. And I even had some champagne. Eh oh! I was a birthday girl! Do you know how much it sucks to be celebrating the big day in August? Everyone is on holiday somewhere. Plus this year, we have Baba so we didn’t do it large. We went to Norfolk instead. That was lovely, though.

Still following me? Remember what was the main point of this post? Or am I losing you? So let’s recap! I AM DYING! My body which used to be mon allié for all these years is now massively letting me down. C’est horrible! C’est une catastrophe! That’s the end of the world!

The worst? I realised it in a public place. I explain. We were shopping with Grumpy Boyfriend the other day. Nothing exciting like buying a bag or some clothes. Non! It was the weekly food shopping. I was already in a bad mood because I don’t like it much and Grumpy Boyfriend was faffing around. He was looking for what fruit to buy, when we both know he would end up with grapes and blueberries, like every single week! I had no time for this! I had so much to do! About my blog, not the housework! You’re crazy!

Maintenant, let me tell you the tragic news. You see when you shop in the fruit and vegetable section in a supermarket? Have you ever noticed the mirror above your head? I suppose it’s to fight shoplifting or something like that? And now you wonder why on earth I am going on about that detail…


Ok, I am getting to the point! Don’t rush me too much. C’est très difficile for me to write about it. Should I remind you that I am suffering?!

So anyway. I was there, getting the best pamplemouse ever possible (I bet you wonder what it is, right? Sorry, I am teasing you. Still not saying what’s wrong with me! 😁😇). When l’accident occurred. I lifted my eyes and I saw it in this horrible mirror (why do they put mirrors like that in the shops! Do they want people like me to get depressed?! ).

It’s there. It’s big! It stands out from the rest! I can’t believe that Grumpy Boyfriend let me go out like that! Already once, I wore a dress inside out and he didn’t notice anything! It’s massive! You can’t miss it. There’s only one but there is no doubt. It’s there! C’est blanc, c’est grand, c’est horrible!

J’ai un  cheveux blanc!

You are not mistaken chers lecteurs! It’s my first grey hair! So it’s the evidence. I am getting old. My body, my cells, my dearest hair that I started to really look after this year….It’s all dying! It’s official

As I said earlier, I had two last year but then no more. I asked my hairdresser and she said it could happen when you were pregnant as the baby uses a lot of your energy. But now it’s for real. The process started.

Don’t worry lecteurs! I am not dead!

Not need to say that I took this naughty hair and uninvited stranger off as soon as we reached home. But since then, I am obsessed. I am looking meticulously for another one. Every day, every hour. I know it will happen soon. There is no way back.

Frenchie Mummy worried, while on the crazy search…

Help me, please! Tell me what to do! When did you get your first grey hair and how did you deal with it? Did you cope with the news? Any advice or suggestion is more than welcome… Merci!

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