Baker Days Cake review

Baker Days Cake Review and GIVEAWAY! – Or 1 reason why Frenchie Mummy doesn’t bake!

As I said earlier this week, Monday was my birthday and I celebrated turning 31 years old! I normally don’t have a birthday cake. I feel a bit too old for this kind of stuff and I would rather have some champagne and a lot of very expensive presents instead!

But when Baker Days contacted me to review their product, I jumped on the occasion to have a cake and feel like a little girl again!

Being on holidays the week before, I arranged it to be delivered just after our return. Baker Days didn’t disappoint me indeed. It was in the letter box just the Saturday before mon anniversaire. No need to say how difficult it was to resist not opening it before THE DAY. Sweets things and I are usually not very good friends. They tend to hate me because all I want to do is eat them up 😊.

Now, let’s get on with this Baker Days Cake! I have to admit that I was surprised at first (and a bit sad?) about the size of the cake as it was quite small. However, it’s the concept of this type of product called the 5” Letterbox Gift. As its name says, the cake can fit in a letter box. Eventually, it happened to be the right size for Grumpy Boyfriend and I. A bigger one would have been too much and we would have thrown it away. I don’t like wasting. So it was perfect for us!

So now, let’s check out le gateau:

I immediately fell in love with it. I have never ever eaten something with my face (and Baba as well!) on it. When I ordered it, I asked to have the pic of our blog and the message ‘Joyeux Anniversaire’ in French. That’s the beauty of the service offered by Baker Days. Your cake is personalised and you can pretty much ask whatever you want! If you fancy something different, you can also order cupcakes. You have a great choice of flavours and sizes, not to mention the themes possible! Check out their website. There is no way you can’t find something to be happy with!

So much choice, so many possibilités sucrées!

 Baba wanted to look for himself as well.

Come on Maman! Let me try it!

The baby eventually got his hands on it!

He even had a little tiny taste! Frenchie Mummy wanted him to be part of the fun!

His face says it all: happiness! Look, he even has his hands on the tin.

This cake is mine Maman!

Baba also had great fun with the little gifts included.

Et le goût? Well, it tasted nice, especially with some champagne! We ordered a classic vanilla sponge with buttercream frosting, topped with a thick white icing. The cake was actually light and the size was perfect for both of us. It was just perfect for our little party and it wasn’t too sweet either. There is nothing worse than feeling bloated after having eaten cake…

Le verdict:  you will have understood that we all loved our Baker Days Cake. Here are 7 reasons why you need to check it out:

  • It’s a great idea for a personalised gift. Especially for your friends and family living far. It’s a nice and simple way to say that you are thinking of them
  • You have a great choice of designs, flavours, ingredients and sizes
  • Their website is very easy to use and you can download your own picture(s)
  • The delivery is fast and efficient (a next day delivery is possible)
  • The cake stays fresh, up to 14 days. We couldn’t wait that long because I was too impatient to try it. But it seems like the cake would have been nice even later on in the week
  • Prices are very good, starting at £14.99
  • The cakes are delicious!

If you are interested and I convinced you to try it, go and check out Baker Days website or their Social Media pages: Facebook and Twitter.

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Disclosure: Baker Days kindly provided us with this complimentary cake for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and Baba’s.

Now, it’s time to win your own cake! Enter our fabulous first Frenchie Competition to have a chance to win your personalised Baker Days cake!


It’s here! Off we go for a chance to get a fabulous gateau! The picture above is just a very Frenchie example, but you will be free to design it yourself!

Click on the link and all yours! The competition runs from 05/08 12am to 19/08 12am.

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