Top tips to be a good blogger

It’s decided, you want to write a blog. Not easy if you’ve never ever been part of the social media landscape. A bit scary even. C’est facile! Click ‘top blogging tips’ and you will have plenty of ideas. Here are some of my favourites and what I make of it.

  1. Get ideas from your audience – So I read other mummy blogs for research. Non! It’s now midnight and I have written absolutely nothing. Too tired now, off to bed…
  1. Understand your audience – You’re kidding me? I can’t even understand myself sometimes. My hormones are playing weird tricks on me. Happy now, moody in the next hour. Even poor Grumpy Boyfriend doesn’t know sur quel pied danser.
  1. Write for yourself firstFacile! I already talk a lot to myself during my endless walks to get Baba to sleep.
  1. Build your email list – Click follow, done! I am now following a lot of other cool bloggers. Still wonder why they don’t follow me back…
  1. Give stuff away – Who wants my old maternity clothes? They look brand new, I promise. I only got stuff like Isabella Oliver or Seraphine. Remember I am a sophisticated woman, right? No, wait a minute, I might be able to convince Grumpy Boyfriend to have another Mini-Me. I will actually keep mes vieilles fripes. Sorry if I disappointed anyone.
  1. Give away your knowledge – I have plenty to share. Don’t know if it’s of best quality though. You will have to sort it out yourself I’m afraid. Bonne chance with that by the way. I can be very chatty. Je vous previens!
  1. Be true to your voice – According to my friends, I am genuine, honest and funny (really?). So I suppose I will just be my old self.
  1. Give it time – But I don’t have any!
  1. Write catchy headlines – Totally something I can do. But I also read that I needed to keep titles simple and easy to find in a browser. Que faire?!
  1. Be Yourself – Yep, that’s what I am indeed planning to do. Readers will have a true picture of Frenchie Mummy: silly, tired, witty and sometimes totally lost with new technologies.
  2. Keep it short – ‘A blog post is like a miniskirt.’ Got it! Will try, but as I said before, je suis une vraie pipelette. Bear with me.
  3. Make it worth referencingLe Saint Graal! Talking about boobies’ size, stretch marks and other wonders… It’s all that people want to know, without admitting it.

Voilà what I make of ces lois sacrées. Every time I upload a post, I swear to abide by them (or not!).

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112 thoughts on “Top tips to be a good blogger

  1. This made me laugh out loud. I especially love give it time, I did laugh a little too hardly at that one. Love your light hearted, comedic point of view. Really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing and making me realise, don’t take it too seriously! #coolmumclub


  2. I think the first rule of blogging is follow your own rules🙂 It gets easier once you find your pace, and we are all tres different! It took me a good year to chill into a flow that works for me and mine. Just enjoy, and you’ll be winning🙂
    Merci beaucoup pour le linky-uppy #coolmereclub ( comprend pas?). Your blog is refreshing my GCSE French ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re hilarious! Yep I often wonder how come I’m following lots of people via email and they haven’t returned the favour, hmmm. Don’t worry Frenchie Mummy, we’ll be brilliant bloggers in no time!! xx #coolmumclub

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great list! A little advice with the following by email part. I did that at first but then my emails would be in the high hundreds and I honestly don’t have the time to read that many emails or blogs. I follow anyone who has a wordpress blog as it’s easy to keep track of them in my feed. I used to spend hours reading blogs and finding new bloggers. But now it seems like my linky and trying to get something written at least once a week takes up all of my time. So I am so happy to have you as a part of my linky because I love reading your stuff. #momsterslink.


    1. I see what you mean. I used to follow by email a lot of blogs but I got fed up with all the emails. I have a bookmark with my fave blogs and I read whenever I want. Freedom! Thanks for your lovely comment. So happy to have found you. You are so funny and I love your posts xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. LOL don’t you love the posts about how to blog? It’s all bs in my opinion because we all have our own way and there isn’t a wrong way persay. Tips about marketing and such yeah if they are from someone who actually knows something, I get it. Your very popular so you are obviously doing it right. And teaching us French!

    Liked by 1 person

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