Illumibowl Review

Illumibowl Review & GIVEAWAY

You know us and how much we love trying new products, especially when it’s childrenswear (our last Baba Fashionista with a fab giveaway is here by the way!) or something related to food! But for once, we will surprise you. Indeed, today we are reviewing a special gadget: the Illumibowl. It’s THE item to have in the bathroom from the US. You will discover soon why! Enjoy our new Illumibowl Review and don’t forget to enter our GIVEAWAY at the end! We have teamed up with this excellent brand and we have 3 of these wonders to give away to our super lucky lecteurs!

What is Illumibowl?

I know what must think while reading those lines. But what is Illumibowl? Well chers lecteurs, this is THE gadget your want in your bathroom, just because!

IllumiBowl is the world’s first Toilet Bowl Night Light. The concept si simple, yet genius! It’s light-sensitive so it will only turn on in the dark and motion-activated so it will only light up when you walk into the bathroom at night. Another great feature is that you can have it scrolling through various colours or set it up on one couleur only. Imagine having a rainbow in your toilet! Parfait when your little one is doing colourful poops!

A new gadget to try! Yeah!!!

When the lights are off and it senses movement, it lights up.  So it’s not on when there is already light so that it saves the batteries. I told you that it was génial!

Simple instructions! Anyone can do it!

Un autre plus? IllumiBowl adjusts to fit on any toilet, meaning you never have to worry about it ever falling off! Finding the idea a bit eccentric? Peut-être at first, but once you tried it, you will not want to live without it!

How to set it up?

Not only it’s a wacky gadget that you want in your bathroom (all your friends will be well jealous!), but it’s also simple to instal and use. So facile indeed that even Frenchie Mummy managed to set it up without Grumpy Boyfriend.

She managed to put it all together! Hurrah! Apologies for the toes… So you like my nail colour? 🙂
  1. Put 3 AAA batteries (they are not included with the IllumiBowl)
  2. Lift your toilet and place it on the outside of it. Bend slightly its arm over the rim
  3. Make sure that your Illumibowl is facing the entrance of your bathroom as it works with a sensor

Et voilà! You are ready to enter a new age! The one where you are a geek dans les toilettes!

All set up, ready to go!

You think it’s a bit crazy? Think twice! If you are like me and hate having the full light on in the night, this is the perfect compromise. If I have to get up, I don’t want to wake up my entire family by swearing when I bump into something!

Illumibowl Review – A friendly family gadget

We have been using Illumibowl for a couple of weeks in the Frenchie house and we are all in love with it! I personally like it so that it stays on the pink colour but I reckon that Grumpy Boyfriend secretly likes when the colours rotates 🙂

Loving it when I do a wee in blue!

I wish I had it when I was pregnant as I would have avoided waking up my partner at night every time I needed a wee! I must admit that I also like the idea to go to a disco when I go to the bathroom.

Grumpy Boyfriend can’t make a mess in the dark.

The truth? Grumpy Boyfriend’s favourite colour was the pink one…

And Baba? Well, he has been very intrigued by it so far. Bien sûr, he is too young to use the toilet but I reckon that Illumibowl will be one of my most important allies when we are potty training him. Imagine how fun it will be for him!

It seems like such a great idea! Kids will love it and find it so amusing! They won’t be waking you up anymore at night if they need the loo!

That why I think that Illumibowl a THE family friendly gadget and not only a trendy little white box.

IllumiBowl – A gadget that travels!

I actually love it so much that I took it with us while we were away this weekend! Pourquoi? Here again, it happened to be really handy when I wanted to use a bathroom that I was not used to in the dark!

And as it’s so easy to clean it (to take it away), why go without it everywhere with you? To clean off your IllumiBowl, simply wipe it off with wet wipes, a damp cloth, or whatever you already use to clean your outer bowl. Pee Frenchie everywhere you are going!

I have tried our Illumibowl in three different toilets and it fitted parfaitement in each one! So everyone should have one in their salle de bains!

Do you want one now? Go and check it here. And don’t miss the Potty Humour section! It’s worth a read!

Illumibowl Review & GIVEAWAY

Do you feel like you are missing something in your life now that you read our Illumibowl Review? Do you want to help your children to be more independent when it’s about going to the loo? In other words, do you want to sleep all night without having to get up for your enfants to do some colourful poops? Let’s be honest, you have other things to do! Like dreaming about this gorgeous glass of wine… Eh oui, Frenchie Maman is yet again talking about drinking 🙂

Well, it’s your lucky day as we teamed up with the fabulous creator of this famous toilet night light and we have three of those jewels to give away! Everyone will be so jaloux of you: family, friends, neighbours… EVERYONE!

Time to win!

Now time to win an IllumiBowl worth more than $12.

Enter via Gleam below for a chance to win this fabulous Frenchie prize!

Win a IllumiBowl worth more than $12

This giveaway starts on Sunday 14th May at  9 pm and ends at midnight on Tuesday 13th June 2017

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Bonne chance!

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.






104 thoughts on “Illumibowl Review & GIVEAWAY

  1. This is a great gadget. Would be so useful for when my 4 year old gets up to use the loo in the night

  2. This would be perfect ! I am always staggering around in the night crashing into things on the way to the loo

  3. This would be perfect for during the night, my husband gets up many times during the night, such a fabulous idea

  4. One of these would be perfect for me because I’m pregnant and have to go to the toilet every couple of hours during the night and can never see a thing!

  5. I saw these advertised a while back but didn’t have the money to purchase… soooo you never know, might get lucky! 🙂

  6. For a moment there I’d thought you’d gone all C.S.I. on us and discovered a forensic toilet light that showed when people don’t flush properly after they’ve been? 😉

  7. A great review, and glad that grumpy boyfriend didn’t have to help you out 🙂 Such a brill idea!

  8. This would be fantastic for my youngest Grandson. His parents are really struggling with the night time potty training. He is dry during the day but night time is a real problem. This would put the fun element into it for him and could really make a big difference

  9. I would love this to be the cure for my partners son who is 5. He pees all over the floor and it drives me nuts!

  10. I love this little gadget! I think it would encourage my son to be a bit more … direct … when he’s aiming!

  11. This looks fantastic! With 3 kids, one who’s recently been toilet trained, not forgetting the hubby (kid 3.7) this would probably prevent alot of mess!

  12. This is amazing! Looks so cool. Would love one of these, would be great for my when daughter getting up through the night! She has a tendency to fall asleep on the loo! ?

  13. I so need this for the young men in my house who seem to have a bad aim and end up getting urine on the toilet seat and on the floor!

  14. Would love one of these in our bathroom. Handy for my son at night as sometimes he wakes up to go to the toilet and says bit dark

  15. Perfect for our son who is mastering ‘standing up wees’ & our daughter about to start potty training!

  16. This would really help as have to leave landing light on at the moment and it shines through the gaps in my door. Great idea and I am sure my kids and my big kid (fiance) would love it too.

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