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I hope you are having a great Saturday! This weekend is not as exciting as the last one for us. No visit to the Sea Life London Aquarium today. We will spend some time at home cuddling, playing and watching French cartoons before going to sleep with the new tips we got from JO Frost on Friday. Intrigué? Have a look at our post ‘How to get the baby to sleep‘ and you will see what we are talking about! But now is time for a new fashion post. And this week, we are very proud to present you with Baba Fashionista with From Babies with Love. This brand is close to my heart as it helps children! And because we love you so much, you can enter our COMPETITION to win a duck t-shirt and a wooden duck family pull along toy. Heureux? Bon weekend!

3 Facts about From Babies with Love

  • Through its charity, the From Babies with Love Foundation, any purchase you make on the website supports orphaned and abandoned children to live in SOS Children’s Villages. These children have lost their parents through war, famine, disease or poverty. SOS Children’s Villages is a charity who creates communities for children who have nobody to turn to. The children are cared for by their SOS Mother; they live in family homes in the village with their SOS brothers and sisters. I love fashion and if I can help someone on the way, then it’s even better. I am so proud to feature From Babies with Love today as it’s a label that helps unfortunate children in the world!


  • All profits go around the world to help abandoned and orphaned children. And in safe, happy places, vulnerable children can grow up in a loving family. Does that make you feel like buying something now? Quick, check the website and have a look! People often describe Baba as a little diva. I am very happy to be able to provide him with what he needs. But we tend to forget how lucky we are sometimes! Sorry for the soppy note, but this is true! Do you even think about les enfants who don’t get love like yours?


  • Another great thing I love about From Babies with Love is the fact all its items are made of organic cotton. I am always in love with a sustainable brand. Have a look at the muslins section. With such a great choice of prints, c’est impossible de résister. And remember that it helps a good cause too! No need to think further, buy it!

Already excited about this brand,  even before reading the rest of  Baba Fashionista with From Babies with Love? We understand the feeling… Let’s have a look at the two items we received for this review.

The Duck t-Shirt

This top is very cute. I always love a unisex item as I can recycle it for a potential girl later on! First point for this fabulous t-shirt. I always love a label to offer unisex fashion. Plus if you are after a gift, I think it’s so much easier! Especially if you don’t know the sex of the baby!

Maman is in love with this brand. I better give her some good pics!

Furthermore, the design in bright yellow uses appliqué detail on the head and eye to create a modern and fun character. Baba loved wearing this item over Easter, but it will also be a great piece of clothing over the Summer. This duck is the perfect choice for a baby. It looks so cute and soft!With the logo label, the look is parfait! It looks both fun and tender.

I am cute and I know it!

This top is so cute with a great choice of colour, Baba wore it many times with different trousers. The design is just an easy match with many items from Baba’s wardrobe. There nothing worse than wondering what to wear in the morning!

Loving this top with so many possibilities to wear it!

Made of 100% organic cotton, the envelope neck makes it easy to dress up le bébé. It’s also great to wash and j’adore it being sustainable.

You would have understood it, the bright yellow duck is THE star of this item. so much indeed that you will find this little canard in many other products on the website: blankets, cards or even toys!

Wooden Duck Family Pull Along

Vous aimez les canards? Us too! So when we also received the fabulous wooden toy to match Baba’s T-shirt, both Frenchie Mummy and Baba were over the moon!

I can’t resist wooden toys. I think they are the best! There is something so special about it. It looks traditional but also more sustainable than a plastic toy!

And featuring our favourite character, le canard, it’s a hit!

Un canard in the house!

No wonder why the duck design is a best seller of the brand! This is such a cute toy!

Baba was amazed as soon as he received it. The bright colour makes it appealing to the baby and Maman loves the vintage feeling of this toy!

Baba was quick to have a look…

Indeed, I can’t wait for Baba to walk properly so that we can take it to the park. Imagine the ducks’ family walking along with us at the park! The most adorable memory ever! I will make sure to take some pictures and share it with you!

A Duck in the Frenchie house

The T-shirt with the Wooden toy together is a great match! We love them so much indeed that we teamed up with From Babies with Love for you to win this fabulous ensemble at the end of this post!

Sérieusement, this combination is so sweet. I am always in love with a good match, especially when both items are sustainable and make look my little one so cute!

A toy matching my top? I am such a babe!

The duck design is so sweet… I think it goes perfectly well with the aim of the label which is to help abandoned children. The SOS Children’s Village charity gives orphaned a family where they can feel being loved. The Duck family represents so well this loving family concept!

Baba Fashionista with From Babies with Love – Le Verdict

I am very proud to feature From Babies with Love this week in our fashion series. I always try to present you with a great brand. But this week is special as From Love with Babies has a fabulous aim: help children in need!

So happy with his new toy!

Both the items we received to write this review are just gorgeous and so sweet! The duck design is truly parfait for the season and every time Baba will wear his t-shirt, it will remind me of how lucky we are to have him and being a family who is here for each other! Even if sometimes I want to kill Grumpy Boyfriend, I know that we are fortunate to be able to raise le Frenchie bébé in the best environment possible. We are not perfect parents for sure. But we love him!

From Babies with Love is The Brand you must visit this week!

Did you get a good pic mum? Even with my scar? I had a little incident at the nursery…

Are you looking for a great present? Are you after a cute item for your little one? Visit their website here. From clothes to muslins or toys, there will be something for your family and you will bring some joy somewhere in the world!

Disclosure: we received for free a t-shirt and a wooden toy. All opinions are my own.

Baba Fashionista with From Babies with Love – Giveaway!

I hope you enjoyed reading Baba Fashionista with From Babies with Love and you will come back for the future Baba Fashionista post next week. We have a lot of great brands coming up the next few weeks.We met a lot of great children’s wear labels at Bubble London and we will share our findings with you over the next few weeks.

Plus some fabulous other Frenchie competitions will be on their way too!

Now time to win a Duck T-shirt & a Wooden Duck Family Pull Along worth more than £35 together!

You can win both those fab items!

Enter via Gleam below for a chance to win this fabulous Frenchie prize!

win a Duck T-shirt & a Wooden Duck Family Pull Along worth more than £35

This giveaway starts on Saturday 6th May at  1 pm and ends at midnight on Monday 5th June 2017

Competition Terms & Conditions:

The closing date is 11:59 pm on Monday 5th June 2017.

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of the blog.
The winners will be notified via email.
No cash alternative will be offered.
The competition is open to UK entrants only.
The winners will be chosen at random using Gleam.
The winner must respond within 30 days of receiving the email to claim their prize.
Provision of the prize is the responsibility of From Babies with Love.
Your data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.
The competition is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Bonne chance!


  1. Tracy K Nixon
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