Living Arrows 19/52 – Baba is not well :(

Hello, folks! A quick one from me today as we have a Baba malade. So our Living Arrows 19/52 will be a picture of the Frenchie Baba resting while visiting Nanny S. yesterday. We don’t know yet what is up with this little one. He had a bit of temperature (down now, merci Calpol!) and a massive rash. Plus feeling sick. The nursery said that there have been some cases of Chicken Pox in town. Fingers crossed, he is just teething badly and therefore he’s grumpy because of it. After all, he is the son of Grumpy Boyfriend and has all his flaws 🙂

So here is the Frenchie Baby having a massive snooze on Nanna S. while the adults were talking and drinking wine. Bien sûr!  What else to do while contemplating this ange!

My life is exhausting…

Hold on! The Frenchie Baba is currently playing with his favourite toys while watching cartoons as I am typing those words. I think the illness might be slowly getting over…

He is now trying to catch his papa’s mouse and playing with the clothes drying on the horse, so I reckon we are on the mend. Back to some cheekiness, so it must be a good sign. Let’s try to feed him next!

I wish he was always like that… Not ill! But sleepy and peaceful 🙂

Still looking dapper with my cute outfit when I am ill…

I hope you enjoyed our (very short!) Living Arrows 19/52. See you next week with (hopefully!) some better news!



22 thoughts on “Living Arrows 19/52 – Baba is not well :(

  1. Oh bless, they’re always so cute when they’re asleep. Even when they’re poorly. I hope he feels a lot better soon and that it isn’t the dreaded pox!

  2. Oh bless so so sad when they aren’t well sending love and hope on the mend now and you got a fun filled sunny weekend. Sending love. Popping over from fb group comment. 🙂

  3. Oh bless him, hope he makes a quick recovery! (Though sounds like he might be already….!) He looks so cute asleep though. I hate it when my kids are sick, but always love the snuggles when they sleep on you! xx #LivingArrows

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