Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

Double dose of photography this week as I didn’t post last Sunday. I must admit, once I posted my last giveaway I was quite tired. I simply didn’t have the energy to write anything. So here we are today with Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52. More cute pictures of the Frenchie Baba! You have double the fun, so enjoy!

Living Arrows 11/52

As you may already know, last weekend was quite relaxing. I was lucky enough to write a review for MassageJoy and therefore had to personally try a massage at home. It was very difficult I must admit, but someone had to do it… If you fancy reading about the full experience and try to win a 60 minute massage at home, click here! The best Mother’s Day present ever!

While I was treated like a princess at home, Grumpy Boyfriend went out for a pub lunch with his dad and auntie and came back with some beautiful pictures of Baba! Here is one from that day that I love.

Baba looks so serious on this pic. But so fashionable as usual! J’adore the way he is really into his stuff and the rest doesn’t matter. That’s it! C’est mon fils!

Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

Later on, he was lucky enough to go and see the horses…

Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

Totally fasciné (and probably half-asleep! It is very hard-work to flirt with all the waitresses!), he looked so comfy in his pram and so cute!

Living Arrows 12/52

This week has been more casual as we took a lot of pictures for our last Baba Fashionista post with Jam London (if you fancy winning a £50 voucher to spend with them, click here NOW!). One of my fave pics of the shoots is this one:

Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

J’admets. It’s not really the best quality of photo but I just love it! Busy playing at home. Just in the moment. He looked at me and I snapped. The way he had his tongue out was so funny too as I tend to do the same when I concentrate.  My dad used to take the mick out of me about it when I was younger. And I still do it!

So here is our Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52. I must apologise if you are bored of seeing photos of Baba. At least you had the opportunity to discover more Frenchie competitions we have on the blog at the moment… Make sure you enter them! you know you want a massage… Who would not?

8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 11/52 & 12/52

  1. What a stylish little man! Looks like he has had a fun couple of weeks, lovely photos.

  2. Oh how smart does he look? And it looks like he had such a lovely meal out. It sounds like you’ve all been busy! x

  3. Beautiful photos of bubba. He always looks great in his Lottie outfits such a great series as well. I am totally up for trying out a massage and relate to feeling tired after writing I’m always at it too late! #LivingArrows x

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