Baba Fashionista with Doodle Do

Bonjour lecteurs! I hope you are having a nice weekend even if the sun is gone? A shame, vraiment as I was planning on finishing my tan that I started last week on the seaside. Never mind, instead, I will share with you the last Baba Fashionista. Today, we are presenting you a colourful brand, parfaite for any cool kid like Baba, bien sûr! So here is Baba Fashionista with Doodle Do, just for you! Bonne lecture!


3 Facts about Doodle Do

  • Doodle Do is a London-based childrenswear brand creating colourful and cosy apparel for kids up to 7 years old. The label dares to be different, employing bright colours and quirky characters in truly comfortable, gender-neutral designs that allow kids to run, play, and lounge in special yet cosy clothing. Doodle Do is fun, playful and wants children to be comfy to discover the world! A must-see label if your little one is a cool cat for sure!


  • The label was created in 2014 by designer Celsa Efroni, who has been designing and manufacturing clothes for high street stores like Zara, River Island, Next, and many others. It’s clear that Celsa has a lot of experience in the industry, so you won’t be disappointed for sure! The mum entrepreneur will have something trendy for your children!


  • But the label is more than that! It cares about our planet and that’s why every step in the manufacturing process meets the standard for Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. There is nothing better than a brand that does more than fashion!

Excited with this introduction? Let’s see the items we received now!

Unisex Hand Knitted Jumper

This jumper is for sure unique! Its loose cut makes it totally different than anything you would find on the market.

I might only have 1 sock on but I still look cool!

Hand knitted in the UK, the jumper is very sweet with an elephant on the side. You don’t want un éléphant? Pas de problème! It can be custom ordered. Delivered within 10 days, it’s yours and only! I love when you can personalise clothes. There is nothing more exciting than having something individual.

We have two elephants in the room! Just kidding 🙂

It’s eye-catching with its cute light colour. This garment is super comfy! We teamed it up with a cute pair of rompers as an extra accessory when it was a bit chilly, but the material is so light you could very well wear it on its own with some shorts.

The cut is quite loose, so I reckon we will also make the most of it over the Summer and way beyond! Fabuleux! It’s the new exciting piece of clothing in Baba’s wardrobe, so I can’t wait to try it with other items he has!

Mum is excited about clothes. Me? I like anything!

We also received a matching hat to go with it that we keep for next winter!

Kids Cloud Mountain t-shirt

This is such a quirky top! Made of in 100% cotton, this unisex t-shirt is super fun with an Indian cloud print.

An Indian in the City! He is for sure up to something…

The vibrant colour also makes it fun and easy to match with so many other clothes!

We teamed it up with some red dungarees, but also with many pairs of shorts. This is such a playful item for a cheeky boy like Baba! It’s also quite unique as I have never seen such a print in other shops!

It told you so! He is stealing the dogs’ toys!

My favourite piece of clothing to team it up with? A white pair of white shorts that Doodle Do also sent us for this review!

THE outfit of the Summer!

Kids White Shorts

Look at this item! It is so summery! But also super comfy! Don’t you think the two together are just awesome? It was the parfait outfit to go to the park or play in the garden when the weather started getting hot.

Baba was so comfy in it, he was crawling around everywhere in the jardin! Luckily, those shorts made of organic cotton are super easy to wash. I can tell you that they have already experienced many Frenchie adventures!

Those shirred shorts are just adorable with the label logo at the bottom. En plus, the shirred waistline is made of elastic to sit comfortably on growing thighs. Super confortable we told you! The best for the Summer!

So comfy he is up to anything!

We also love the colour: simple but easy to match up with any t-shirt!

Looking serious, for once…

Regardez, even with an orange top, Baba looks cool and trendy this Summer!

Baba Fashionista with Doodle Do – Le verdict

Cesla has for sure created a fun and playful brand. Her designs are quirky and the choice of colours and prints make each outfit of the collection unique and so desirable. The label is a hippie medley that will transform your kids into cool little creatures!

The brand believes in imagination and we can tell you that its clothes will help it for sure! They are l’allié parfait to play and be out there in te world! A stylish brand for stylish kids! So much that the label has already been featured on some fabulous websites like Mini Maven, the place for a stylish child like the Frenchie Baba! Plus, the label has just been nominated for the Junior Awards 2017!

We love all the clothes we received. They are comfy, fun, quirky, playful, organic and sweet. And so much more! Make sure to visit the boutique. You can also find it on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: we received for free all the clothes in this post. All opinions are my own.







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