30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day #1

Bonjour chers lecteurs! Thank you so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I had indeed a fabulous time. We started with champagne (Merci Belle-Maman for the bottle!) while watching some TV on the sofa. Then I visited a nursery for Baba next year. Yes, I have not finished my quest yet… Later on, Grumpy Boyfriend took me out for lunch and we finished the day watching Alice in Wonderland! It was my turn to decide as it was mon anniversaire!


Et les cadeaux? Well, I had a gorgeous set of earring and necklace in white silver, lots of chocolates, some nail varnish and some Clarins beauty products of course!

Now, this post is not about me bragging on about my wonderful birthday! Non, Non, Non! Frenchie Mummy is here to complete her first post for the 30 Days Blogging Challenge!

So, do you remember what is day #1? A recent picture of me and 15 interesting facts about myself. Let’s start with the list. Un, deux, trois… Ready?

  1. I am born in August, therefore I am Leo. Apparently, leos have a strong desire to be loved and admired. They also adore being in the limelight. Oops, it might be very true!
  1. I have two tattoos: a small star on the inside of my right wrist and a tribal sun on the nape. The little étoile is actually the same as on my blog’s logo. I am thinking about having another one done when Baba is one, but I don’t know yet what it will be.
  1. When I was a teen, I was a massive Spice Girls’ fan and would collect every clipping I would find on them. Actually, I am still a massive fan and if they come back together, I will definitely take Baba to their concert!
  1. I am the proud owner of 27 stripy clothes. Très Frenchie, right? I have it all: socks, knickers… All my bikini are actually stripy! And I am not even mentioning the clothes Baba has… I reckon at least 65% of his wardrobe is with stripes too. Pour ma défense, a lot of the clothes were some presents that people bought for me! Juste une coïncidence…
  1. Talking about clothes, let me share a very private fact about Frenchie Mummy. I only wear sets of underwear. The top has to match the bottom. I believe it is a very Frenchie habit as well. My favourite brand is Calvin Klein. Every woman should own one pair of their bras. They are so good and comfy!
  1. When it’s about beauty, I exclusively buy stuff from Clarins. I have been using their products for more than 10 years and they are the best. I actually have a good skin because I have a very strict beauty routine, using great products. And I wear very little makeup.
  1. My favourite flowers are white roses. But if you fancy getting me some fleurs one day, any would do, really!
  1. I hate beetroots! I just don’t like the taste and it stains so easily…
  1. I have a driving license but I have never tried in the UK. I always use public transports. I swear that I know the entire buses’ network in the borough of Bromley. I have been using it for 8 years now. Ask me a place you need to go and I tell what bus to go for!
  1. We happen to have no TV in the house and I am so happy about that. I don’t want to see myself sitting on the sofa all day watching junk. My only péché mignon (weakness!) is when I catch up ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ on IPlayer. It’s so funny when the groom gets it all wrong!
  1. A weird habit I have? I always have a handkerchief on me. I don’t like using tissues as they irritate your skin.
  1. My favourite shop in the UK is Oasis. The clothes there are so girly and the dresses are worth every penny! I reckon I buy something every time I visit one of their shops.
  1. I think I wash my hands something like 15 times a day at least. I don’t know why but I always have the impression that they are dirty. Equally, I use a lot of spray. I never feel fresh enough. When I was at school, it was worse. I used to sneak into the staffroom before everyone at lunch. My boss hated it if I sprayed my deodorant while he was having his lunch. He would roll his eyes up.
  1. I have absolutely no musical talent whatsoever. Grumpy Boyfriend is an amazing keyboard and piano player. He tried to teach me some basic stuff when we started dating each other. But I was terrible and he quickly gave up ?. I hope Baba will have some talent like his Papa.
  1. I apologise for the last fact. It is going to be so corny. But I must put the record straight as many readers asked me about Grumpy Boyfriend. He is a wonderful partner and a very good Papa. I know that I moaned a lot about him when he forgot the camera in Norfolk or when he got home very late after having partied all night last weekend. But he is fabulous really! God knows that I kissed some toads before meeting him. But I am so happy I ended up with him!

Et voilà, quinze new facts about me and my Frenchie family as well. Now for the recent picture:Screenshot_4

Grumpy Boyfriend took it when we were in our flat in Norfolk. I love the way Baba is just looking at the camera. It’s so natural to him. I could not put a picture without him. And it’s one of my best recent memories as well.

Mission accomplie! See you soon for some new adventures in the 30 Days Blogging Challenge.

Sorry if some of the facts are not really intéressants… Reading this post back now for editing, I realise that it’s a lot about my shopping habits. Well, that’s who I am at the end of the day…

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I know, what a demanding Frenchie Mummy, right? But I will love you forever ?. And on a cheeky note, may I remind you that this post is about sharing the love? ?

And one more thing! Frenchie Mummy is running her first competition for you to win a cake from Baker Days. Having a little piece of cake is always nice, so don’t be shy and have a look over here.

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49 thoughts on “30 Days Blogging Challenge – Day #1

  1. My birthday is August 1 and I am a Leo too! You are beautiful and your baby is precious. Sounds like this will be a fun challenge! Thanks for linking with #overthemoon!

  2. I j’adore posts like this – check me out going a bit French – probably spelt wrong innit? I love learning about people. I have 2 tattoos too but wish I didn’t. I also love Oasis! I wish I could be like you and wear matching underwear sets, there’s a lot to be said for stepping out in matching bra and knickers. Alas, it’s a miracle if I can find underwear these days that aren’t riddled with holes. #chucklemums

  3. Matching underwear in my dreams!

    I’m getting into the whole stripy thing two France is having that effect on me. Great to get to know you Frenchie Mummy! #Bloggerclubuk

  4. I must have a bit of Frenchie in me too as I also only tend to wear stripy clothes! And I mainly dress my son in them too – we are matchy matchy! I do not manage to match my underwear sets though – it’s whatever goes! #bloggerclubuk

  5. I took driving lessons, enough to take the driving test, but quit after being almost hit by a bus. My confidence diminished after that incident. To this day I can’t drive and don’t want to.

    Fact blog posts are a good way of finding out more about someone without having to read a life story. Thanks for sharing with us! #ablogginggoodtime

  6. Lovely hearing more about you and your stripes. Oh and your not so grumpy boyfriend! Your baby is tres adorable 🙂 Alison x #ablogginggoodtime

  7. Aw I love this – I am actually attempting to do this challenge every Thursday as Facebook Live videos! Yay another stripey fan, I love them…and that is very French about the underwear, but I did have a friend who swore by it too and couldn’t understand why I won’t wear matching 😉 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam xx

  8. Maybe I should do a stripe wardrobe audit too! I also loved collecting clippings of my favourite bands. we did we do that again? Lovely linking up over #BloggerClubUK x Sunita

  9. I wish I could be as classy as you with the matching bras/pants sets – sadly, some of my pre-baby bras have seen better days.

    I’m with you on the no-TV thing. We have a TV but no signal, so we can only watch Netflix/iPlayer, which means we only watch things we really want to watch – no flipping channels and getting sucked into some junk! #EatSleepBlogRT

  10. A fab list! I am a Leo too and also have a driving licence but don’t drive (although for me it’s for the safety of other road users because I’m so bad at it!) xx #stayclassymama

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  12. A belated happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great time! I too loved the Spice Girls – do you remember the photos you could collect of them in an album? #stayclassymama

  13. I wish I had matching underwear…I’m lucky if my socks match. Lovely to get to know a bit more about you, loving your blog right now by the way 🙂 xx #anythinggoes

  14. The loved/love the spice girls too! I used to wear the big moon boots lol! Matching underwear… er none of mine match lol! Thanks for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRt

  15. Love that photo of the two of you! I also love stripy clothes (my parents and brother live in France, does that count?) Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

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  17. I wish I had only matching sets of underwear – but to be honest these days I am lucky if my socks match! Great to know more about you. Thanks for linkng up #EatSleepBlogRT

  18. Pleased you had a lovely birthday! These are interesting facts – Clarins have some fantastic products, I can see why you love them! I’m an Elemis girl myself, but only recently as I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. Lovely pic of you and baba by the way! 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #AnythingGoes

    1. Oh yeah, I remember your post about Elemis and your spa experience. Their products are very good too. Thanks for reading again xx

  19. What a lovely way to start a challenge by allowing us to get to know you. I love that you use public transportation. It’s been years since I’ve done that. It’s a great way to explore the world around you,

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