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Summer holiday in Norfolk – Part 1

The first holiday with a 6 months old is always tricky. It’s the first time for both the parents and the baby. You want to make the right decision. Usually, Grumpy Boyfriend and I would go to some exotic location after having work too hard the entire year. Yeah, even my first month off work without Baba was tricky! Shopping, eating, reading, being bored… C’était difficile!

Last year was all glam and romantic as we went to New York for my big birthday celebration. I turned 30 years old… And no, Grumpy Boyfriend didn’t propose to me… I know, it’s about time after more than 6 years together. He is probably waiting for THE moment in Italy or like in a super smart place.

Anyway, no Spain or hot location for us this year. We first thought about going to Wales but realised the journey would be a bit long for Baba. I was not really fussy about the destination pour être honnête. All I wanted was to leave London and see something else. But when Grumpy Boyfriend told me he booked something in Norfolk, my first reaction was pretty much like this:


I mean really, Frenchie Mummy in Norfolk?! The only thing I know about this place is Alan Partridge…

oXeZsWy (1)

I was horrified but decided to let it go as I left Grumpy Boyfriend being in charge…


Cependant to my surprise, when we arrived, the boy did really well. He booked us a nice flat with a private swimming-pool and our own hot-tub! I will probably put some pictures on Instagram later on, so make sure you check it out!

So far, all good. Now here is our day 1 of our Norfolkie holiday. Yeah, I created a word. I am allowed after all, as it is my Frenchie website 😛!

We decided to go to the seaside and off we went to Sheringham. It’s there, I even put some maps for you…

Sheringham is a traditional seaside town which is quite popular because of its sea, cliffs, fine pebble beach and its crabs! Yeah yeah, crabs. I indeed had a delicious crab sandwich yesterday!

No for the pictures, you will excuse us for the lack of it. Mais it’s Grumpy Boyfriend’s fault! The wally took the camera but realised too late (when we arrived on the coast!) that the battery was dead. Heureusement Frenchie Mummy had her phone and saved the day!

We walked along the promenade while Baba was amazed at the sea gulls and we also saw some funny houses.

download 2

Frenchie Mummy went shopping a bit. Vintage shopping is always good!

download (2)

Most importantly, we eventually got a bit hungry and headed off to a lovely tea room where Mummy enjoyed herself with a flat white and some rocky rock gateau au chocolat

download (3)

Looks yummy, right? It was indeed. So much that Baba wanted to have a bit of it! But the big news for Baba was actually him seating on a high chair in a public place for the first time. The reason why we never did it is simple. Those chairs you have in restaurants are always quite spacious and I am always worried that Baba would slide off. I know, he is quite big and it’s very unlikely…


The day continued as we then went to the Pensthorpe Natural Park. But that would be in another post folks! Frenchie Mummy is tired and wants to enjoy the hot tub now!!

And for proper photos of Sheringham, here we go:

Don’t forget to follow our Norfolkie adventures this week. And possibly next week as well. Frenchie Mummy is not sure she will resist the appeal of the private swimming pool and hot tub. She might even totally forget about her blog …

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I know, what a demanding Frenchie Mummy, right? But I will love you forever 😁.

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    1. And it’s gorgeous too. I reckon when you have a gorgeous weather like we did, there are many nice places to visit! Thanks for reading x


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