I am a babe and I know it!

Hey guys,

Baba talking here. Now, you may have recently heard that Maman thinks of herself as a mummy blogger. She decided to share ma petite existence with the whole world (or at least whoever is happy to read her rants). She hasn’t even asked for my permission.

You see, I am quite a shy petit garçon. I am not an attention seeker, neither a diva (unlike Maman). This blogging stuff is really leaving me perplexed, to be honest… All I want is discovering the world around me and drinking as much milk as possible. End of story.


Seriously, Maman is impossible sometimes… The thing is, she thinks that I am one of the 7 merveilles du monde.

Here is an example of her being totally out of order last weekend. Nice family pub lunch. We are having a whale of a time with Papa. I am on her lap (I am very curious you see. And I really don’t like when I am not involved in the conversation). Suddenly, ‘Mwah!!!’ she kisses me. ‘Donne moi un bisou’. Trop tard! I don’t have the time to escape that she’s already kissed me.Screenshot_1

The truth is, she loves me so much, even when I start screaming without any good reason. She might explode sometimes ‘J’en ai marre! He would not stop crying…What is le problème?!’, but deep down she can’t have enough of me.

Anyway, I am exhausted so I am off now. Trying to escape les bisous de Maman is hard-work.


The Frenchie Babe, aka Baba.


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0 thoughts on “I am a babe and I know it!

    1. Yes merci d’avoir commenté mon chéri ? Babe, je peux pas résister… Neveu, c’est l’orthographe correct ? désolée c’est la prof frustrée qui est en moi ?? bizzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. No!!! Just read your post for ##chucklemums and I can’t comment ? I own my own domain with wordpress so it won’t recognise me when I try to sign in. I need to have the option ‘enter a URL’…. But the intention was their. Ps: don’t worry about the fat x

  1. Always nice to meet a fellow baby. Those adults are perplexing aren’t they?!? We clearly are the voices of reason…if only they could hear us 😉 #chucklemums

  2. Such a little cutie!it is very true, I doubt any us get our kids permission before we start posting every little detail of their lives! I love the French is this post, it seems I haven’t forgotten everything I learnt in school after all xx #coolmumclub

  3. Hehe! I love this! It made me giggle. And, oh my goodness, how adorable is baba!!?? Aw! #momsterslink

  4. First off, how adorable is your son! Such a cutie. And I love the idea behind the series, it’s so much fun to know what’s really going on in the photo, and babies have the darnedest facial expressions sometimes!

    They are just so cute and lovable how can we not give them a smooch every once in a while? LOL

  5. Oh he is little cutie, I love his ‘unimpressed face’ – very funny! I used to give my girl’s voices too and now that they are quite grown up, I do it to the dog ha! x #pointshoot

  6. Love how you wrote this like it was coming from his perspective. Being a new mommy/mummy is such an exciting experience. Enjoy it! Thanks for linking with #momsterslink and hope to see you tomorrow!

  7. Aww such a cutie! I’m sure he adores all of your kisses really!! He is so kissable after all xx #WickedWednesdays

  8. Aw that last picture is super cute! He need to teach me French, as we move there in a year! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

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