13 Cheap and Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

13 Cheap and Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Bonjour lecteurs! Bored of this cold weather while on holiday this Summer? Moi aussi! And it’s not fun to keep les enfants entertained when it’s so miserable. Rain, rain, go away, please! Not always facile to think of something to do with the kids over the break. This period can be long and you can’t take them to an expensive theme park every week… Two solutions: you can either drink some more wine and enter one of our fab giveaways to make you feel better or simply read our 13 Cheap and Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer! Admit it, both choices are pretty fab! Especially when we asked other parents what were their best tips to keep their little ones busy over a long period of time like now.

  • Visit your local library to join in with the Summer reading challenge, take part in crafts and activities that they host too –  www.booroonandtiggertoo.com



  • You better get some wellies and a good jacket for this one! Go on a treasure hunt! Find something green, look for a road sign, find an insect… You can have so much fun with this for all ages – www.cupoftoast.co.uk


  • Go to the beach! If you can get to one, and as long as it’s not raining there’s so much you can do! Crabbing, rock pooling, sandcastle making… The kids love it! – www.mayflowerblogs.com
  • Arrange a meetup and picnic in your local park with other parents. They get to play with other kids and you get to socialise too –  www.yorkdhirewonders.co.uk
  • Go fruit picking. It’s relatively inexpensive and also a great way to get them eating fruit!  – www.mommyandrory.com 


  • Take advantage of free attractions in your area – you’ll discover new places you never knew about. There are so many fabulous sites to see in Angleterre – www.myboysclub.co.uk


  • Explore the local woods and make them find sticks or anything else you fancy. Direct them on the paths and they can discover la nature – www.lyliarose.com



  • ParkLives have free activities across the UK that include sports, crafts and den building. It’s even better when it’s free! – www.mumsthenerd.co.uk


  • Organise a playdate with their friends and invite the mamans too. The kids can play while you grab some much needed adult company and perhaps a drink or 2 as you obviously all need it! – www.emmysmummy.com


  • Simply have a cinema afternoon at home, make the popcorn, get the duvet out and snuggled up. You are even allowed to have a glass of wine for yourself 🙂  – lifewithbabykicks.com


  • Check out your local Sure Start centre as they usually have things to do or the list of activities run by the local council. Some examples include teddy bears picnics, a visit to the farm or a local gallery or even some open play – www.surreymama.com

Now you have a great list of ideas to keep les enfants amused over the next few weeks. Plus it’s free so you don’t have to spend money and ever start wondering what is an IVA.

And it’s only a start. Imagine what else you can do!

I hope you enjoyed reading our 13 Cheap and Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer. Let have some family fun cet été! And if you have other ideas that we didn’t mention in this post, please share them with us! I am sure other mamans would love to find new ways to occupy les petits


Disclosure: This is a collaborative post and yes, it includes some wine… As always! Sorry but I am so Frenchie 🙂


17 thoughts on “13 Cheap and Easy Ways To Keep Kids Busy This Summer

  1. Thanks for the ideas, saving these for later. I’ve been going absolutely crazy being in the house so much. But I also only have a 15 month old so there’s still a lot that she can’t do.

  2. There are lots of free things usually to take advantage of in your area and we have been rinsing them! Loving the library’s summer reading challenge also.

  3. Some lovely ideas! Our favourite is probably the forest walks, but then the holidays are loooong, so there’s plenty of time for a few others… ?

  4. These are great ideas, my children are bored already and I am sick of them fighting and trashing the house. We have had lots of play dates and are planning on going to the £1 children morning cinema this weekend x

  5. Brilliant ideas! We have done the reading challenge at our local library a few times. We are continuously planning activities throughout the year as we home school 🙂

  6. Great ideas, the summer holidays are costing a fortune so far! Will go and research geocaching as I’m not 100% sure what it is…

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