French women stereotypes

12 stereotypes (or not?) about Frenchie women

You love Frenchie words. You love reading about Frenchie Mummy and her most kept secrets. But do you want to know about Frenchie women in general? The real truth, not les clichés you read in the press or the stereotypes you see on TV. Well, you found the right place and the right person! Let me tell you everything about Frenchie women

  1. They have a very sexy Frenchie accent

I used to hate my accent when I arrived into the UK. You have no idea how many times people would talk to me to show off what they remembered of their French GCSEs ‘Bonjour, ça va? Je m’appelle … Et toi?’ That would stop at this point. And all I wanted was some milk (or some fags!). Equally, I have been chatted up so many times in pubs or bars. And yes, many men asked me ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?’ as soon as they heard my accent. I don’t know what is it with our accent but everybody loves it (not me!). Even Grumpy Boyfriend sometimes tells me with nostalgia that I sound less and less French… Good!

  1. French women are stylish

Get over it. It’s a fact. Even with my hair not brushed and no make-up, my stripy top gives me a je ne sais quoi that is stylish. Are my leggings dirty? Do I smell like baby vomit? Did I put my dress inside out? I swing it like a star, just talking like Brigitte Bardot, making sure that my ‘R’ are more resonant.


  1. They wear matching underwear

I already told you that I do that (and many other of my secrets) in this post. How is it possible to do otherwise? Blame it on my mum. She raised me that way…

  1. French women are sex goddesses with a complicated love life

Translation in real life: all men are fantasising about being with French women. They think we all wear some stockings and sexy lingerie like no one. Also, our private life is very passionate. Obviously, we all have affairs because it’s so Frenchie and François Hollande did so with a boring actress that nobody cares about… And my parents’ taxes probably partly paid for his night strolls!


  1. Frenchie women are good at sex and like talking about it

The first one is 100% correct, bien sûr! For the second, I am not so sure! I don’t want you to know what I am up to with Grumpy Boyfriend. That’s too private! And there’s not much going on… I am une maman fatiguée anyway…

  1. French women sunbathe topless

How dare you? Any excuse to see my gorgeous poitrine! You won’t see any of it!

7. They love drinking good wine and even give some to their kids

A Frenchie baby drinking some Merlot

Pourquoi pas? Life is too short to not like le vin! Add up to it some fromage (who can live without it?!), les croissants, la baguette. I better stop because I am getting very hungry now…

  1. Equally, they smoke too much

If only! I used to smoke like a chimney. But now, I am a good girl.

  1. Frenchie women don’t shave their legs/ armpits

Don’t laugh but I actually had a student once asking me if it was true. And he was keeping a close eye on me to make sure the fact was indeed correct. Being a young teacher at the time, fiery and proud, I instantly gave him a detention saying that he was rude. Thinking back, he was just a poor idiot (in other words a boy…) and I should have laughed about it. Anyway, do you really shave everyday ladies? I mean, come on… Sometimes it’s extra work.

  1. Frenchie women are thin

Well, not where I come from! In my family, we all have feminine curves and proud of it!

Frenchie Mummy always likes a good croissant!
  1. They complain all the time

Coupable! But as I always say to Grumpy Boyfriend, his life would be so boring if I was always contente. At least, he has the challenge to try to make me happy. Good luck with that as I am very good at moaning about everything:

  • NHS being too busy. How come when I call my GP to get an appointment, the secretary tells me that I should have booked something a month ago? Well, I was fine until today. I am not able to read into the future and tell you when I will be sick next…
  • English people driving on the wrong side of the road. I am used to it now, mais vraiment?! You would do anything to be different from other countries!
  1. French women love a pharmacy

Yes and the prescriptions that go with it. It’s so strange to be able to buy drugs as you want in a Boots. Don’t laugh, but every time I go back to France, my mum puts on the side 3 key things for me that she got from le pharmaciste. My goodies bag always includes nasal drops, syrup, and aspirin. I am 31 years old. I wonder if she thinks that I live in a third world country where you have to fight for medicaments

You would have understood by now that it is what Frenchie Mummy looks like on a daily basis.Marion Gavroche

Sexy but not tarty (she only does that when she gets out once in a blue moon!), sweet but not childish, cute but not too much. Don’t you believe me? Well, check out my pictures on Instagram ?. The babe c’est moi! And Baba aussi! No, sorry. He is just my most beautiful accessory ???.

Any clichés I missed about les femmes françaises? Are any a surprise to you? I want to know everything from you, English pals!
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61 thoughts on “12 stereotypes (or not?) about Frenchie women

  1. And no we don’t find it cute when English men try to impress us with their 3 miserable words of French, especially when it took us years to learn another language!
    Oh… And we are very sarcastic!! ?

  2. I stayed with a French friend and we were both the first up early with our babies. She came down in a sexy negligee, bed head and make up under her eyes – and she still looked so glamorous. The stereotypes are all true! #Chucklemums

  3. Frenchie Mummy, you are awesome! I am just a poor sap from the states, and your blog lifts my spirits and make me laugh! TY for that! My children must have some inner frenchie in them: amour les croissants, fromage, baguette…maybe I do need to add wine, as to bypass real whine…? TY! #chucklemums

    1. You are allowed. I just don’t like it when it’s a man on his own trying to chat me up. Thanks for reading and the RT this morning xxx

  4. Great post, mad me chuckle. Now I have this image of you writting in the evening with a bottle of red in one hand and a bagette in the other 😉 X

  5. I “stumbled across” a porn channel in Paris once, when my husband and I were celebrating our 21st birthdays. It was a looooooooong time ago. Anyway I’ll never forget that the lady wore a christmas jumper the whole time, not tres Parisien! Thanks for linking to #chucklemums xx

  6. Oh there you shattering most of the stereotypes. For little old me, an Essex girl, I used to dream about running away to Paris. Here I would find sophsiticated man with sporty red car, and in between whizzing round the city we would sip on Champagne. I’m almost there. I have now made it to Jersey. I am just a half-hour boat away from the land of the glam 😉 #BestandWorst

  7. Totes guilty of trying my pre-GCSE french on anyone I meet with a french accent. No wonder the owner of the french restaurant near me now crosses the road as I approach (merde alors!)
    Brilliant post, really made me chuckle! #bloggerclubuk

  8. Hilarious love this, embrace the stereotypes! As an english woman I also have pathetic GCSE French skills…just slightly better than Del Boy from Only Fools and Horses…Bonjour, Bonjour! #BestandWorst #BloggerClubUK

  9. I haven’t encountered a French person since my school trip to France in 99, so luckily I haven’t imposed on anyone since with my awful attempt at French. Well, it used to be good but now it would be shocking! #ablogginggoodtime

  10. This really made me laugh! The only French person I have ever known well was my French exchange pen pal back at school. She stayed with me, I stayed with her and we still speak 25 years later on the phone when we can. I still remember the shock of discovering she didn’t shave her armpits, maybe that has changed these days…I daren’t ask!! #momsterslink

  11. Haha! Love this! How I’d love to personify the French stereotype rather than the English! 😉 X #momsterslink

  12. Awesome post! I definitely want to steal a few of your stereotypes… who wouldn’t mind some of those! ;P

  13. Haha you are hilarious! I used to live in Spain for a while and the Pharmacy was my favorite store, where else can you walk in and say you have a cold and be treated like a doctors visit and walk out with a prescription? It was beyond awesome! P.S. Shaving every day is kind of overrated 🙂

  14. It is quite funny seeing a Pharmacie in a tiny French village/town that has bugger all in it but houses! In the UK it would be a pub! I think a lot of French women are very stylish, I’m addicted to Breton tops and am currently in rehab. Very funny post 🙂 #fridayfrolics

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  16. Hehe this was a great read. Life certainly is too short not enjoy a nice class of wine régulièrement. Your writing makes me want to slip frenchie words into my writing too, sorry! Xx #ablogginggoodtime

  17. Erm – the bit about the dodgy GCSE French – Yup, Sorry about that! It’s just too tempting when I can take some time to try and dust off my brain cells and type some words. If you were to come at me in an actual conversation I’d just stand blinking at you like an idiot haha. Fabulous post lovely! Thanks for linking with #fartglitter x

  18. Haha, amazing post – as someone whole loves France I am always intrigued by if the rumours about the ladies are true! I am baffled by French pharmacies though, I never know what I’m allowed to buy, ha! I do love your blog 🙂 Thanks as always for linking up #bestandworst

  19. Haha! Love this! Probably count yourself lucky if you’ve only had to endure English people talking to you in bad GCSE French. It could be worse – they could have been talking to you in English, with a bad French accent, quoting ‘Allo ‘Allo!

    Funnily enough on number 4 – when we went on our school trip to France in yr 9, we were told that under no circumstances could we speak to any French boys at all due to the problems they had with over zealous French boys in previous years (climbing drainpipes to try to get to the girls’ rooms). This was apparently based on the fact that the French boys believed all English girls were easy and were therefore very excited about our presence! 😀 I think that was quite specific to rural south of France, though!

    I always knew that if I could just roll my ‘r’s, I would be stylish whatever I wore! Damn you, ‘r’s, damn you!

    Thank you so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics. Hope so see you next time.

  20. I must admit when I think of French women, I tend to think of them as classy, sophisticated and stylish. And yes to the wine and cigarettes too. I realise it’s a stereotype and could be offensive to some people, but as stereotypes go, it’s a pretty good one! I love the accent, but I can see why it would be annoying for you when people are constantly trying to talk to you about it etc when you’re just going about your day
    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂

  21. Ok….so to be honest the only part that I am jealous about here is the fact that you get to wear matching underwear. I have HUGE boobs which usually require going into a store for that is geared for curvy women only I am missing the bottom half of curvy. I have tried on their extra small underwear to try and match my bra and nope, not happening. No BUENO. Yeah I know that’s spanish but I didn’t have Siri beside me to tell me what the french phrase was. Great post as always…lol. Reading so many UK bloggers makes me feel like I live in such a boring part of the world. Thanks for linking up with #momsterslink.

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  23. I feel I must have some French relative from way back that no one has yet discovered as I absolutely cannot wear underwear that doesn’t match. Please may I be an honorary Frenchie Lady. Also GCSE French? Oh my goodness you are all making me feel old, I have ‘O’Level French (1987). Hmm je suis tres vielle? Sorry couldn’t resist. Apologies for crap French, but as you can see, it’s been a long time x

  24. Hello just found you! Well I’m an English woman living in France with a French boyfriend.. And he loves all things English and my accent when I speak French (Mostly franglaise) New relationship so he is still under the illusion that we English are exotic and sexy like you French ladies! Although sentences keep falling out of my mouth that leave his gaping! (and not in a good way)
    I do however ALWAYS wear matching or at least co ordinated underwear – That is very important

    1. I am so ahppy you found us! I hope to see you again soon! Good luck with the relationship. You should be ok as you have good taste with underwear LOL xx

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  26. Utter myth that the French are stylish, be they men or women. Sure, in the 16eme arrondisment of Paris you could wrap a Celio* scarf round a lamp post and it would look stylish but travel out to the banlieue, different story. Want a French stereotype? I’ll give you one: the idea that wearing your Zippo lighter on your belt is stylish. Afraid, mon cheri, you may have to accept the Belgians are more stylish. Harsh…..but true!

    1. I still think that the average Frenchie woman is way more stylish than the English ladies. As for the banlieue, I would not say that it represents fully what France is… Thanks for reading 🙂

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