12 Simple Ways To Improve Your Appearance

Bonjour lecteurs! Is your appearance the most important thing to you?  Like many others, probably not. But we all know how fabuleux it feels when you know you look your absolute best. Being a mum with many responsabilités, you don’t necessarily have much time nor energy to dedicate to yourself and your body. However, little things can go a long way and make une réelle différence. Just a few adjustments and often some simple routines can help you improve your appearance. Here are some idées that anyone can incorporate into their lives. Get started today, and you will be quick to see les résultats.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

You can get all the beauty products you want, but the most effective way to feel and look good starts with lots of water and a good sleep.

Make it your priorité, establish a good sleeping routine with things that will relax you and help you to fall asleep easily. Personnellement, I love nothing more than a sleep pillow spray and a good book and I am off to la la land.

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You will be quick to see the différence as soon as you have some consecutive night sleeps.

The trick is to ensure that you can sleep well every night. Easy to do with some simple changes. 

And even if you like the occasional glass of wine, remember that they’ll impact the qualité of your sleep. Live clean, and you’ll never feel as well and rested. 

Start an Exercise Regime

Some people are just blessed with a good metabolism. But let’s be honnête, the majorité of us have to work for it.

Once you work out your schedule and your goals, you can make it more of a priorité on your physical wellness.

Plus today, there are so many ways to get in shape or exercise. I like nothing more than a good bike ride or walk in the country first thing in the morning. It helps my mind to start the day right.

Not for you? Why don’t you try 7-minute workout apps with workout classes and more? Or check out the numerous free workouts available on Youtube par exemple.  Test a few options until you find the one right for you. I know I always feel better when I move my body, the endorphins are kicking in and it keep me on track for the rest of the day.

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, esthetics, how to,

Review Your Diet

Another good idée to easily improve your appearance is too change a bit your diet.

I wish I could just eat whatever I wanted and still look my best… I would have plenty of burgers and Merlot!

But I want to be my healthiest possible so I incorporate as much fruit and vegetables in my diet.

Having healthy meals doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  You can create delicious, healthy dishes at home that taste infinitely good without breaking the bank. It’s all about adding some couleurs to your plates and vary your food.

 If you’re looking for ingredients that have been known to pack a powerful punch in the beauty stakes, then check out ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, asparagus, spinach or even butternut squash.

New, Quality Clothing

I don’t know about you but I simply feel like a new woman when I invest into quality clothing

It’s such a fast and effective way to boost your appearance. Best investing in good qualité. It’s always worth spending more than you normally would on clothing in order to get items that will last.

Personnellement, I love shopping at Sandro or Maje because they have such timeless pieces that always make me feel élégante.

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, esthetics, how to,

And you don’t have to break the bank! I always buy some new pieces in the sales or I also find bargains in charity shop. My last discovery? Vinted! Have you tried it?

Or if you want a real treat, why not visit a shop that offers a personalised service. You’ll pay more for it, but boy, will you walk away with a killer outfit. 

Vintage Pieces

As you may already know, my wardrobe is full of great pieces, but I also want to stand out and I am not scared to mix up things a bit.

There is nothing easier than adding some vintage pieces to your outfit for you to feel fabulous. Plus, you will truly look unique.

It works well because those pieces offer a lovely contrast with your modern clothing. 

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, esthetics, how to,

Personnellement, I love buying vintage dresses or scarfs. They always add this je-ne-sais-quoi to my outfit.

The vintage market is huge nowadays, from your local charity shop to kilo sales… You have so much choice and you can get unique pieces that will stay forever in your wardrobe.

Play Around With Hair

When it’s about my hair, I am quite traditionnelle. I’ve had the same couleur and length for years.

I worked out the style that suits me and I decided to stick to it. However, there are so many possibilités!

Change your hair style and you will feel like a new woman! It might be a bit scary at first but you would be amazed with the results. Victoria Beckham is a good example for this. She has had so many hair styles over the years and I think she looked good in all her eras!

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, esthetics, how to,

Visit your hair salon now and ask them to create something for you if you like, or you can take the trendy route — micro bangs, for instance, are popular right now, offering a bold and striking look that’ll be sure to turn heads. 

Not ready for un grand changement? Why not try highlights?

Take Cold Showers

People don’t really want to hear this, but taking cold showers can do wonders for your appearance. Actually, it’s probably the easiest, most low-effort way to enhance your look.

Freezing cold showers can help enhance blood circulation, resulting in healthy, glowing skin, and they can also result in shinier, healthier looking hair. I know a good nice warm shower is better… But it’s worth turning the temperature down at the end.

Build it up slowly each day and your body will get used to it. Once you do it, you will see the différence.

Some recherches have even shown that it can help improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Give it a try! It’s a bit like the new trend of ice baths!

Find the Right Skincare Products

Not a fan of a freezing shower? Pas de panique!

You can always give your skin a boost by investing in the right skincare products. I have tested many products, but for me French brands work best.

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, aesthetics, how to,

But you can also purchase specially formulated products with your skin type and aspirations in mind. Have a consultation with a beauty expert and they can help you find the right beauty skincare.

Sun Safety

Having a good skin also means you need to protect it. Whatever the weather, I always wear a SPF.

But don’t take it too far either. Some people go to lengths to avoid the sun but it also good for you with the vitamin D.

It’s best to simply wear sunscreen every single day of the year and avoid tanning. Your skin will thank you later on in your old age.

Find a Scent You Love

Your attractiveness isn’t just based on what you look like. Scents are important too and that’s why I always use a fragrance that makes me feel good. Chanel No 5 is my way to go.

It can take a little bit of time to find the perfume that works for you, but once you have, you’ll be wearing it for the rest of your life. It’ll become part of your personal brand. 

Improve Your Appearance, Style tips, Feel good in your body, Confidence, empower mums, the Frenchie Mum, esthetics, how to,

Another way to feel good in your body? Moisturise it for a nice and soft skin. It makes you feel more attractive straightaway.

I like products with a bit of vanille or even a body oil that feels even more luxurious.

Soften Up Your Hands

Talking of touch, don’t forget to also treat you hands. There is nothing worst that having dry and crackled skin.

Just a bit of love can go a long way and you can find really good hand cream at small prices.

It’s my little ritual in the evening while we watch TV. I LOVE the Shea Butter Hand Cream from L’Occitane en Provence.


Finalement, don’t forget the power of a big smile! Remember that the first impression is THE ONE.

A happy person makes an attractive one. It’s so simple and yet so easy to forget. It’s more than an expression of happiness.

Smile, giggle, laugh, it’s sensual and it can be so attractive and playful.

And if you want to feel 100% confident to smile at all time, keep brushing your teeth for a beautiful smile.

Add a bit of rouge et voilà! You will feel the most sensual ever!


There are so many simple ways to improve your appearance and it does not have to cost you a fortune. Looking you best doesn’t have to be difficile and it’s often a question of mindset. Just some of the idées listed below will help you feel more attractive in your day to day life and will certainly help with your confidence. Which ones will you try this week?


Disclosure: this is a collaborative post.



  1. maria rogers
    June 24, 2024 / 10:16 am

    some great tips there thanks!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      June 24, 2024 / 11:44 am

      Simple things but they can make such a difference, I am starting to have cold showers again. I stopped as it was so cold haha

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