The art of weaning

Today is a special post where we have the pleasure to ask our two top guests, Frenchie Mummy and Baba, to talk about weaning.

A big step in the world of both bébé et maman, let’s hear what are their opinion on the matter.

Baba’s vision on weaning

Hello, chaps! So happy to be back after a long absence. First of all, I would like to thank all my fans who said that I was cute or gorgeous. Merci les filles; I am really touched by all your comments.

So, weaning eh? Pretty facile I would say and so much better than having only milk. I didn’t want to upset maman but I was getting pretty tired of this. I was so content when she decided to move me onto some solid food.

I have been checking a lot of what my parents are eating and I am so looking forward to doing like them. I still have to try some of my maman’s favourite food such as burger, cheese, chocolate and pizza amongst others. But overall I haven’t done so badly in the last couple of weeks.

Here is what I tried and my opinion of it:

  • Baby rice: pretty awesome at first. However, I am getting bored of it now. But the texture was really interesting when we tried.
Cool Bib! Merci for this gift @NickelodeonTV!
  • Porridge: banana and strawberry flavours are so tasty. I love it in the mornings
  • Banana: It’s my préféré! Snack time at 4pm and I am dribbling just looking at maman mashing it for me!

    Carefully observing Mum preparing my breakfast
  • Apple compote: pretty awesome too as it’s sucré
  • Sweet potatoes: not convinced at first. The colour was weird so I was obviously suspicious. Having said that, both papa et maman were so into it ‘yum, c’est bon!’, I decided to make them happy and eat it.

Unfortunately, maman also tried to poison me many times. As I said before, I am suspicious and check on her when she prepares my meals. I mean, what on earth is that thing called petit pois! Disgusting and it gave me a very bad tummy ache. I had my revenge ?.  I did a massive and smelly poo that she had to clean up! Potatoes were not nice either. I think it would be better topped up with fromage.

Overall, the experience has been pretty amazing. I can’t wait to check this red substance that mummy regularly enjoys at dinner. Something called vin? Sounds yummy to me!

Frenchie Mummy’s vision on weaning

I was very cautious about starting this process with Baba. Even though he has always been a heavy drinker (on average 900ml of milk a day) very soon, I was concerned that I would start too early. But I checked with my doctors and they were pretty relaxed about it and told me that he was definitely ready.

So we started this new adventure about 3 weeks ago and it’s going pretty well. They are just some stuff that I learnt on the go that is worth mentioning.

I am quite a control freak. Even though I read a lot about weaning and knew it would be pretty messy, I didn’t quite realise to what extent! You see, the problem is that Baba is very much like me and therefore likes being in charge. La preuve is here.

The babe, fully in control. Who says bossy like his mummy? ?

And yes, it can become messy. I mean seriously, sometimes he would just want to grab the spoon full of food and then decides to scratch his ear… So you need to be prepared.

Another thing you may want to take into consideration is the amount of poop that the baby can produce. I sometimes have to change Baba 3 or 4 times before 12pm! And his moutardes are far from smelling like roses! Nobody warned me about that. And to make it even better, Baba tends to do so early in the morning. Quelle surprise!

Don’t force the babies to eat if they don’t like whatever you prepare. Baba is quite selective (actually, he is such a diva!) and checks thoroughly his meals. I let him observe so that he sees how much I love him. I also think that it helps him to trust eating what I give him. He examines all aspects of the food prepared: colour, consistency, smell… He is a proper Michelin Guide expert. Bien sûr, il est français!

Baba, a future judge in the Great British Bake-Off… Can you see that he dribbled on his comforter? He is impressed for sure.

Some essentials for weaning happily

  • A happy baby’ If they are not in the mood, don’t bother
  • A mummy well awake. It’s not good to put it in the ear or the nostril, vraiment!
  • A high chair. We started first in a bouncer. And it wasn’t a great idea. Frenchie Mummy didn’t have time to go and buy one. Too busy blogging. Mauvaise mère…
  • An army of muslins and some wet washcloth to wipe it all: face, neck, nose, hands, ears, hair. Why on earth is he always trying to put his hands in his food to then get it all over him!?
  • Some water just in case
  • A lot of ingenuity to convince le petit singe that his food is top quality. Do whatever it takes for him/ her to allow you to put the spoon in their mouth. My favourite are ‘Miam Miam c’est bon!’ with a big smile. Another one that works well is when both Grumpy Boyfriend and I pretend to eat it first. ‘So delicious’. Baba observes quietly before begging for it. I don’t think he likes sharing his food…ahahaha
  • Patience is also key, on both sides! Me because it sometimes takes us 15 minutes for the baby to eat some porridge. But also Baba as he sometimes whinges when I dare to take the spoon away from him.He is starting to understand the concept. I am actually refilling it for a next round. I am not an evil person who tries to steal his dear nourriture… I have proper food in my fridge, like cheese, chocolate! Why would I do that? Je vous le demande


  • Not being scared of getting dirty or looking I spent most of the time saying ‘Aah, Aah’ when I feed the monstre.


What about you dear readers? Tell us your best weaning anecdotes. What was your baby’s favourite food? What are your best tips?



50 thoughts on “The art of weaning

  1. Terrible mother that I am, I weaned my baby at 15 weeks! She was so ready and sbe loved food from the beginning, and she is now an amazing, amazing eater! It’s definitely the best thing to go by baby, but I love all these tips, they are all so true! Good luck with the feeding!#prettyinplaydough

  2. Haha I love how you have written this post- so original and cute! Hope the weaning continues to go well. xx

  3. Weaning is so much fun! We did mostly baby-led weaning with the Popple, because she was very stubborn and refused to be spoon-fed. She’s more into the spoon these days, but insists on holding it herself. And sometimes flinging it. And sometimes running it through her hair. And banging it on her tray. #fartglitter

  4. Ah welcome to the next adventure. My advice is don’t be too worried about a little gagging- all part of the fun!


  5. Though I don’t have children yet, I find this very interesting… Your writing style definitely keeps the reader interested 🙂 xxx #DreamTeam

  6. Mine always like finger food, that he could promptly stuff up his nose or rub in his hair. Cheerios soaked in milk then scattered on the high chair were a favourite – also excellent for practising the fine motor skills…and Mummy’s tidying up patience! #chucklemums

  7. He, he, I love this post! It sounds like you and baba have been having lots of fun weaning. Well done maman! Weaning was one of my favourite things to do the first time round, I cant wait to experience it all again in 6 months time with baby number two 😉 Emily #TwinklyTuesday

  8. Love it! Adorable pictures. Glad he loves his food! I have actually been really enjoying weaning despite dreading it. We are doing Baby Led weaning so he just picks things up and has a play, he loves it and it means I don’t have to fight him to get him to eat haha. He loves most of the meat he has tried, cheese, melon, peppers – loads of things actually. It’s SO messy though you’re definitely right on that count. Sometimes we are at the table for absolutely ages too but I just let him take his time. He seems to love eating so I guess it’s going well. #DreamTeam

  9. Ah you’re doing great! I was a bit of a control freak as well and got really stressed when E wouldn’t eat the food I’d prepared. I mean, how dare she after I had slaved over cheesy potato mash for 10 mins?! Relaxed bubba and mummy is definitely the only way forward! I love this post with baby’s point of view too, I’m sure E would say that I tried poisoning her too 😉 Thanks for linking up with #dreamteam x

  10. Oh my, if people knew what came out the other end they wouldn’t be so keen to wean early that’s for sure! Thankfully my weaning days are now long gone and they eat whatever we eat unless that happens to be a takeaway. That’s only for me… #chucklemums

  11. Great post, lovely to hear baby’s perspective ? My baby is 19 weeks and I just dread starting solids due to the inevitable mess so waiting until 26 weeks and going to try baby led weaning – probably messier still!!! Fun and games! #chucklemums

  12. Thanks for sharing with us at Family Joy Blog Link Up Party. So glad you joined us! Have a wonderful week!

  13. I couldn’t wait to wean my first but with the second I’ll think I’ll hold off until I really have to, haha. #bloggerclubuk

  14. Great tips and stories too and super cute pics! I started weaning my 4 all at 6 months. Mess with a capital M about sums it up. I was tightly wound the first time but much more relaxed with the 3 boys. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

  15. Ha ha! Great post. Weaning was not my favourite time. Baby was so fussy! We cooked loads of things from scratch and she would only eat Ella’s Kitchen! Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot x

    1. I hope Baba won’t be like that. He can already be fussy sometimes and I am very impatient so it’s not my favourite time either… Thanks for sharing this post on twitter x

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