I am a babe and I know it!

Hey guys,

Baba talking here. Now, you may have recently heard that Maman thinks of herself as a mummy blogger. She decided to share ma petite existence with the whole world (or at least whoever is happy to read her rants). She hasn’t even asked for my permission.

You see, I am quite a shy petit garçon. I am not an attention seeker, neither a diva (unlike Maman). This blogging stuff is really leaving me perplexed, to be honest… All I want is discovering the world around me and drinking as much milk as possible. End of story.


Seriously, Maman is impossible sometimes… The thing is, she thinks that I am one of the 7 merveilles du monde.

Here is an example of her being totally out of order last weekend. Nice family pub lunch. We are having a whale of a time with Papa. I am on her lap (I am very curious you see. And I really don’t like when I am not involved in the conversation). Suddenly, ‘Mwah!!!’ she kisses me. ‘Donne moi un bisou’. Trop tard! I don’t have the time to escape that she’s already kissed me.Screenshot_1

The truth is, she loves me so much, even when I start screaming without any good reason. She might explode sometimes ‘J’en ai marre! He would not stop crying…What is le problème?!’, but deep down she can’t have enough of me.

Anyway, I am exhausted so I am off now. Trying to escape les bisous de Maman is hard-work.


The Frenchie Babe, aka Baba.


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