Living Arrows 39/53 – Shopping at the Local Designer Outlet

Bonjour lecteurs! We have not published any Living Arrows for a couple of weeks now as we were off in Devon. And then, we had our huge Back to School Giveaways! If you fancy winning some cool prizes, have a look at our giveaways page as we have some really cool items for all the family! And if you are a fashionista like Baba, head over to our Instagram! We have teamed up with some cute childrenswear 🙂 But for now, a little piece of our life this week!  Shopping at the Local Designer Outlet was so fun! Regardez!

Living Arrows 39/53 – Shopping at the Local Designer Outlet

As my mum came around to visit from France, we decided to treat her with a nice shopping session! After all, we love fashion and Baba was eager to show her where we get all our cool stuff from!

We had a great time as Maman bought a lovely dress at Ted Baker (she loves that shop!!!) and we also had pizza!

While checking out shops, Baba tried on many sunglasses but we reckon these one are definitely his best look!

Living Arrows 39/53, Ashford Designer Outlet, Toddler with sunglasses, Osprey, Shopping, The Frenchie Mummy
These ones, Maman?

What do you think?

After all this exercise, we were très fatigués! So we stopped by Pâtisserie Valérie and got ourselves some cake nobody could resist!

What an exhausting day! But someone had to do it!

That’s it for Living Arrows 39/53 folks!


Do you like shopping? What is your fave shop? And your fave cake? We went for a piece of double chocolate cake and that was well yummy!



16 thoughts on “Living Arrows 39/53 – Shopping at the Local Designer Outlet

  1. I do like shopping but it has to be early in the morning when the shops are quiet, can’t stand overcrowded hot shops. He does look pretty cool and relaxed in those shades!

  2. Baba looks gorgeous in his sunnies! Shopping is wonderful therapy and we try to make a day or half day of it. Like you, we enjoy a coffee and cake. We can only go where public transport takes us so that usually means high streets.

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