Living Arrows 14/52

Living Arrows 14/52

I can’t believe March is already finished! Another month is gone and Spring is well here. Our Living Arrows 14/52 is on time today! For once, I am not late and rushing to publish it on Monday morning. We are off to see Disney on Ice this afternoon, so I am very organised and I am publishing this post before leaving. I don’t know who is the most excited about today: Baba or me?

What?! Are we going to see Mickey Mouse? Hurrah!

A month full of adventures!

We have been up to so much in March!

You see, I didn’t exaggerate when I said we did so much! And Frenchie Mummy also met some fabulous ladies who gave her a bit of #mummypower!

Our Living Arrows 14/52

To our fabuleux month! Here is a collage of the best Baba’s faces: eating, playing, reading and sleeping like a king in a castle! Yep! That’s my Baba, the one and only. (Sometimes, I must admit I am relieved there is only one! He can be full of beans and I am exhausted! haha)

A Frenchie Baba in March

To a fab month full of great events with the Frenchiest baby in town!

What have you been up to this month? I hope it was a good period for you all and I am very much looking forward to seeing all your Living Arrows 14/52 posts!

Have a great Sunday folks! And stay tuned for more Frenchie posts and GIVEAWAYS in April!

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  1. I used to love creating montages of the toddler last year – they’re great to look back on! I might have to start doing it again, these are so cute #MySundayPhoto

  2. What an awesome set of photos, he looks very comfortable in the bottom middle one – made me smile! #LittleLeaps

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