My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector Review

Baba is obsessed with cars and trains. So when we were given the chance to write My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector Review, Frenchie Mummy said ‘oui!’ straight away! And I tell you what, waking up and going to bed has never been more fun than with everyone’s favourite little blue engine!

The toy arrived and looked very nice …

A great choice musical toy

If you are a fan of le fameux train, you will probably fall in love at first sight with this new toy in town. It’s colourful, quite big and kids are attracted straight away towards it. Even if Baba is a bit young to be described as a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, he was quick to check it out. Not only he liked playing with the train on its own (and he obviously tasted it in his mouth), but he also liked the set of colours.

A baby intrigued

Frenchie Mummy loved the music and sounds featured with the toy. Baba is a musical baby and he played quite a long time with My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector. He would normally be quite happy to play with something for 5 minutes maximum and then would like to move on and look for something else.

Mais our new toy really intrigued him. The music and fun phrases added to the colours of the projector got him stuck and he played with it for a long time! Hurrah! Frenchie Mummy had some free time to blog more!

Super mega busy! Do not disturb!

Switching to night mode

The interesting feature of this new toy is its versatility.

I don’t know about you, but we have too many toys around in the Frenchie house. Baba has been playing with some of them for just some minutes in total! So it’s very refreshing to see that our new Thomas the Tank Engine item transforms itself into a calming night projector and can have many uses!

Turning it into night mode with soothing sounds

And it worked! The nice music added the the projections created a very relaxing atmosphere and Baba was fast asleep by the end of it! Admittedly, Frenchie Mummy was there too!

My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector Review – Le verdict!

Designed to make bed time more fun, My First Glow & Go Thomas is a great way to help encourage your little one to get up at the same time every day. Both Frenchie Mummy and Baba loved it!

  • It’s fun and colourful
  • The music is diverse and the phrases are fun
  • The retail prize is very good as it’s multipurpose (£14.99 with Tesco)
  • The night projector is very soothing
  • At night, the toy starts with some music before fading into some calming noises
  • It helps your little one to get into a routine

My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector is aimed at 18 months and upward but younger toddlers can definitely make use of it! Furthermore, I imagine very well that Baba will still play with it in a couple of years! A great investment especially if your little one struggles to go to bed! It helps us many times over the last few weeks with the Frenchie Baba (who never wants to go to bed!)

Thanks for reading My First Thomas & Friends Day to Night Projector Review. If you have the same toy at home, we would love to hear from you what you make of it!

Disclosure: We were kindly given this toy for the purpose of a Frenchie review. All opinions are our own.



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  1. March 6, 2017 / 2:47 pm

    This sounds good. I love a toy that is multi-purpose – great for saving space! #KCACOLS

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