Childs Farm baby products review & giveaway

Childs Farm Baby Range review and a chance to win a Baby Bedtime set

Babies and toddlers are dirty. That’s a fact. They like playing with anything. Baba particularly loves playing with his food as we are rocking the whole weaning process. So he is dirty! Frenchie Mummy doesn’t really like the idea of him being un petit cochon, but quite frankly, she has no choice. And apparently, it’s essential to his development. So I am putting up with it.

Thank god for that, washing products have been invented so that mamans like me don’t have to worry too much about their little ones getting filthy. As I am sure that I am not the only maman who has to wash her petit singe on a regular basis, today is your chance to win a super prize on our blog. Childs Farm is offering you the opportunity to win this gorgeous Baby Bedtime Set.

Do you want to know more about Childs Farm products? Their products are perfect for the sensitive skin of babies. Having been created in the first place for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin, the products will quickly seduce you. Not only it’s made with organic essential oils (so good for my Baba’s skin), but it’s not tried on animals or people. Dermatologically tested and approved, there is no surprise that Childs Farm won many prizes over the years. Check out for yourself here! Impressive, right?

Bien sûr, Frenchie Mummy was delighted when she had the opportunity to try and test some products from the new Baby range. She was indeed so excited that she took pictures of each article.


And she hurried to pack them away in Baba’s changing bag when he spent his first sleep-over at his granny’s house! You see, Belle-Maman is a very smart and elegant woman. So Frenchie Mummy badly wanted to impress her. And it worked!!!! She loved it when she saw that I was using the new Childs Farm baby range for Baba! Brownie points with your mum-in-law are always essential!!!

Baba was a bit suspicious at first and wanted to check for himself.


It wasn’t a good start as you can see. He just wanted to eat it! The poor soul is teething at the moment so anything that we get close to him ends up licked… We eventually tried the products and we were very pleased with them.

  • The Baby Wash and the Baby Bedtime Bubbles: both are great products. I particularly liked the fact that the Baby Wash was fragrance-free. Even if Baba doesn’t have any apparent skin problems, it’s nice to think that a brand offers the choice. My favourite was definitely the Baby Bedtime Bubbles. No need to put too much in the bath as it gets foamy very quickly. Baba loved that and could not stop playing in the water. I was equally impressed with the lovely scent of organic tangerine. Eventually, Baba was really relaxed and got to sleep like an angel the same evening. Hurrah! Maman had some peace and quiet a bit earlier than usual and got an extra glass of wine.
  • The Baby moisturiser smells absolutely gorgeous and left Baba’s skin very soft.
  • The Nappy Cream kept his bum fully protected and moisturised.
  • The Baby Oil was just divine! I loved using it in his bath to help his skin being smooth. We also both had a lot of fun with massages. The smell of the coconut was gorgeous and all Grumpy Boyfriend wanted to do was to kiss Baba! You know how much I love coconut and it always reminds me of summer.

Le verdit: you have to love the new Baby range. Everyone was impressed in the Frenchie household. Belle-Maman loved the easy use of the mini bottles. Frenchie Mummy loved the variety of fragrances amongst the collection, plus the extra vin that she got that week… Grumpy Boyfriend loved the coconut oil. Baba enjoyed some extra sleep with the Baby Bubbles Bath!

Disclosure: we were sent these Childs Farms items for the purposes of a review. All opinions are our own.

Now is your chance to win the Baby Bedtime set, which contains 250ml bottles of Childs Farm baby wash, Childs Farm baby moisturiser & Childs Farm baby bedtime bubbles, click on the link below. The competition is only open to UK residents. Bonne chance!

A Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Set

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129 thoughts on “Childs Farm Baby Range review and a chance to win a Baby Bedtime set

  1. I love the childs farm products. I found it was the only thing I could use at bath time for my oldest son whos baby eczema was terrible 🙁 now my babys skin is starting to flare up so I’d love to win.
    Fingers crossed.

  2. I’ve heard so many great things about ‘Child’s Farm’ products recently but have yet to try them myself. Thanks for the opportunity. x

  3. We love the Childs Farm range for our toddler so these look lovely for the baby we’re expecting. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  4. Looks like a great products for little babies… how I wish I’ve seen this before when my kids were still little. Great Review. #justanotherlinky

  5. These look fab and if you have seen my IG feed recently you will have seen lots of mucky faces thanks to BL Weaning. Spag Bol is a favourite . Just entered the competition as well . Be cheeky not to #justanotherlinky

  6. We have just discovered child’s farm via a free gift from Ocado and it’s lovely stuff. ZAP would smell delightful for once hee hee hee #sundaybest

  7. These look Lush! Handy little size for travel etc – might have to look into it for our holiday in a few weeks! I’ve entered the competition too….. just in case 😉

  8. Would love to win the Baby Bedtime set as my exploring 19 month old is into everything dirty and mucky at the moment, especially mud in the garden and picking up any stone he sees, so these will come in handy!! 🙂

  9. Would be wonderful for my newborn granddaughter, who, if she takes after her big sister, is going to have dry skin and excema problems.Better to be prepared than to deal with the consequences.

  10. Used these products before, loved them so much I even used them on myself. Would love to win some for my son…promise to only use them for him. X

  11. Ah wow what a lovely prize. I would love to win this for my brother and sister in law who has just had there second child in July. Thank You

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