20 Parent Blogs I loved in 2016

You may have read my last post about my Blogging Goals for 2017. I really loved reflecting on the past year and what the Frenchie Mummy Blog achieved so far. We did so much: I created the Daddy Tag that many other bloggers enjoyed completing. I questioned the integrity of blog awards (Yep! You are not dreaming!). I attended a blogging conference and met some other fabulous parent bloggers. But it was all about me. Moi, moi, moi! What about others? If anything, starting my own blog enabled me to discover some other fabulous blogs out there! So it’s time to share now and back off a bit. Nothing about Frenchie Mummy today (well, presque…). Here is a list of 20 Parent Blogs I loved in 2016.

The point of this post? To say ‘Merci’ because these people moved me this year. Mais they also inspired me, all in their own way. No specific order here. I will just put them down as they come to my mind. Make sure to check some you don’t know yet!

A Moment With Franca – I love #KCACOLS. It’s one of the linkies that really shows the most the blog love in my opinion. Every time I share a post on it, I always receive so many comments. Franca built for sure a fabulous community and I was proud to be a co-host many times!

Mumzilla – Sarah was one of the first bloggers to say hi and invited me to join Tribal Chat (I am yet to take part as it’s around Baba’s sleeping routine but I will be there one day!) Her posts are so witty and I love the way she swears. She even knows some Frenchie swearing words! A fab lady!

Domesticated MomsterJ’adore Trista’s outspoken opinions! She just says it the way it is and that’s it! Her blog’s name is just so funny too! Another plus? She is not a big housework fan like me. Hurrah!

You Baby Me Mummy – No need to introduce Aby I am sure! She has been so helpful and generous with her pieces of advice and tips. I love her courses (I am yet to start the new one! I will do it soon!). Plus she is the example that you can do it if you put your mind into it! If you want your blog to be at the top, you better check her blog ASAP!

Not Another Mummy Blog – I just love Alison’s pictures. Her posts are so beautiful and elegant. And the cherry on the top, she rocks Breton tops!

Quite Frankly She Said – Sian is another fabulous lady with a great style! I was lucky to meet her at the Baby Show and she is also a lovely woman. Head over to her blog to read about her last pregnancy!

Muma On The EdgeThis mummy blogger rocks and doesn’t care about what people think! I met her at Blogfest and she was such a laugh! Plus she has two adorable little girls. Check out her post Top of the Twats 2016. You will love it!

Honest Mum – Vicky is another star in la blogosphère and her two sons are adorable! If you are a great cook (unlike me), you will love her fabulous recipes! My fave posts? The ones where she writes about being a #MumBoss! She has some good ideas, let me tell you!

Make, Do & Push – Hannah’s blog is so colourful and I am in love with her fashion style! She actually inspired me to start my new style series Baba Fashionista where I will write about great kids clothes brands you must know about!

Back With a Bump – Fran is a fit mama for sure. She will give you the best tips to be in shape and her little one Poppy is so CUTE!!!!! Hands off! I have already matched her up with my Baba!?

Bridie By the Sea – I love Bridget’s writing style and I will never be bored of looking at her sweet little girl Emma. She makes me want to move to Brighton for a more avant-gardist lifestyle!

The Mum Project – You won’t be able to resist Meagan’s humour. I just love her honesty about motherhood. Make sure you also check out some of her videos with Bear. I love his expressions!

My Petit CanardA Frenchie name for this blog full of style where Emily writes so beautifully about being a mum.

A Mum Track Mind – What do I like about Fiona? She says what she thinks! She describes herself as a northern lass and I love her honesty. When motherhood sucks, she says it. End of! It’s not always fun after all!

Life With Baby Kicks – I relate so much to Laura’s life as an expat. I feel like her that writing helped me in such a journey. Another great feature on this blog? Her linky #Blogstorm where you can find so much about blogging!

Scandi Mummy – Nadia is another expat maman who writes with a great style. A faithful member of the #KCACOLS crew, she represents beauty and elegance in my opinion!

Now My Name is Mummy – I discovered Claire’s blog via the Monday Morning Blog Club and immediately loved her post about #Mumguilt. Like me, Claire is a first-time mum, so I relate a lot to her experiences.

Mummy Fever – Charlotte’s blog is full of great reviews and other posts about balancing your mummy’s life with the rest. She also holds super giveaways!

Le Coin de Mel – No wonder why Mel received so many awards’ nominations! This other Frenchie mummy rocks with her craft and food ideas!

Life Unexpected – The design of Chloe’s blog is so gorgeous I am just happy to flick through her posts without reading anything! More seriously, this mummy blogger writes great posts to help you becoming the perfect mumpreneur!

I hope this list of 20 Parent Blogs inspired you. Did you discover some new fantastic bloggers to read? When I started writing this post, I wanted to select 10 bloggers only but I quickly realised that it was easier said than done! To be honest, I reckon I forgot so many other amazing parent bloggers out there! I can think of so many other people such as What the Readhead Said (You must know Donna from UK Parent Bloggers on Facebook!).

You know what? I think I will have to write another similar post in the following weeks, as there are so many more mummy and daddy bloggers that I didn’t mention today!

In the meantime, let me know who you are planning to check out from this list. Or even better. Tell me what blogs you love! I want to discover new people too!

36 thoughts on “20 Parent Blogs I loved in 2016

  1. Thank you so much for including me. Such great bloggers and I’m honoured you’ve out me in great company. Merci lovely! All the best for 2017 xx

  2. Lovely idea to share other bloggers. Certainly some must reads in there for me, and a couple I need to go and check out.

    Happy new year

  3. Thank you for including me in this list of seriously impressive bloggers. There are so many blogs on here that I love reading too! I’m so glad that you’ve enjoyed reading some of my posts over the last year. Hopefully you will still have time in 2017 now that you have work to balance too 😉 Emily x

  4. Great idea for a post and great list! There are a few blogs on there I already follow and the others look interesting too. I’ve spent most of my December over on YouTube so there are a couple of vloggers I like, The Fern Life popping into mind. Bloggers I always notice on facebook and like to read are Whinge Whinge Wine, you!, Nadia, Hurrah for Gin, Beta Mummy, Picking up Toys, and loads more I can’t think of right now. My favourite at the moment is The Light Breaks Through -Keith is a pastor in America and his posts are spot on. Thanks for the inspiration! Hope to see you at a blog event this year. 🙂 x

  5. Some great choices here! I read and love most if these too, there’s a couple I’ve not read so will need to check them out. Such a lovely idea to share the blog love like this xx #fortheloveofblog

  6. Some fabulous blogs in your list – and a couple that I haven’t read before, so I’m off to add them to my Bloglovin’ page! Thanks for sharing #weekendblogshare x

  7. A great list of mommy blogs.I have to explore all of these. Thanks for the recommendations. 🙂 Visiting through honest mum.

  8. Ah some great suggestions here, Sian (QFSheSaid) Laura (Life with baby kicks) and Le Coin De Mel are some favourites of mine too…and Sian and Mel both lovely! (I’m sure Laura is too but I’ve yet to meet her haha)
    Thank you for joining us at #SundayBest – hope to see you again tomorrow! xx

  9. Oh lovely, how on earth did I miss this? Thank you so much for mentioning me and I’m so sorry for the delayed thank you <3 You know how much I love your blog too and love stalking you and Baba on Insta too 🙂 xxx

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