It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet set Review & GIVEAWAY

Mother’s Day is long gone for you but it was just last weekend in France. Bien s√Ľr, as I am a good daughter I called my mum and sent her some flowers. But I could not stop thinking how boring it was. I am so predictable. She always gets some roses for all occasions: her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas… What about something more personalised? That’s when It’s Handmade comes to the rescue! We were lucky enough to receive a bracelet set to review on the blog last month and I can’t say how much I love them! I wish I had thought about it before and got an original present for my Maman! But for now, read this It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet set Review and see what we make of such an item! And obviously, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY to win a bracelet set too and be part of the cool gang! It’s now and it’s on the Frenchie Mummy Blog ūüôā

What is It’s Handmade?

It’s Handmade is a UK based online shop selling gorgeous personalised jewellery for parents and babies, children‚Äôs toys and cute little knick-knacks. It is so cute, they even have some sets for papas! Watch out Grumpy Boyfriend! You are next on the list and will soon have your own piece of jewellery!

More seriously, It’s Handmade is a very cute shop where you can buy adorable personalised¬†items.¬†All its products are hand-crafted. How about that for a unique present? It might seem a bit sentimental, but I think it’s such a gorgeous idea for mummies and their little ones!

We received a bracelet set to write this review, but you can also purchase key rings, toys… and so much more! There is something to like for everyone!

My Mummy & Me Bracelet Set

We were lucky enough to receive a gorgeous Personalised 925 Sterling Silver Mummy and Me Bracelet Set. The website offers a great choice of suede or suede beaded bands with some cute colours! We went for the Blue Denim version and it looks truly gorgeous!

I also like the fact that this is a limited edition with a Tiffany-inspired 925 sterling silver heart pendant.

For¬†discretion reasons as Baba’s real name remains top secret on our blog, I will not share pictures of our actual set. The Frenchie Baba is yet a star but I like the fact that you mostly know him by his nickname. I am not the shy type and love attention, don’t get me wrong! I think you would have understood it by now. But my Baba’s name is a little something¬†that I keep secret from mes lecteurs. I am sure you don’t mind!

Here is an official picture of the bracelets we have:

The gorgeous set we received and no! Baba’s name if not Pippa…

As it’s a personalised item (you can add your own personal message when you order your bracelets), we have a message in French that says ‘Maman aime¬†****’ and vice-versa.

Baba has not yet worn his version as it’s not suitable to use as a¬†toy for children under 36 months. Mais¬†I kept it for later on, probably on a special occasion. And yes, my son will wear a bracelet. I don’t see anything wrong with that, especially when it’s blue and it says on it that he loves his Maman! After all, David Beckham wears skirts, so pourquoi pas!?

It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet set Review – Le verdict

I am in love with mine and I wear it all the time.

The Frenchie Mummy on holidays with her new bracelet

Both the colour and the fabric used are simply gorgeous. Plus I have not seen anyone yet having something similar. I love being different and this item is parfait to be unique!

It’s easy to adjust so that you can wear it more or less loose.

The¬†925 Sterling Silver heart pendant is truly gorgeous too and seeing this message when my Baba is away from me reminds me of him and how much it’s nice when he is not around. It’s so peaceful and quiet! Just kidding! I reckon every time I look at my bracelet, I probably have a silly smile on my face thinking how beau (and cheeky!) my Baba is!

Why we love It’s Handmade

As I previously said, ¬†I am quite boring when it comes to offering something to my Maman. I wish I had known this fabulous website before. It’s so original and you can find something for anyone.

A woman feeling very special… Thanks to a gorgeous bracelet and some wine ūüôā

Check out the toys section too. A lot of its items would make a great unique present for a newborn!

You might have understood it reading¬†this¬†It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet Review, we love them!! And here are 5 reasons why:

  • The quality is great
  • It’s unique
  • You have a personalised message on it
  • It’s the perfect present
  • With prices starting from ¬£10, it’s a bargain!

Do you think it’s fab? Or do you know a mummy who would deserve such a treat? Then enter now our GIVEAWAY¬†for a chance to win a Mummy & Me Bracelet Set too!

Disclosure: We received a free Mummy & Me Bracelet set in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet GIVEAWAY

I hope you liked reading this¬†It’s Handmade Mummy & Me Bracelet set Review. As you can see, this accessory has fully become part of my outfit!

And because we strongly believe that mummies need to be spoilt all year through and not only on special occasions, we have teamed up with It’s Handmade for one of our lucky readers to win a Mummy & Me Bracelet Set.

Enter via Gleam below for a chance to win this fabulous Frenchie prize!

Win a Mummy & Me Bracelet Set with It's Handmade

This giveaway starts on Wednesday 31st May at  12 pm and ends at midnight on Monday 3rd July 2017

Competition Terms & Conditions:

The closing date is 11:59 pm on Monday 3rd July 2017

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of the blog.We will notify the winner via email or Twitter.
No cash alternative available.
The competition is open to UK entrants only.
The winners will be chosen at random using Gleam.
The winner must respond within 30 days of receiving the email to claim their prize.
Provision of the prize is the responsibility¬†of¬†It’s Handmade.
Your data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to third parties.
The competition is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Bonne chance!


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