We are back with a review & a giveaway to win 1 Grobag Sleep bag worth £31!

Bonjour lecteurs!

Yeah, you are not dreaming! I promised it on both Facebook and Twitter before we got self-hosted. (We will share the whole experience later on, don’t you worry!) We have l’honneur today to publish our first review and giveaway with the fabulous brand the Gro Company.

Baba has been sent a Grobag Twin Pack to try. We already had some of those amazing sleeping bags when he was smaller but le bébé growing up fast (remember, he eats a lot so he is changing fast!)

Having a baby to sleep can be pretty daunting, even scary. Let’s admit it! You hear a lot about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also called ‘cot death’) and there are so many options it’s hard to decide, especially when you are a first-time mum! That is where the Grobags come into play.

As I explained before, they are pretty simple to use and so convenient if you need to change le bébé in the middle of the night. So easy indeed that I could almost do it with my eyes closed.

Some beautiful Grobags you can buy online
Some beautiful Grobags you can buy online

So why do we love our Grobag Baby Sleep Bags?

    • They are made with great quality. You can be sure that your baby will sleep without getting too cold or too warm. They will be comfortable all night long!
    • The Tog 2.5 is perfect for the winter like now. You can also choose a different Tog depending on the season.
    • As a bonus, each Grobag comes up with a free nursery thermometer. So you know which Tog to use.
    • They are safe to avoid SIDS. Le bébé can’t get caught up in the bedding or suffocate. It’s obviously safer than a blanket. Indeed, The Gro Company work alongside the Lullaby Trust Charity to promote infant sleep safety.
    • It helped me a lot to implement a sleeping routine. As soon as I put Baba in his Grobag, he knows it’s time to go to bed. Quickly, he is comfy and warm and falls easily asleep.
  •   The patterns are lovely – I recently wrote a post about their new collection by Orla Kiely and they rock as usual! I must admit it’s difficult for me to resist not to buy a new one!

The Gro Company offers a full range of Grobags: you can buy them up to 10 years old and they also offer travel bags (next item on our list to try for sure!).

The two new sleeping bags we have been sent had all the amazing features listed above.

One of the Grobags we were sent.
One of the Grobags we were sent to test. Baba could not wait to try it on!

Both Maman and Baba loved them! Not only they were pretty but also comfy and easy to use (and wash).

Baba was sleeping like an angel (always!).

He still managed to give me a smile before falling asleep ?

Look at his happy face! Can’t you just see how rested he looked?

What?! I slept for more than 1 hour?
What?! I  slept for more than 1 hour?

And guess the best? If like me, you are a fan of the Gro Company, we have some exciting news for you. They are about to launch some fabulous Gro Muslins Sets! We had the chance to see them at the Baby Show last month and they are really nice! The collection consists of a range of super large and super soft, beautiful 100% cotton muslins. Multi-use and highly absorbent with over 10 different uses including burp cloth, blanket, sleep and sun shade, nursing cover, play and instant change mat, swaddle, towel and comforter. They will probably become your new must-have items.

To celebrate this new launch here is a chance to win this beautiful ‘Hear Me Roar’ Grobag for your little lion!


This would be the perfect gift for a new baby or mum-to-be this Christmas, and guaranteed to put a smile on the parents’ faces! Enter via the Rafflecopter below.  Only one entry is needed to enter the giveaway, but the more times you enter, the greater your chances of winning!  And don’t forget to come back each day for our free daily entry and to send out the competition tweets.

Win a Grobag worth £31!

This giveaway ends at midnight on Wednesday 30th November 2016.

UK entrants only, please.

Disclosure: we were sent two sleep bags for the purposes of a review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Katie
    November 5, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    This would be perfect for my baby nephew. What a great prize! Thank you for the opportunity!

  2. lucy higgins
    November 5, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    this would be lovely for my twin sisters baby due next month

  3. Joanne Phillips
    November 5, 2016 / 8:33 pm

    Love these, they are so cute! x

  4. emma walters
    November 5, 2016 / 8:34 pm

    would love one for my little girl x

  5. Noreen
    November 5, 2016 / 8:35 pm

    This would be a wonderful Christmas for my little grandson.

  6. Tracy K Nixon
    November 5, 2016 / 8:36 pm

    Thank you for the lovely review and giveaway!

  7. Jenna Hegarty
    November 5, 2016 / 8:52 pm

    I love Grobags and already have two but my little boy is growing so fast we’ll soon need more

  8. Chelsey Hollings
    November 5, 2016 / 8:55 pm

    Fantastic, Would love to win for my daughter

  9. Alison Macdonald
    November 5, 2016 / 9:01 pm

    I loved these for my own kids they were a godsend! My brother and wife had their first baby last month and I was telling him about these and how good they are. Would be lovely to win some for them x

  10. iain maciver
    November 5, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    would love to win

  11. Stacey Leigh
    November 5, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    I love gro bags for babies 🙂 great giveaway would be fab for my little princess xx

  12. Sophie Dolan
    November 5, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    We are expecting our second child in March so this would be amazing to win ❤

  13. Claire Sutherland
    November 5, 2016 / 11:24 pm

    We are due our first baby in 2 weeks so would love to win this x

  14. November 5, 2016 / 11:57 pm

    We used these Grobags when my little guy was small. Very practical and excellent quality. Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway! #KCACOLS

  15. November 5, 2016 / 11:57 pm

    Oh what a fabulous prize! We love gro bags, they’re so handy & super reassuring to know baby is comfortable and a good temperature. My little boy sleeps on his front so he goes to bed then an hour later he rolls over so at least I know he’s still warm and covered 🙂 we love these new designs too! Thank you for letting us enter x

  16. OddHogg
    November 6, 2016 / 12:00 am

    We love Gro Bags. I have one of the travel ones with holes for car seat straps and it’s such a lifesaver! #kcacols

  17. Winifred Davidson
    November 6, 2016 / 3:51 am

    Perfect for my new granddaughter

  18. caroline walliss
    November 6, 2016 / 5:35 am

    This would be wonderful, thanks.x

  19. November 6, 2016 / 9:19 am

    These are gorgeous aren’t they – I’ve got an Orla Kiely one I can’t wait to put our new baby in #KCACOLS

  20. Ruth Harwood
    November 6, 2016 / 9:55 am

    This would be great for our upcoming bundle of joy xx

  21. Sue McCarthy
    November 6, 2016 / 10:02 am

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  22. francesca jones
    November 6, 2016 / 10:23 am

    I love Gro bags, always use them for my kids

  23. November 6, 2016 / 11:04 am

    Ahh, I love Grobags, I just think babies look so sweet in them! I miss those mornings with my daughter shuffling round the house still zipped up in hers! x #KCACOLS

  24. Jamie Piper
    November 6, 2016 / 11:22 am


  25. November 6, 2016 / 12:10 pm

    We had loads of these two, and I’m now buying them as presents. I’m from Italy, and sleeping bags don’t seem to have made their way there yet, so I’m always buying them as presents for my friends back home! 🙂 #KCACOLS

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 12:26 pm

      I can’t believe you don’t have them in Italy as it is so safe x

  26. Stacey Carnell
    November 6, 2016 / 1:50 pm

    I love grobags 🙂 Love these!

  27. November 6, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    Love the designs on these, have used baby sleeping bags with most of my kids, love them x

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:30 pm

      they are great! Simply lol

  28. tracy sinclair
    November 6, 2016 / 2:56 pm

    This would be perfect for my youngest Granddaughter, they look lovely x

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:31 pm

      good luck

  29. November 6, 2016 / 3:20 pm

    My sister in law would love this as she’s due at the end of November!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:31 pm

      perfect timing good luck x

  30. November 6, 2016 / 3:36 pm

    Oh they look so cosy and comfy, I kind of want a giant one for myself! 🙂

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:32 pm

      me too haha

  31. Elaine Savage
    November 6, 2016 / 3:54 pm

    so lovely and snug for my granddaughter 🙂

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:32 pm

      definitely! x

  32. Becky Yeomans
    November 6, 2016 / 5:02 pm

    Lovely!! Would love to win one of these!

  33. Michelle Ferguson
    November 6, 2016 / 5:08 pm

    This looks lovely, fingers crossed

  34. November 6, 2016 / 5:36 pm

    reading this post makes me want another bubba! Loving the patterns. they just do so many lovely ones don’t they. we had loads when bubba was small. we are now into duvet covers and I love picking those out hehe : ) Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 5:42 pm

      Thanks for your comment and you lovely tweet the other day. I made me feel so welcome back into blogging lol xx

      • November 6, 2016 / 8:07 pm

        I love your posts. I used to have a friend who was French and she was so lovely. Your writing style reminds me of her 🙂

        • Cecile Blaireau
          November 6, 2016 / 8:25 pm

          merci! Maybe I will see you at BLogfest next week? x

          • November 6, 2016 / 10:22 pm

            Ah I really wanted to go but can’t at the mo! Have a fab time tho! Look fwd to reading all the write ups 🙂

  35. isis1981uk
    November 6, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    I’d love to win this for my new nephew, due in the next few weeks!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 8:22 pm

      good luck x

  36. Rebecca Smith
    November 6, 2016 / 6:09 pm

    this would be perfect for my baby girl due in Jan

  37. November 6, 2016 / 6:15 pm

    I love grobags, they’re such an awesome idea. They have so many cute designs too! 🙂 #KCACOLS

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 8:23 pm

      meric for coming back after our long absence lol x

  38. Heather Cain
    November 6, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    it was a super read and these baby grow bags are fantastic

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 8:26 pm

      merci x

  39. November 6, 2016 / 8:24 pm

    We love grog sleeping bags especially because due to his Reflux Number Two always has to sleep tilted x

  40. Jane Taylor
    November 6, 2016 / 9:45 pm

    I loved Gro Bags when my kids were small. They work! They honestly helped my girls sleep – instead of kicking off their covers and waking up. Brilliant product. Thanks for the review and comp #KCACOLS

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 6, 2016 / 11:15 pm

      I agree with you 100%

  41. November 6, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    I love grobags, the only brand I’ve ever used. My daughter was in them until she was almost 3, always snug! And my baby boy is also growing fast, in fact we need to get a few the next size up. So this comp is very timely x

  42. Solange
    November 7, 2016 / 3:12 am

    I love gro bags for babies. So cute.

  43. November 7, 2016 / 9:49 am

    We love Grobags, so handy and ensure little ones stay warm all night! #kcacols

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 7, 2016 / 10:38 am

      perfectly said x

  44. Adventures of Mummy and Me
    November 7, 2016 / 1:39 pm

    Great post! we’re massive advocates of grobags in our house! Only thing we’ve used since he was born! #GlobalBlogging

  45. November 7, 2016 / 4:30 pm

    He’s so cute!! Love the design. We had these as well – perfect for bed sharing. 🙂


  46. November 7, 2016 / 5:05 pm

    I loved using Gro Bags when my two were babies x #KCACOLS

  47. Tasha
    November 7, 2016 / 7:52 pm

    Brilliant giveaway grobags are amazing

  48. jen lloyd
    November 7, 2016 / 9:57 pm

    these would be perfect for my little pickle due in Aprol 2017 <3

  49. Sally Collingwood
    November 8, 2016 / 3:33 pm

    What lovely grobags!

  50. jo liddement
    November 8, 2016 / 4:57 pm

    This wonderful grobag would be ideal for my first grandchild due in February

  51. Kirsty Ward
    November 8, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    Fabulous Prize! These Look Awesome!

  52. Topfivemum
    November 8, 2016 / 9:21 pm

    I’m a big fan of Gro Bag. Totally agree about SIDs and panicking all night when you have a baby about whether they’re too hot, especially in summer. These take all the stress out of it. Love your pics and personal choices – I wish I’d bought more gender neutral ones first time around as my poor son has a pink one. Poor second baby #globalblogging

  53. Accidental Hipster Mum
    November 8, 2016 / 10:53 pm

    I LOVE Grobags! I always use them with my kids but I need a new one, hope I win!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 8, 2016 / 10:56 pm

      good luck xx

    November 10, 2016 / 7:12 pm

    I’d love to win for my granddaughter

  55. November 10, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    We’ve got some Grobags – I love them!! Keeps him nice and warm without the worry of blankets over the head.

  56. Kirsty Fox
    November 10, 2016 / 11:08 pm

    I would love to win this for my granddaughter due in January

  57. Rachel Bustin
    November 11, 2016 / 8:57 am

    Oh we love gro bags! Huge fan! Back in February my newborn hated covers and would kick them off. Being February it was cold so I was concerned she would get cold. Gro-bags saved us! I got a peaceful nights sleep, well a couple of hours at a time. But I could relax knowing she was safe. 9 months later she adores her gro-bags but need the next size up now so it would be awesome to win!


    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 11, 2016 / 9:35 am

      Good luck! I so agree with you. For me the best! xx

  58. One Messy Mama
    November 11, 2016 / 10:48 pm

    My little one doesn’t like having anything on her (blanket) when she sleeps. I love the “sleep-bags”, I have never heard of Grobag before. They do look lovely! Thank you for sharing with #globalblogging

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 11, 2016 / 10:53 pm

      you need one of those ASAP! They are amazing x

  59. Margaret Gallagher
    November 12, 2016 / 3:03 pm

    Love grow bags perfect for my neice
    Perfect way to stay warm

  60. ruth robinson
    November 12, 2016 / 3:13 pm

    i think these are a great idea and i would love to win

  61. Kim Styles
    November 12, 2016 / 3:49 pm

    the Gro bag is so sweet! this would be a great christmas present for my friends little boy

  62. November 13, 2016 / 2:52 am

    Fab review. I love from bags, thus lion print is adorable xx

  63. keri brooks
    November 13, 2016 / 5:23 pm

    These are lovely we used grow bag since the night we got home from hospital with our daughter and plan to use them again for our next little.one they are amazing and great peace of mind

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 13, 2016 / 5:43 pm

      they are. Thank oyu so much for commenting ad good luck with it x

  64. November 13, 2016 / 8:26 pm

    What a sweetie your little one is in the grobag! #EatSleepBlogRT

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 13, 2016 / 11:02 pm

      thanks for saying that an the rt earlier on x

  65. November 13, 2016 / 9:04 pm

    I love GroBags, I will be on the hunt for a new one for this new baby and this one would be ideal 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest x

  66. November 13, 2016 / 9:05 pm

    I love GroBags, I will be on the hunt for a new one for this new baby and this one would be ideal 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #SundayBest

  67. November 13, 2016 / 10:55 pm

    We love grobags in our household. We couldn’t live without them now! #eatsleepblogrt

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 13, 2016 / 11:03 pm

      I bet! the same here, I love this brand so much xx

  68. Mackenzie Glanville
    November 14, 2016 / 5:34 am

    This brings back the best memories, all of my 3 slept in these, yes even my now 12 year old that’s how long they ahed been around and they ere the only brand I ever used and loved them! Gorgeous photos too #eatsleepblogRT

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 14, 2016 / 8:52 am

      merci for stopping by amd your comment xx

  69. November 14, 2016 / 10:05 am

    So cute! We had a bedtime bag for our little one. It’s great for keeping tiny feet warm.

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 14, 2016 / 10:12 am

      good luck and thanks for entering x

  70. Amy & Tots
    November 15, 2016 / 5:03 pm

    I love grobags, my son just doesn’t like anything covering his legs. I have all mine saved for my littlest when she’s big enough x

  71. Hannah G, The 'Ordinary' Mum
    November 15, 2016 / 10:11 pm

    The Grobag sleep bags are so lovely, these are such wonderful patterns and colours and your little man looks super comfy and cosy in them. Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

    November 16, 2016 / 11:42 am

    Great gift for grandson, these are so cute

  73. Martin Lee
    November 18, 2016 / 1:00 pm

    This baby gros look great, allways used them as as apposed to blankets, so much easier!

  74. Sarah Lambert
    November 18, 2016 / 2:25 pm

    Aww love the grow bags 🙂

  75. November 18, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    I love grobags, my nieces and nephews couldn’t sleep without them and I plan to use it when ben goes into his own room #thatfridaylinky

  76. November 19, 2016 / 7:46 am

    I love these bags, we had a few for our first and would love them for little one due in Dec! The Gro Company are fab 🙂

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 19, 2016 / 8:40 am

      good luck x

  77. Louise Fairweather
    November 19, 2016 / 12:01 pm

    I love Grobags. Such a great invention!

  78. Petite Pudding
    November 19, 2016 / 12:24 pm

    We love our Gro-Bags so snuggly and warm with the added bonus of promoting safe sleep. Great giveaway and lovely reveiw #eatsleepblogrt

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 19, 2016 / 6:07 pm

      merci for your comment x

  79. Hannah Cummings
    November 19, 2016 / 7:50 pm

    This would be so lovely for my little girl

  80. Nige
    November 20, 2016 / 9:15 am

    We used grow bags for the girls when they were babies great review and giveaway Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  81. Sarah Aslett
    November 20, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    Huge fan of Grobag – we loved them from Newborn to around 9 months old. Great comp I’ve shared on twitter #stayclassymama

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 20, 2016 / 5:29 pm

      merci for sharing x

  82. Emily
    November 20, 2016 / 3:03 pm

    I used to use these when our twins were babies. They’re great! Thanks for linking up to That Friday Linky

  83. Gemma Thompson
    November 21, 2016 / 10:19 am

    Wow, great review, I’ve always used baby sleeping bags, but never had the chance to use a gro-bag, would be amazing, well from reading your review.

    • Cecile Blaireau
      November 21, 2016 / 10:42 am

      YOu shoukd try grobags, they are amazing xx

  84. Ema J Lowe
    November 21, 2016 / 3:44 pm

    what a lovely bright grobag

  85. Samantha
    November 21, 2016 / 3:50 pm

    I would LOVE to try this for my son! Getting him to bed at night is a nightmare.

  86. November 22, 2016 / 6:38 am

    Love grow bags! My little uses his all the time. They are fab! #fortheloveofblog

  87. janine atkin
    November 22, 2016 / 8:32 pm

    i love these!

  88. Lara Latchem
    November 22, 2016 / 8:46 pm

    Love gro bag such a great product

  89. dawn foster
    November 23, 2016 / 9:30 am

    lovely prize perfect for my little night wiggler

  90. Stuart
    November 24, 2016 / 10:42 am

    These look great!

  91. Rachel Butterworth
    November 25, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    Perfect giveaway for my future niece.

  92. Richard Tyler
    November 27, 2016 / 3:42 am

    Great giveawy, count me in 🙂

  93. Diane Carey
    November 28, 2016 / 7:12 am

    I would love this for my first grandchild due next year. I love the bright colours

  94. Kat Allinson
    November 28, 2016 / 7:35 pm

    I love the bright colours, this would be perfect for my son, who is currently sleeping in his sisters – very girlie – hand me downs

    November 29, 2016 / 11:44 am

    baby no2 is due ‘hopefully’ within the next 2 weeks, this would make a lovely xmas gift for her xx

  96. jodie harvey
    November 29, 2016 / 9:03 pm

    Lovely! i would love to win for my son

  97. Tee simpson
    November 29, 2016 / 11:04 pm

    Great for this time of the year

  98. Kim Neville
    November 30, 2016 / 12:06 pm

    Wonderful design and perfect to keep baby warm

  99. Katie Skeoch
    November 30, 2016 / 12:19 pm

    Love these, fingers crossed I’m gifted one for my newborn!

  100. Allan Fullarton
    November 30, 2016 / 4:07 pm

    Love these, they are lovely.

  101. Lucie Aiston
    November 30, 2016 / 5:53 pm

    Due in May! these are adorable!! 🙂

  102. Gemma Cook
    November 30, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    I really enjoyed this review.
    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!

  103. Tammy Neal
    November 30, 2016 / 9:28 pm

    i would love this would love one for my best friend who is due 23rd december 🙂 x

  104. Lisa Wilkinson
    November 30, 2016 / 9:55 pm

    Thanks for the giveaway

  105. Lynsey Buchanan
    November 30, 2016 / 10:40 pm

    Lovely Giveaway. Thanks for the chance

  106. Lucy Carter
    November 30, 2016 / 11:22 pm

    We used grobags when our children were babies, I’d love to win one for my sisters new baby

  107. donna l jones
    November 30, 2016 / 11:31 pm

    would love this for my granddaughter

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