5 tips to have a great family picnic & OXO GIVEAWAY

Bonjour lecteurs! I hope you are enjoying the weekend and you are fully ready for 5 tips to have a great family picnic. After telling you everything you needed to know to have the best camping holiday ever, we are now telling you our tips to have a great pique-nique!

We have not had many of them with Grumpy Boyfriend but since having Baba, we have a different kind of fun! No more clubbing up to 4.00am or late festivals! We are now very civilised and go to the park and eat food! So let’s share what we learnt on the way!

And don’t forget to enter our fab GIVEAWAY with OXO to win some perfect accessories for a picnic worth £32!

Now let’s go and share our tips!

Be spontaneous!

Nothing better than a picnic on the go unplanned. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the seaside with Grumpy Boyfriend’s dad. As the weather was gorgeous, we decided while in town to stop by and have some food on the beach rather than going to a restaurant.

We stopped by the shop and even bought a mini tent for Baba to have fun while we were eating. It was quite fun!

I am usually quite organised with this sort of events, but doing a picnic out of the blue was actually quite relaxing. We didn’t have to worry about forgetting anything (which I always do). Plus it made me feel quite adventurous. Baba was very happy aussi to do something out of the ordinary.

Now if you want to be more organised, here is what you can do to have a great family picnic!

Have plenty of food and drinks for the kids

There is nothing worse than un bébé grumpy. Baba is not himself when he has not had food. So be prepared with plenty of drinks and food for your littles ones. Bring some cold food and enough sandwiches to feed all your tribe.

Don’t forget do pack up on fruit and some sweets too. Fill up your bag with snacks!

Having a snack!

We love using a snack cup with us so that Baba can help himself anytime he feels like it. This Flippy™ Snack Cup With Travel Cover we received from OXO is just fabulous with its flexible opening that gives kids easy access to goodies, yet keeps even small snacks off the floor. Le Frenchie bébé has a bad tendency to play with food as soon as he has a chance. With this, no waste nor mess on the floor!

Trying hard bit nothing is on the floor 🙂

Another fab item we always use with us as soon as we are outdoors? This Twist Top Water Bottle. Baba is a very active baby, so I need to make sure that he keeps hydrated. I either fill it with water or coconut water for something different (it’s less sweet than orange juices!).

Having some refreshing coconut water.

Indeed, we love it so much we use it all the time, even at home! The twist top helps you to avoid leaks! C’est fantastique!

Bring some fun games and toys to keep entertained

Now the family is well fed, you need to keep them entertained so that you can relax (see our last tip!). Bring toys and fun games to keep les enfants busy. Cars and trains are les préférés for Baba at the moment, but you best know what your little ones like!

Some good ideas: balloons for something different, a Frisbee if they are sporty, a puzzle if the fresh air makes them feel clever.

Or what about a good book if they want to chill out? After all, a picnic is exhausting! As long as they are quiet, you can carry on with our last tip!

No phone nor tablet bien sûr! The point of this family event is to bond and get some fresh air 🙂

Protect yourself from the sun

We know that sunny days are not common in the UK (we have been very lucky so far this month!), but when it happens, we better be ready. So make sure you pack up caps or hats, sun cream and even a sunshade if necessary!

Nothing worse than getting sunburnt! That might totally spoil such a lovely moment.

Don’t forget some wine!

You guessed I was going to mention wine, non? You know me now. I need some Merlot wherever we are going!

So the kids are happy, well fed, entertained and protected! Job done! You can now relax, put your feet up and enjoy some of your favourite beverage. Pour moi, a glass of Merlot a with a bit of fromage will do!

So what do you think about our 5 tips to have a great family picnic? Do you think we have it covered?

I think we have it all Maman… Hold on, where is my Snack Cup?

Oh non! I forgot to mention something! If your little one is like Baba a bit of a cochon, then don’t forget to pack some wipes in your fabulous on-the-go wipes dispenser with nappy pouch. (They always decide to do a massive poop at the wrong time and in the wrong place…)

We love our wipes dispenser so much we also take it for our daily walks!

Now, j’ai fini! I hope you enjoyed reading 5 tips to have a great family picnic and it made you feel like having a pique-nique ASAP!

Are you ready to do it? Then, you need the fabulous items we received from OXO to write this post!

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