The story of the mini skirt

The story of the mini skirt

Dear reader, as we are close to Noël, here is a modern fairytale called ‘The mini skirt story’ just for you! Enjoy…

Once upon a time, there was une maman who liked to call herself the Frenchie Mummy. You could have described her as a good girl. Although, she was a bit cocky, greedy, impatient and sometimes liked to open her big mouth, deep down she was not a bad girl.

One day, she was bored in her Muma castle. She had had terrible news in the morning. The kind that really got her upset. So she decided to have some fun and spice it up a bit.

She would go every day for a walk with her bébé, the dear prince Baba. Le seul et l’unique. But sometimes, those escapades could be a bit boring, to say the least.

Mais that day, she decided to change something. She was going to be bold. Instead of wearing an ugly pair of leggings and the first jumper she could find in her somptueux palace, she decided to opt for a mini skirt. Oui! Une mini jupe! And it was a very mini jupe! Frenchie Mummy was not that type of naughty girl usually. But she felt daring because she was bored and quite moody that day. Remember? She had some bad news…

So off she went. With her mini skirt. She didn’t go quite so wild though. No maxi cleavage nor high heels to match up la mini jupe. The rest of her outfit was very wise… A smart jumper, some very opaque tights and some pumps. Nothing tartytarty. The mini skirt was crazy enough for the Frenchie Muma.

Strolling along the path, she for sure got some looks. Some good (she dared doing it. Wow!) and some not impressed. But overall, she didn’t get too many disapproving looks as she was expecting in the first place. She was beaming.

The story of the mini skirt
Oh yeah, baby! Rocking it! Not that much but quite!

A fellow muma complimented her on the colour of the skirt. Another on the bus, could not resist but smile at Frenchie Mummy. ‘You go girl! You make your point here today!’ Some younger girls were puffing. But it was clear that they were envious of la maman.  She was wearing this mini skirt with confidence and she was rocking it for sure!

Once home to her messy palace (A princess doesn’t clean. She dreams instead and has many tantrums. That’s it!), she looked at herself in the mirror. The image she saw gave her a lot of pride. She liked what she was seeing. Not because she looked extremely good. Her body was kind of average since she had had le Prince Baba. The confidence she was beaming with was enough to make her happy.

She had her moment of fame. She knew she had made an impact on many people that day: either good or bad. But she didn’t care, because people were talking about her. That was all that matter. And yes, some people disapproved about the whole thing. But who cares?!

The moral of this story? Be bold and brave sometimes! Do what you feel like and don’t worry about what others think. You will always be judged for what you do and what you say! But if you feel like it, just do it!

Frenchie Mummy would love to hear any mini skirt moments you had and how others reacted. It could be anything. La mini jupe is just a metaphor of something audacious you did. Even better if you were super proud of it and didn’t worry about what others thought!

22 thoughts on “The story of the mini skirt

  1. I notice that only other women were giving you compliments, how about other guys? Any how come there’s no pic of this fabtastic mini-skirt? Don’t be shy Frenchie Mummy, share for the world!

  2. Go you! Usually the only comment I get when I wear a mini skirt is from my mum haha, and it’s usually not positive! They make me feel amazing though!

    Kelly x

  3. It’s so important to do things that make you feel good! Plus I love that other ladies were complimentary – we need more of that to go around I think 🙂

  4. I’m a pasty white overweight mom, and I like to prance about on the beach with my children I don’t get any compliments but I feel like I’m having a lot more fun than the moms who won’t go in the water without a coverup or a fur coat.

  5. I love this! I am a huge fan of the mini skirt, I still wear them after having my daughter. I hate this idea that there is age appropriate clothing, I think wear what makes you happy!
    When I nearing leaving school, a teacher said to me ‘your skirts a bit short for school.’ Then winks at me and says ‘but you have the legs for it!’ Loved it!

  6. Be bold and brave – excellent advice! Sadly, I don’t own a miniskirt, or heels, or anything terribly fashionable these days. Maybe I can perk up my day with a jaunty hat? #stayclassymama

  7. Absolutely go for it! When we feel confident in what we wear then it shows and others notice! I always compliment women who look amazing #stayclassymama

  8. Good for you! I know you looked awesome. I have started wearing make up more often, not just when I go out for an evening, it’s the little things that make us feel great.

  9. Yay go you! The only skirt I own is a short denim one. I only ever wear it in winter with thick wool tights and boots!

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday

  10. This made me smile! Well done for being brave and rocking the mini skirt! Im sure you looked fab! #KCACOLS

  11. YES. Love this. I have had mini skirt moments as well, I think the main point is that you feel confident and happy. It’s so hard being a mom and be yourself, those sleepless nights and doubts about motherhood can really get you down, put on that mini skirt and do your thang! Thanks for shDing with #StayClassyMama!

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