Playbrush Smart Sonic Review

Bonjour lecteurs! We hope you are enjoying our series of Christmas Giveaways now on the blog! Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet? Or like moi, you will be a bit last minute for some of them? If it is the case and you want to buy your little ones something useful, have a look at what we found! Our Playbrush Smart Sonic Review might indeed convince you to buy this very special toothbrush! En plus, we have a super promo code for you! Enjoy 20% off your order with Playbrush now! Simply enter the code FRENCHIE20 at the checkout and you are in for some fun! Let me explain!

About Playbrush

If your children love interactive games or new technologies en général, no doubt they will fall in love with Playbrush!  Exit the tantrums when it is time to brush their teeth. Or any excuse they might make up to avoid it!

Playbrush, what is it? Well, le concept est simple.

Playbrush is a cool device you attach to any manual toothbrush. We tried it and it was such a game changer for us in the Summer. If you want to know more, have a look at our Playbrush Review. As we already explained, this little attachment connects via Bluetooth to smartphones & tablets, so that your children can play fun games with their own brushing movements.

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
We discovered Playbrush in the Summer

The app is super interactive and so clever! Not only it is fun, but it only makes sure that they brush their teeth for more than 2 minutes twice a day! And they also clean their teeth all around their mouth!

Playbrush Smart Sonic – the First Few Days

As Playbrush was such a succés with Baba, we were very excited when the brand asked us to review it new Playbrush Smart Sonic. This is pretty much the same. With the app on my phone (or any device you want to use), Baba can play games while brushing his teeth.

I must say that even before I downloaded the app on my new phone (exit my old one!), Baba was well excited about his new electric toothbrush.

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
As soon as we received our new Playbrush Smart Sonic, Baba was on it!

If you have a toddler like us, this is so good! The super colourful Playbrush Smart Sonic is really exciting for them! Baba even tried it without the app and he already loved it! I think the vibrations were such a wonder for him! For kids between 3 and 12 years, it is such a cool item!

It also made him look so grown up to have his very own electric toothbrush!

Easy to charge with the plug included in the pack, we tested it the same evening we received it!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
It is now part of our bathroom routine

Another thing proving that le Frenchie bébé was well excited about his new Playbrush Smart Sonic? He literally tore apart the box to unpack it! If you do not call that an eager toddler

Fancy a  Playbrush subscription?

Each Playbrush comes up with 4 free games when you purchase it. It also includes some brushing stats, a reward system and a leaderboard to get them motivated! Plus it gives an element of competition to it!

We really enjoyed playing with Utoothia again as Baba is still happy to pretend he is my own very Frenchie knight 🙂 I might add up that he stole my heart a long time ago!

But we wanted to try something new. I got a subscription so that we can try more games and keep the fun going on! As Baba likes to think that he is also an artist, our next one was Utoothia Paint.

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
We even purchased more games!

This time, no villains to kill like in Utoothia. The game is made so that you have to paint diverse things with the movement of your brush! It is so sweet!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
And Baba got painting too! C’est magique!

While each Playbrush comes up with a free game so you do not have an extra cost, have a look at les possibilités with other games on the app!

Discover the Playbrush XMAS edition Now!

And if you are off to buy a Playbrush to your child for Christmas, why not get one of the Xmas Editions now available on the website?

For only £59.99, you can get 1 Playbrush Smart Sonic like Baba but also some fab goodies!

  • Access to all games, cleaning statistics, the brushing coach via the Playbrush app as well as a dental accident insurance and brush head deliveries by subscription.
  • a Free gift is also included: a brushing calendar + 2 stamps with XMAS motives
Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
That is what I like seeing 🙂

It is such a cool package and it will motivate them further to get brushing! Pas de doute!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review – Le Verdict

If you are looking for an original Christmas present that will also be useful to your little ones, Playbrush is la solution! It is more than a game and it will help you establish good routines with their dental hygiene!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
Hold on Papa! I need to get more toothpaste to carry on!

We already very much liked our Playbrush when we reviewed it last Summer. But I must say that we love even more our Playbrush Smart Sonic.

This is indeed not your average toothbrush for a toddler. As it is electric, it is super cool and makes them feel grown up and also gives them a feeling of responsabilité while they have so much fun!

You can see on our pictures how proud Baba is when he brushes his teeth! As we were playing Utoothia Paint, the Frenchie baby was really into it! ‘It’s magical!‘ my cute little one said. Another day, he could not help shouting ‘Yeah! I made it!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
Check me out!

The excitement while brushing his teeth with his Playbrush Smart Sonic is clear!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review – What We Love

As a parent, I recommend Playbrush if your little one is a bit reluctant to brush their teeth. It brings so much fun and a bit of competition too!

Each game is super colourful and made so that they brush their teeth for longer!

Even better, Baba has been asking to do it! No more fuss in the bathroom and it is so easy to charge!

I love the look on his face. You can see that he is very pleased with himself and the whole moment becomes magical (he said so!).

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
Having so much fun! Enplus, he is earning some brownie points with Maman too! Cheek smile!

The installation of the app is mega simple and the battery is here to last too! We have not charged it in the last two weeks!

It is so engaging and once you sign up, you also receive a weekly Brushing Report. It lets you know how often they brushed their teeth and the average time. It is so good for children to take some ownership of their hygiene too!

When you go for a subscription, you will also get detailed feedback. It actually indicates what part of the mouth they need to concentrate on! When I tried the app for myself, I was actually surprised to discover that I need to brush more my teeth on the left from the inside.

I wonder if such a cool device could be created to help with potty training! Baba is not very keen on this one yet 🙂 But we are tying (LOL!).

Enjoy a Special Discount?

Convinced that your children need a Playbrush too? Fancy a cool toothbrush that will stop all the tantrums in the bathroom? Or you already have one but fancy a subscription and more games?

With our special Frenchie code FRENCHIE20, enjoy 20% off your order now! And your little ones will make you smile for sure!

Playbrush Smart Sonic Review, Playbrush, Electric Toothbrush, Christmas Present, Brushing Teeth. Toothbrush Review, The Frenchie Mummy
Join in the fun now!

Thank you for reading our Playbrush Smart Sonic Review today! We are having so much fun to test the coolest products for toddlers in town!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Playbrush. 



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