Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition

Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition

Quoi? Another Frenchie giveaway? Yes, you are not dreaming my chers lecteurs. Ready to discover our Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition? Let’s do it!

A Mummy Blogger who wants the best for her baby 

You may already know it by now: Baba loves eating a lot! Being a mummy blogger, we attend many fabulous events and it’s not always easy to find the right solution to make sure that he has healthy food while we are away. I always try to cook fresh food but eating on the go is not always facile… Luckily, we discovered a fabulous product to help us on the mission!  Nom Nom Kids has the solution for any maman who wants to introduce good habits to their enfants!

What is Nom Nom Kids?

C’est simple! They are fun reusable food pouches for babies and kids on the go. You fill them in with your own homemade food or healthy snacks of your choice (so good for a control-freak like me!).

Your kids eat without any mess and the pouches are both easy to use and wash. Using the double zip lock side, you can be sure that your food stays fresh and our little ones won’t make a mess.

Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition
We were very excited to receive the pouches!

Why do we love Nom Nom Kids?

  • The pouches are the perfect portion
  • You can label and date the content (Baba will look so cool with that when he starts going to the nursery!)
  • You feed your kids exactly what you want
  • No mess when Baba eats
  • You can wash them in the dishwasher
  • They are reusable (so we are eco-friendly mummies!)
  • It’s freezer safe (just in case one day, you don’t feel like being a chef in the kitchen!)

A happy maman

I have been using the pouches for about a week so far and I am so happy with them! I have cooked a batch of purées yesterday and I know that I am done for a couple of days! Next? I just need to warm it up if we are home. And if we are out,  I don’t need to pack up a plate! And if I am in a restaurant, all I need to do is ask to reheat it!

We also tested the snack bags and they are awesome! I think I will actually use them myself when I get back to work. Whatever I put inside stays fresh all day! Not more cucumber or carrots batons a bit dry! I reckon my colleagues will also be jealous of the fun designs on it!

Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition
Let’s get going with Frenchie healthy food!

Better get going now! Off to cook some pear and grapes compote for le petit monstre as we are going shopping tomorrow! Maman needs to have some pouches ready!

Oh, and before I go! Don’t forget to check out our future pictures featuring the Nom Nom products over the next weeks on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) as we are a proud Nom Nom Kids Brand Rep too!

Now, time to win a Nom Nom Kids Hamper!!!!

To enter the competition:

LIKE The Frenchie Mummy Blog on Facebook

LIKE Nom Nom Kids on Facebook

And COMMENT below and tell me why you would like to win this fabulous Nom Nom Kids Prize!

This competition will also be hosted on Facebook and Twitter but is not endorsed by those. There is no cash alternative. The competition closes on the 11th of December at 12pm and the winner will be notified by email. This competition is only open to UK residents. Bonne chance!

Disclosure: we were sent those Nom Nom Kids products as our Brand Rep role. All opinions are my own. The hamper to win includes the following:

1 x 4pk 140ml Animal pouches

1 x 4pk 200ml Monster pouches

1 x 4pk Monster snack bags

105 thoughts on “Nom Nom Kids Review & Competition

  1. Love how simple they are to use, good value for Mums when you can measure the food eaten each meal with no waste. Super healthy for little ones!

  2. Ive liked both Facebook pages – I would like to win this giveaway because I’m currently 6 months pregnant. I have two older children, yet due to it being 5 years since i had my little boy i haven’t kept any toys. This bundle would be great for my baby 🙂

  3. Would love to use these for my son lunch boxes & when my baby due 30th, I plan to make all there food from scratch as I did with my son so these would be very handy ?

  4. These pouches sound like a really smart idea, especially when you have a very fussy eater like my 3 year old who plain refuses to eat anything outside the home. If I can convince him it’s fine by getting him used to eating food he’s already familiar with outside the home – by taking these pouches with us it would be a great help.

  5. id love to win because it is going to help be organised and control portion size to promote healthy living too.

  6. Our little boy is almost 6 months old and has just started enjoying ‘real’ food, we had something very similar for our youngest daughter and they were such a life saver. It takes the worry of mealtime away when you have a stash in the freezer, especially when you have 5 other children to sort out

  7. I’d love this giveaway cos i love the nom nom products. I already have the reusable pouches and my daughter and I love them ❤️

  8. I’ve heard about these pouches. We are doing BLW so don’t feed puree, but I have thought about buying some for yoghurts. Shame I’m not in the UK so can’t enter your giveaway! #GlobalBlogging

  9. My Daughter has a 3 month old son Freddie who is very soon to be weening She would love to try him on these delicious foods

  10. Perfect for my neice
    Lots of different flavours for little ones to enjoy and animal themes for creative learning to
    A treat every day

  11. this prize would be perfect for my nephew, he is just starting to wean at the moment so is just trying out lots of new foods 🙂

  12. I have never seen this brand in the states, but it looks pretty awesome! I will have to keep my eyes out for it! #GlobalBlogging

  13. Ooh have heard of these – they sound like a great idea. Miss Pudding is too much of a real foodie, she likes to chomp her way through stuff, but wish we had used them when she was smaller! #eatsleepblogrt

  14. My youngest is just starting to have baby rice and fruit purees, there’s a big gap between her and her older siblings so she gets carted round to lots of after school activities etc so these would be really handy to keep her going on the move!

  15. Lovely prize and great to keep food fresh for my son’s lunch in these snack bags and also like you say i might even use one for my packed lunch too!

  16. My daughter in law loves eco friendly products and my grand daughter has gluten and dairy allergies so packed lunches are high on the agenda. These look ideal

  17. My God-daughter is just starting to try foods now and these would be absolutely perfect. She has developed a love of fish and bananas (not at the same time!)

  18. I like both facebook pages. I love the fact that you can prepare your own food and be able to keep it fresh and ready for when you need them in super stylish packaging too!

  19. My daughter is 8 ‘months old this would be great as we can prepare and store what we eat as she always eats what we eat but on a daily basis

  20. Such a great idea for storing and transporting food. Our youngest Daughter is 6 months and we’ve just started weaning. These look like they would make things much easier.

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