New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap, Happy Meal, New Menu, Healthier Choice, The Frenchie Mummy

The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap

Bonjour lecteurs! Are you a McDonald’s fan? If so, you must have come across le fameux Happy Meal! Well, the brand just launched a new addition to its kids’ menu and we tell you what it is all about! The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap has been introduced after a long development.

McDonald’s Happy Meal

The McDonald’s Happy Meal is part of so many children’s memories! I remember myself the excitement to go there on Fridays with my friends. Back then, It was burger, nuggets or fish. But more importantly, every week would give my brother and I the chance to get a new toy for our collection!

Do you remember when we had the Barbie dolls series? I loved collecting them! Oui, that is how old I am!

McDonald’s Developed The Happy Meal Menu

As a brand, McDonald’s is always eager to be on top of the game. Plus, it also knows that mamans want their children to have some healthy food when they visit their restaurant.

The brand has been working over the last year with Mumsnet to develop their fameux kids’ menu. After a survey where over 1000 mums gave their opinion, it appeared that 78% of the participants wanted to see the grilled chicken wrap on the menu.

New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap, Happy Meal, New Menu, Healthier Choice, The Frenchie Mummy
The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap is a success… like the toy!

And the dream is now réalité! We have actually taken part in a focus group with Mumsnet. After having listened to our feedback, McDonald’s has now introduced the Chicken Wrap for our little ones. Hurrah!

The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap

As a mum, I am very happy with that decision. It loves l’idée to have a wider choice. Plus, to make it even healthier, McDonald’s has also made the salad options in the wrap fully customisable. You can add cucumber, onion and pickle free of charge! Because some extra green is always good for them! 

Plus it gives a great opportunité for Baba to be creative and have fun! Ok, I admit… I am a bit bossy so I might have done this selection for him!

New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap, Happy Meal, New Menu, Healthier Choice, The Frenchie Mummy
Frenchie Mummy also tried the Chicken Wrap adult version

The brand has also done a lot to improve the nutritional content of the typical Happy Meal. It contains now 21% less salt, 20% less sugar and 10% less saturated fat content compared with 2006. C’est une bonne idée!

The Kiosk via the App

We also tried to order our food via the Kiosk when we visited the restaurant.

I must say that I loved how facile it was to order! 3 clicks and we were done! Plus the food arrived very promptly so if you are really hungry, you do not have to wait too much! Hurrah!

And another good thing about it? It gives parent more control over their children’s order!

For example, you can choose organic milk or water with their meal so you get them what you think is best.

And if like moi, you want to be careful with what you eat, you can choose your option from a range of meal options under 400 or 600 calories. I tried a Chicken Wrap too. 


The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap is available now in your local restaurant. Let me know what you think of it! What is your fave meal when you go to McDonald’s?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with McDonald’s.

49 thoughts on “The New McDonald’s Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap

  1. When I was a kid I loved the happy meal, and till today I could have the happy meal 😉 the new chicken wrap sounds yummy.

  2. I love the happy meal, with all the toys and great food, and the way McDonald’s menus are dynamic. The staff is also very professional. Thank you for the great review, can’t wait for us to try out the wrap.

  3. Oh I haven’t been to Mcdonalds in forever. I like that they are making it easier to make healthy choices but I don’t think I will ever use it. That chicken wrap looks delicious, I am almost tempted to try it….. But I am a burger and chips gal all the way 😉

  4. Before I was a vegetarian I was a committed McNugget girl! I don’t remember ever having a Happy Meal as a child but I have certainly made up for that with my own children who usually pick it for their birthday or end of term treat.

  5. I think the wraps are great. My boys often have wraps at home – we do a DIY wrap plate so they can create their own wraps. Will definitely try these next time we go to McDonalds

  6. I think it’s good to have the healthier options at MacDonald’s the organic options especially and the chicken wrap looks delicious our little man will like it he loves chicken so must try it

  7. My teen-age Grand-daughter and her friends like us to call into MacDonald’s on the way home from Choir Practice or a shopping trip. I’ll have to try this Happy Meal Grilled Chicken Wrap for myself on the next visit.

  8. Not tried these wraps but they certainly sound healthier than the “deep-fried anything” which used to be the Happy Meal selection. That said, as a very occasional treat we have been known to visit after a little pester power!

  9. I am a fan of wraps and a fan of McDonalds. I especially appreciate their provision of healthier options.

  10. I love that Macdonalds have taken this direction with their menu. So many good choices can be made for little ones and it’s still a great treat for all the family.

  11. I love that Mcdonalds are introducing more healthier options to their kids meals. My gang will love the grilled chicken

  12. They have some really yummy and quite healthy things in McDonald’s now and this wrap looks really good! My son would probably love it but my daughter always has nuggets !

  13. I love that they are offering healthier options now in McDonalds, love that you can choose an fruit bag to go with the meal too!

  14. we dont got to macdonalds very often but when we do my little legs loves the crispy wrap but at home much prefers grilled chicken so next time we go ill be sure to try this instead

  15. its good that the fast food chains are now starting to give a healthier option, although my kids tend to go there for a treat so would probably still choose a burger, I always tend to opt for the wrap when I visit myself, its hard not to when the wrap of the day offers are so good

  16. I’m really pleased to see a chicken wrap on the kids menu, this is something my girls would definitely eat

  17. Now there are more healthy options I feel comfortable bringing my young child to MacDonald’s as it’s our closest takeaway.

  18. MacDonald’s have tried to become more healthy with their options which is good and this one sounds fine to me.

  19. Sounds nice we don’t go that much probably a few times a year but I’m not sure whether I could sway my daughter Sheriah to give up her nuggets ?

  20. my children never did like McDonolads and my grandchildren are the same but the chicken wrap does sound like something they would eat

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