Living Arrows 6/53 - Baba Loves His New House

Living Arrows 6/53 – Baba Loves His New House

Bonjour lecteurs! Aujourd’hui in Living Arrows 6/53 – Baba Loves His New House we share with you his first ever photo in our new house!And what a better way than doing so with some Nutella? People keep telling me that Baba’s pictures are too cute on our Instagram, especially the ones involving food so let’s give our fans what they want, what they really really want! Did you hear the big news about the Spice Girls?! So excited!!! Pardon, I am losing the plot! Back to our weekly pic!

Living Arrows 6/53 – Baba Loves His New House

Hurrah! We made it without too many problèmes! This week was the big move to the country for us. If you follow us on Instagram and watch our stories, you would have seen that I took Baba to London on Thursday. As it was officially our last week in la capitale, the Frenchie bébé and I went to Covent Garden for some (well deserved!) shopping session!

Saturday was the big day and despite the rain, we made it to our home and we are now settling nicely into our new area!

La bonne nouvelle? Frenchie Mummy discovered today that there was a direct bus to the local outlet shopping (and it’s only taking 10 minutes so I will not have to borrow Grumpy Boyfriend’s car!). Who is a happy baby now? Baba bien sûr!

Living Arrows 6/53 - Baba Loves His New House, Nutella
Nutella all over the face and the table! But it’s ok, it’s his drawing one so he can be mucky!

To celebrate, he had his first tartine au Nutella this afternoon. Nothing better than the famous spread to make up for a rainy and windy first day in our new house!

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Read more about our adventures in the country in 2018! Next one will be to find the Perfect Day Nursery so that Baba can make some new friends (and Frenchie Mummy can keep blogging in peace!)


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  1. Ah boy after my own heart with a face smeared with nutella! Hope the move went well and Baba is adjusting well. #LivingArrows

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