Living Arrows 4/52

I can’t believe I am already publishing Living Arrow 4/52! I am so happy I decided to take on this photography project even if I am far from being a pro at taking pics!

Anyway, I hope you had a good week. Ours was just pretty standard. Still no heating in the house and Baba got a cold. He was quite unwell on Thursday, but this time, it’s Grumpy Boyfriend who stayed at home while Maman went to work.

The good news is that Baba’s birthday is soon to be! On Tuesday, he will be 1! As le petit ange is already spoilt rotten I agreed with Grumpy Boyfriend not to get him any present but put some money in the bank for later on. But it didn’t happen quite like this! My partner could not resist buying him his own little chair! Baba’s bouncer is way too small. So it sounded like a great idea.

I have my own chair!

 Le bébé was well happy with it. He was feeling like an adult! His own little leather chair to watch cartoons!


The temptation is too strong, I can’t stay still!


Hold on! It lasted 2 minutes and 20 seconds and then the Baba decided it was enough! He saw his dad’s mouse on the desk and that was way too appealing!

Checking furtivement what Maman was up to. She was busy taking pics so (obviously!), le petit monstre decided to make a move ASAP!

I don’t know what is the funniest here. The fact that Grumpy Boyfriend thought that Baba would stay still in the chair long enough to watch some TV on his own or the look that Baba gave me before running away! ?

I just love the last picture! It says it all! He is the cheekiest ever! My friend already told me the other day that we are up for trouble later on at school with him. I kind of knew it but didn’t want to admit it… Oh well! He is Grumpy Boyfriend’s son, what do you expect!? LOL.

 Merci for reading our very personal LIVING ARROWS 4/52. I hope you will have a smile reading about this short moment of our life!

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