Living Arrows 44/52

Living Arrows 44/52 – Looking cool on his tricycle!

Bonjour lecteurs! Enjoying the last day of half-term? Today we went to the park and Baba was able to show off his skills at riding his tricycle! Well almost! As you are about to see in Living Arrows 44/52, Baba was looking super cool on his tricycle, once again!

Living Arrows 44/52 – The perfect Day to go to the park

When the day is dry, there is nothing better than going to the park. The leaves are all over the place at the minute, so we made the most of it yesterday and today.

Baba loves playing with the leaves. He runs around our local park and he is for sure having a blast every time!

Living Arrows 44/52 – Looking cool on his tricycle!

Today was a bit different. We went to the park again. Mais this time, Frenchie Mummy did the hard work. She pushed le Baba around in his tricycle and he loved it!

Yeah, le bébé can sometimes be a bit lazy!

Living Arrows 44/52 , toddler on tricycle, Feber
Having the life of a prince…

He was enjoying it, but at some point, I decided it was time for him to do some exercise. It seemed like he was not agreeing with moi

And as soon as I put him back on the tricycle, he was begging to go on the grass and run around like crazy!

Living Arrows 44/52 , toddler on tricycle, Feber
‘I changed my mind, put me back in!’ And with a snotty nose… The total look for the perfect tantrum in public!

The terrible twos you call it? I say ‘give me more wine!’

Hope you are making the most of the last day off! For now, we are going to watch a movie and snuggle on the sofa! Hold on, Baba is currently at Grumpy Boyfriend’s mum! So that means it is just the two of us! Let’s get the wine out!!!! We are in for a date night but a bit early!

Merci for reading Living Arrows 44/52 and good luck with the return to school tomorrow! If it makes you super sad, why not cheer up with one of our giveaways?



26 thoughts on “Living Arrows 44/52 – Looking cool on his tricycle!

  1. He’s awfully cute , despite the wobbler? there is nothing better than the fresh air ,leaves and a trike ! Love the little jump suit. PS the terrible twos ain’t nothing on the threes or the fours ?? but ,and it’s a big but they do grow out of it ,for the most part !!!

  2. He’s loving the trike! We had one of those for my little boy. I forgot how much they enjoy them! He’s a cutie!

  3. Those little trikes you can push are so good, but oh dear he did look quite cross with you for getting him out of his trike! At least we’ve all been there so we all understand/sympathise/send you virtual wine!

  4. I had forgotten all about the terrible twos! Hope you had a good date night, I am loving the all in one baba is wearing .

  5. I have got a trike for my Mollie for Christmas, she will be 9 & a half months old so I’ve got the 9 months – 4 years little tikes, your baba doesn’t look happy to be getting off his, I would love to be able to tell you the terrible twos get better but they don’t, my son is 13 now and only outgrew it 2-3 years ago haha, my girls are 5 and 9 months, my 5 year old has the attitude of a 15 year old, I’m dreading when she is 15 xxx

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