Living Arrows 11/53

Living Arrows 11/53 – Baba is reading

Bonjour lecteurs! On time for our picture of the week. En effet, I am well organisée today as we are about to start a huge series of Mother’s Day Giveaways tonight! Next week, every single day will give you the chance to win some fabulous prizes! We teamed up with some super cool brands and we have over £500 worth of goods to give you! So don’t forget to come back tonight after 5 pm! But for now, it’s Living Arrows 11/53 – Baba is reading! Yeah, le Frenchie bébé is quite an intellectual!

Living Arrows 11/53 – Baba is reading

If you follow us on Instagram (nearly 10K so if you are not yet, give us a follow now! Merci!), you will see that the lovely Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet sent us their new picture book called ‘Cake’.

Baba was quick to put his hands on it to check it out.

Living Arrows 11/53, Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet, picture book, Macmillan Children's books
Quick! Let’s have a drink and I am off to read this!

We won’t tell you the story. Just be aware that it is super sweet and we love it. What is it not to love when it’s about cake!?

Usually, I prefer eating them but reading about them is cool too!

And I love seeing my Baba so studious!

Living Arrows 11/53, Sue Hendra, Paul Linnet, picture book, Macmillan Children's books
So into it!

What is your kids’ fave book ever?

That’s it, folks! I am now off to enjoy my very own Mother’s Day. Grumpy Boyfriend is off to cook me some lovely Sunday lunch. Really looking forward to it as well as going for a walk with Baba in the country later on.

Merci for reading our Living Arrows 11/53 and see you tonight at around 5 pm for a frenzy of giveaways coming up!

47 thoughts on “Living Arrows 11/53 – Baba is reading

  1. Reading about cake is less calorific of course but a treat now and then does no harm. Reading however nourishes the brain for life.

  2. lovely pics,my grandson alfie loves going to our local library with me and then snuggling in my big comfy chair with me whilst i read to him

  3. This brings me many happy memories, of reading to my children. We read hundreds of books and I have to say, reading time was my favourite too.

  4. Mr Greedy is popular with my little boy. I’m not too sure I like it as he points to my non-pregnant tum when we read it!

  5. I am so looking forward to reading to my neice as she grows – I still have my old copy of ‘The Adventures of Milly Molly Mandy’

  6. We are loving Julia Donaldson books at the moment – great stories and so many fabulous characters – The Gruffalo, The Smartest Giant in Town and Room on the Broom are firm favourites

  7. We have lots of Sue Hendra books and we absolutely love them. Baba looks like he’s enjoying the latest book, I bet he fancied a cake or two afterwards x #LivingArrows

  8. Cake looks like a book my little boy would love! He likes all sorts of books! His current favourite is ‘I love mummy pig’ which is my favourite too (obviously)!

  9. I hope my daughter is as much of an avid reader as I was as a child. Can not wait to read her the classics especially Beatrix Potter!!

  10. There is nothing more lovely than reading with children! My little ones asked for The Gingerbread Man over and over. They squealed when the fox went SNAP! and ate up the gingerbread man!

  11. My little boy loves Oi Frog and the Gruffalo and has memorised them so they’re great for teaching them the first stages of reading.

  12. I love story time with my girls and I love that we are fostering in them a love of books. Their favourite story at the moment is Peace at Last!

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