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Getting Rid of Fat with Silk’n Lipo

Bonjour lecteurs? Feeling like you could look better but you are too busy to exercise or there are some days when you can’t be bothered? Have you heard of  Silk’n Lipo? This is parfait for busy mamans like moi who are looking after les enfants and don’t really fancy going for a jog. Getting Rid of Fat with ‘Silk’n Lipo has now become easier. so convenient indeed you can do it from home without thinking about it!

‘Silk’n Lipo – How does it work?

The Silk’n Lipo is the first device with LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) and EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) technologies that you can use at home. This fat reduction device use proven technologies that were only available in skin clinics in the past.

But now you can do it that from the comfort of your home at less cost than some regular sessions in beauty clinics. I don’t  know about you but getting a special treatment à la maison makes me feel like a princess!

Silk’n Lipo, Fat loss, How to lose belly fat
When the magic box arrives in your home, you will have a smile on your face!

Plus the other good thing about it I really like? No need to exercise. Fini the diet! Relax and enjoy your daily dose of exercise while doing what you like! It can involve running after your children, cooking your wonderful husband his favourite dish, reading a good book in your nice and warm house. After all, who wants to go out in the super bad weather we had recently? Pas moi!

Or even better, simply put on this magic belt on while you get on with some blogging! Et voilà!

Silk’n Lipo – Use it for any part of the body

Personnellement, I want to tackle my tummy. Since Baba’s birth, it is not my best asset anymore. But the beauty of the Silk’n Lipo is that you can use it on any part of your body. Do you hate seeing your arms in pictures, then use the Silk’n Lipo there!

Silk’n Lipo, Fat loss, How to lose belly fat
The whole kit is pretty simple to use!

The low-level laser therapy added to some electronic muscle stimulation will do the rest!

Silk’n Lipo  is so easy to use

And this is so facile to set up within minutes! Charged, connect the different parts, turn the treatment units on and you are ready to go! You can increase the level of your needs and only 15 minutes a day are necessary to see the improvement.

Plus it is cordless so you can literally do whatever you want or simply follow your normal day!

Silk’n Lipo, Fat loss, How to lose belly fat
These will transform moi into a new woman!

If you are fighting unwanted fat that you cannot get rid of through exercise or dieting (or if you don’t want to do either of those! We totally get it! I also prefer having a new cupcake than exercising more…), c’est la solution!

Silk’n Lipo, Fat loss, How to lose belly fat
Easy to use while I spend some time with Baba!

Getting Rid of Fat with ‘Silk’n Lipo is becoming so easy and way less painful than procedures such as liposuction.

Silk’n Lipo, Fat loss, How to lose belly fat
Even Grumpy Boyfriend can use it to get a dream body!

Retailed at £449, it might seem like a bit of an investment but it is hassle-free and can help you to find your confidence again! Have a look here if you are interested and want a new you!

Thanks for reading this post and your support as always! See you soon on the blog with more adventures (involving Baba this time) and more giveaways to win some fabulous prizes!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post with ‘Silk’n Lipo. 


52 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Fat with Silk’n Lipo

  1. It’s nice that these days there are treatments like this that you can use in the comfort of your own home. It definitely sounds interesting, I’d use it on me bingo wings!

  2. Oh this does look interesting! I am always a little sceptical of things like this but it’s great to hear a positive review! I’d be interested to try it!

  3. This looks amazing. I’d love to give it a go… mind you it’s my whole body that’s the problem with me. Haha!

  4. Sounds like a great device for us busy mums. While I know I should exercise more I find it very difficult to fit it in. This could be the answer!

  5. Maybe in a few years as I’ve heard getting older screws with one’s metabolism, so I may need it more then.

  6. It’s funny seeing this as my partner has just bought himself a stomach trainer thing which is kind of the same thing he just wants to eat his chips everyday and get away with it lol ?

  7. It is marginally pricy, although i do like the sound of it and would most definitly be interested enough to try it out 🙂 x x

  8. This sounds like the perfect device for busy mums (as long as it works) and is something I would love to try for myself.

  9. I’m so into the bingo wings and spare tire and l really do want to get rid so l would l was really interested to read this! Thank you for such a detailed review.

  10. I’ve never heard of this product before – I’ve recently lost a lot of weight so my tummy could definitely do with tightening up 😀

  11. This is the great thing about blogs, you see items and your not sure then you can read a blog review and it gives so much information 🙂 .

  12. You can tone muscle in a minute way with these – but at the end of the day – health is more than an aesthetic – and its simple maths – less input – more burnt / output

    Still hella skeptical – would love to see photos from 6/12 months in and see a difference – wishing you the best on that – but if, like me you can’t will yourself to attend a gym regular – you’re as likely to forget to get these out and use them

  13. I’d never heard of this before – it looks very simple to use. I think I’d have to work up my courage to try it though.

  14. An interesting review. Thank you. £449 does seem like a big outlay but it looks to be incredibly convenient and effective so a good investment as salon treatments are so expensive.

  15. YES YES YES I’m loving the thought of lipo at home, for the retail price of £449 this is a fantastic investment. This would be a gadget that would never ever make it to the back of the cupboard. Also the amount of time you would save going somewhere to have this done is also an investment.

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