Big Summer Giveaway, Competition, Over £720 worth of goodies, win, the Frenchie Mummy Blog

The Big Summer Giveaway – Win over £720 Worth of Goodies!

Bonjour lecteurs! Hurrah for the Summer! The sun is out and some cool vibes are in the air! I was walking in our neighbourhood with Baba yesterday and we could hear all les familles having fun. Parties in the garden with a BBQ and the football… Happiness was in the air! I don’t know about you but when it’s a sunny day like that, I am such in a good mood! We had friends coming over and it was so nice to spend some time in the garden and relax. Let’s celebrate with a fab post. To say a big merci for all your support over the last two years that we have been sharing our adventures, we decided to spoil you with un post un peu spécial! Indeed, in our Big Summer Giveaway, one person will win all the items listed below. Oui! Oui! You are not dreaming! I said ALL. One winner will win EVERY SINGLE ITEM listed above! That’s 17 items in total and this bundle of joy is worth over £720!!!!

Ready to play and win 17 fab prizes, just for you? Don’t forget to check out Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for extra entries! Once the giveaway is over, I will select one lucky winner out of one of the 4 platforms (blog or social channels listed above)!

The Big Summer Giveaway – Win over £720 Worth of Goodies!

  1. Neon Pink Pom Pom Head Band worth £12 with Pom Pom Galore
  2. Alphabet Bunting worth £37.50 with Anna Wright
  3. Baba Skincare Gift Set worth £23 with Harry & Rose 
  4. Family Challenge worth £9.95 with From Lucy
  5. LOVE After Dark Bath Oil worth £38 with Kiss the Moon
  6. Nantucket Shirt worth £75 with Indigo Island 
  7. Junior Holiday Package worth £52.50 with Simply Swim
  8. Scooter Bagz worth £14.99 with Scooterearz 
  9. Nesting Babies worth £20 with Rosa & Bo
  10. Matching Pair of Trunks worth £105 with Big Cat Clothing 
  11. Turkish Rug /Towel worth £42.50 with Morgan Wright 
  12.  Year of Cards (not My Year…) worth £34.99 with Ellie Good Illustrations 
  13. Woodland Fox Print Wigwam worth £69 with Ella James 
  14. Little Miss Holiday Candle worth £32 with Little Miss London 
  15. MAC Grande Black & Silver Watch worth £109 with Adexe
  16. Stow Away Travel Set & Essential Wipes worth £35 with Men’s Society 
  17. Ravensburger Memory Game worth £12.99 with Ravensburger

There is something for all the family here!

Big Summer Giveaway, Competition, Over £720 worth of goodies, win, the Frenchie Mummy Blog
Do you want all those items? Baba loves them!!

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The Big Summer Giveaway

Fancy all those amazing items worth over £720?

Big Summer Giveaway, Competition, Over £720 worth of goodies, win, the Frenchie Mummy Blog

Enter now via Gleam and remember we also have extra entries on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

The Big Summer Giveaway – Win over £720 Worth of Goodies!

We will select 1 winner out of all the entries and only 1 person will win the 17 items listed above!!!!!

Competition Terms & Conditions:

This giveaway starts on Monday 25th June and ends at midnight on the 25th of July.

Entry into this competition confirms your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and your agreement to be bound by the decisions of the blog.

We will notify the winner via email or Twitter.
No cash alternative available.
The competition is open to UK residents!
We will select 1 winner at random.
The winner must respond within 5 days of receiving the email to claim their prize.
Provision of the prize is the responsibility of all the brands listed above. Frenchie Mummy can’t be held responsible.

We will treat your data with confidence and will not disclose it to third parties.

Bonne chance!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with all the brands listed.

207 thoughts on “The Big Summer Giveaway – Win over £720 Worth of Goodies!

  1. I love family time in the garden with my husband and children. Love family bbq’s and being able to chill while the kids have a splash in a paddling pool

  2. I love spending Summer evenings by the sea. Summer means enjoying glorious, sunny Devon and this year we have our baby girl to enjoy the beautiful outdoors with.

  3. Amazing prize!!!!!!!! Loving the summer nights, extra playtime with the kids, long evening walks, getting lost in the forrest, late BBQ’s, long days on the beach and watching the sunset! We love the summer 🙂 Love the blog!

  4. after a long hard working day quality time with my daughter enjoying time in the park filled with sunhshine

  5. I love the faces of the little children, sun tanned and laughing with happiness at the long summer days now those winter days have gone….

  6. Being able to to enjoy going to the seaside , my garden I fill it with flowers and playing outside with my little grandson

  7. ASide from the gorgeous weather that Summer brings – I love the feeling of freedom to go out without lugging coats and hats around and sitting in the sun

  8. the fun in the sun on days out or in the garden with my fiance and daughter, just makes you feel happy and alive, such an amazing prize thank you

  9. What I love most about the summer is being able to enjoy my garden. Growing lovely fresh food, flowers and just sitting in the garden with a good book feeling the sun on
    My face and listening to the birds singing .

  10. My favourite thing about summer is the sun! I have pretty severe psoriasis & the ONLY thing that helps is the sun.

  11. I love the longer evenings, being able to go on long dog walks with my family, being more sociable by going out more and eating dinner outside! Also, as a teacher I have the Summer off work #perfect! ?

  12. Love being able to sit outside in the evening after work and have your meal and a few glasses of wine.

  13. The lighter evenings.
    Winter and dark nights really affect my mood – so I feel everything lifting a little when summer is on its way.

  14. Summer is a wonderful season – I love the longer days and spending time with the children and dog just messing about on and in the river!

  15. What I like most about the summer is the different days out and activities you can do. I also like the fact that people are generally happier!

  16. Lots of beautiful colourful flowers, seasonal fruit – nectarines and flat peaches are my favourite, picnics in the park and our yearly barbecue for my sister-in-law’s birthday

  17. This is my second comment because, for once, we are really having a summer here in Cornwall and it is fantastic to see so many families enjoying the beaches and festivities!

  18. A few things i like most about the summer has to be this fantastic weather we are having at the minute, having bbqs with my family and going to the beach too

  19. I love spending time out in nature especially with my family. It encourages all to get out in the sunshine and appreciate our beautiful surroundings!

  20. Summer is the perfect time to take the grandchildren on a picnic either at the park, the beach or exploring in the woods

  21. I love the fact I get to book some time off work to spend time with my wonderful children. Lots of day trips and weekends away planned!

  22. I love booking some time off work to spend with my wonderful children. Lots of days out and weekends away planned!

  23. People just seem so much more relaxed….and if the sun is shining then all the better. It’s nice to chill at home or with friends at barbecues or picnics. Great fun for families and singles alike.

  24. Love having all the doors and windows wide open, colourful patio cushions making the garden look inviting and the house full of light and sunshine! Long may it last but with a little gentle drizzle overnight to keep the plants growing!

  25. I love the sun, the BBQ and especially the paddling pool for my boys. However I am not a fan of the hot nights and the restless children who love to argue LOL

  26. Love waking early and being able to open all the windows and let the fresh air flow through the house. The long days, BBQ’s, salads, strawberries, rose wine and basically spending as much time outdoors as possible.

  27. the long bright days which mean we can do outdoor activities as a family be it walking, swimming, cycling, visiting attractions etc, much healthier lifestyle

  28. Honestly, I’m not a Summer lover. I don’t like hot weather, I don’t like going to bed when its still daylight outside or being woken up with the sun at 4am. I don’t like having to shave my legs to go outside. I do like wearing sunglasses though. Maybe that can be the thing I like most about summer! 😛

  29. wow brilliant I’ve had that much bad luck of late it can only get better fingers crossed I win this one??????????

  30. Everything!!!! I love the warm days, sunbathing, swimming in the sea, family holidays, long nights, summer clothes, summer fruits….

  31. The longer days and that you can be outside in the evening 🙂 Great competition – thanks for running this 🙂

  32. Long happy bike rides with the family to nowhere in particular stopping to buy ice lollies now and again at little village shops. Happy times xx

  33. My favourite thing about the Summer is spending time with the children and my husband, seeing family and travelling around a little more. I also love the scent and colour of the flowers in the garden and the peppers and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

  34. I love being able to spend time in the garden in the Summer, Having a BBQ with family and friends is my favourite thing to do. Great atmosphere and lots of fun. 🙂

  35. Taking well deserved time off work to spend with the children, exploring new places and taking part in new outdoor activities xx

  36. Summer is my favourite season. I love the long, lazy days, the gorgeous weather & spending loads of time outside with my little ones.

  37. The summer holidays! Spending quality time with the children….. nature walks, cinema trips, park, safari park, zoo, garden fun!

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