10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas

10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas

Bonjour lecteurs! I went into town last week as Baba needed some boots. In my opinion, Friday was a good idée to go to our local shopping centre and we would avoid the crowd that you can sometimes witness on the weekends. Quelle erreur! I totally forgot it was Black Friday and I had to queue for ages just for des bottes… They were too nice to give up on them! It’s clear that the Christmas shopping frenzy is starting but do we really need those bargains? Here are 10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas and save up money on the go! Time to know your limits!

After all, it looks like the bigger deals come after Christmas and you will certainly have some money to spend there. Plus you don’t want to have too much interest on your credits cards and you can think about taking a loan for bigger purchases instead of spending money on things you might not really need…

10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas, bargains, Black Friday
Who needs all those things before Christmas?

So what purchases should you avoid before Christmas?

  • Unplanned Black Friday “bargains”. If you didn’t need it before that specific day, you don’t need it at all!https://mayflowerblogs.com/


  • Christmas presents for people you barely see with all year. After all, those people are not that important to you if you can’t bother seeing them – http://katykicker.com  


  • Chocolates for yourself or for the festive period. No doubt you will end up with a lot come the actual day especially if you have children! – www.rtoatsblog.com


  • Daft stocking fillers! I love little presents but the silly little bits that are on offer are such a waste of money – www.familytravelwithellie.com


  • Christmas cards for kids friends at school or nursery. It is so unnecessary. Don’t you wish every mother would get the memo and stop the whole stupid thing? Especially when kids are too young to write them themselves – https://themoneywhisperer.co.uk



  • Advent calendars which are overpriced for the amount of chocolate you get in them. Plus, do you really want them? You are better off buying a proper box of chocolates and fully enjoy them – www.autumnsmummyblog.com



  • Bubble bath! Come January you’ll have enough to last until at least next summer! I always get so many sets like that from my students – www.mommyandrory.com


Do any of these items ring a bell? I am certainly coupable of buying way too many Christmas cards. I buy 3 boxes for the price of 2 and I reckon I still have some sets I bought in 2010 somewhere in a cupboard in the kitchen… And I also have some wrapping paper with a special Christmas design that I bought two years ago and I never finished… I will for sure use it again this year! After all, I am not a huge fan of packing up presents…

Would you agree those examples could be 10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas? I must admit that I don’t really need all of this!

Let us know if there are any other products we can save up this year! Of even better, instead of spending money on them, why not give it to a charity that is close to your heart?

Merci for reading our 10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas! We hope you will have an amazing Christmas!

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15 thoughts on “10 Purchases to Avoid Before Christmas

  1. Totally valid pointless purchases!!! I hate Christmas cards… with a passion. I did buy myself a Nespresso machine in the Black Friday deals… I’ve always needed one but I didn’t know until I saw it. To be honest though, coffee is my fuel.

  2. Yes to all of these! Christmas is geared up by marketers to make you spend blindly so you can definitely be more savvy by taking these tips on what to avoid spending on on board!

  3. I remember I used to buy presents for people I would barely see and Katy is right ; if you or they cannot be bothered to see each other then it is an unnecessary purchase! Thank you for the helpful reminder!

  4. Great tips, I managed to avoid the black Friday “deals” this year, last year I spent stupid amounts on it, the chocolate is true too, my three children always get way to much xxx

  5. I always end up buying way too many cards – i really dont like sending them out but always feels its polite to return one`

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