December 2021 – Christmas Fun & London

Bonjour lecteurs! Time to reflect on last month! December 2021 was all about getting ready for Christmas festivities. Full of parties and other fun days for Stanley. Before going to London for one more last treat. I may have not been able to see my family, but we still had a good time. What was your Christmas highlight? 

Christmas Parties

I started December 2021 with a series of fabulous Christmas parties. As you may know, I am a member of a women’s network called the Step  Up Club. And after two long years without physical meet-ups, we made it!

The Step Up Xmas Party at the Hoxton Hotel was fun. L’occasion parfaite to meet with women I have been sharing idées  with for the last 24 months. I love being part of this community. Nothing is better than finding your tribe to support you!

December 2021, Ashford Designer Outlet, Christmas Parties

I carried on with a lovely Christmas Lunch at the beautiful Ashford Designer Outlet. You know it’s one of my fave places to shop ?.

December 2021, Ashford Designer Outlet, Christmas Parties

Even better when we had a délicieux lunch at Le Comptoir Libanais. Yummy and so pretty!

Winter Walks

But December 2021 was not all about parties! We made the most of blue sky days with some winter walks.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Life in Kent

Nothing can beat a good day out in the country with my boys.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Life in Kent, Christmas Tree

Especially when it ends with a pub lunch and a Christmas tree photo opportunity!

I also went for many bike rides and enjoyed Kent and its beautés.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Life in Kent

Eastwell Manor

For something a bit more sophistiqué, we stopped by Eastwell Manor the following weekend.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Eastwell Manor

Stanley played a ballad for me while we enjoyed its beautiful garden.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Eastwell Manor

Before meeting up with some family for our annual Christmas lunch.

We have many aunties and cousins and each year, we make it a tradition to see everyone! So our weekends are always busy…but happy!

Shopping In Kent

We also had a shopping day in London, just Grumpy Boyfriend, and moi. We stopped by Carnaby Street with some cocktails before heading back home.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Westwood Cross Shopping Centre

The next day was a family trip to Westwood Cross Shopping Centre. Such a lovely family adventure with some yummy food!

December 2021, Winter Walk, Westwood Cross Shopping Centre

And lots of Christmas fun too!

December 2021, Winter Walk, Westwood Cross Shopping Centre

It’s Starting To Look Like Christmas…

Christmas was definitely in the air! Sadly, some bad news started coming over.

December 2021, Winter Walk, the Sheraton Grand Park Lane

We were not able to see Stanley’s School Nativity… The second time around and I was pretty upset about missing on my très spécial king.

But he looked so dapper!

December 2021, Winter Walk, School Nativity

He broke up the third week of December and we booked a last-minute trip to London.

Sheraton Grand London Park Lane

What a gorgeous place! The Sheraton Grand London Park Lane is truly a gem!

December 2021, Winter Walk, the Sheraton Grand Park Lane

After walking around Charlotte Street and enjoying some yummy vegan burgers at the Flower Burger, we had a day out in London.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Flower Burger

We checked in and took lots of pics of the hotel. The place was so pretty!

December 2021, Winter Walk, the Sheraton Grand Park Lane

With also a bit of shopping in Mayfair and we stopped by the classic M&Ms Store in Piccadilly.

December 2021, Winter Walk, Piccadilly

No need to say that Stanley had a blast… En plus, we were also lucky to have a London Christmas Lights tour with Tootbus. Such a cool experience!

December 2021, Winter Walk, Piccadilly, Tootbus

Knackered after a fun day, we made it back to the hotel for one more drink before watching Bridget Jones 3 (oui!!!!) and bedtime.

C’est Noël

After all that fun, it was eventually Christmas. We had a pretty quiet one. Well, we hosted on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day to catch up with family and friends.

December 2021,Christmas Time, Christmas Shopping

But the big day was just us three and a lot of presents for Stanley!

December 2021,Christmas Time, Christmas Tree

More yummy food and so much Netflix too! I have never spent so much time on my sofa…

Somehow, I felt a bit deflated that my mum and brother were not able to come over. Merci Mr. Macron!

But I suppose Stanley still had a good time and I have a new Kate Spade bag. So I can’t complain, can I?

December 2021,Christmas Time, Christmas Tree

The rest of the week is a blur of food, games TV shows, and days indoors. We went out a bit but the weather was so poor, we had a couple of days without even crossing the door!

December 2021 – Christmas Fun & London

As I explained in my last post on Instagram (Stanley on the Lion Statue), 2021 somehow felt like a failure.

There are many goals I did not meet and even if we had a lot of fun in December 2021, I still felt like something was missing on the big day.

December 2021,Christmas Time, Life in Kent

I think my family not being able to come over for Christmas actually affected me big time.

But as always, I want to be grateful and celebrate what we have achieved.

December 2021,Christmas Time, Mayfair

Now looking back, we had a fabulous month and I appreciate how lucky we are to have all those experiences. I worked really hard to build my website and my channels over the last 5 years, so it did not happen overnight. And I am very proud of it too.

December 2021,Christmas Time, Mayfair

And we made it! Despite many challenges in 2021, we still had many memories. Even simple things like a walk in the country. Sometimes they are the best.

December 2021,Christmas Time, Family Time

I must remember this starting 2022 and always make the most from the situation, however bad it can get. Carpe Diem they say. Well, let’s do this and always reach for the stars!

December 2021,Christmas Time, Mayfair, the Sheraton Grand Park Lane

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and you are ready to rock 2022! You can achieve anything! The key is to start and do it step by step!

Bonne Année 2022! ??

Disclosure: This post might feature some sponsored content I recently published but it is merely a list of my highlights of the month! A post where I share some reflections as a mum in the country. I hope it will inspire you to get on more family adventures.



  1. Kimberley Whitehead
    January 9, 2022 / 9:13 pm

    It looks like you had an amazing time in London, truly magical at Christmas time.

  2. zoe brown
    January 9, 2022 / 9:58 pm

    very bad year for me but must try to see the best of things thank you for a insightful blog

    January 10, 2022 / 3:29 pm

    Happy New Year 2022, wishing you continued success in everything you do!

    • Cecile Blaireau
      January 12, 2022 / 5:13 pm

      Thank you so much, wishing you the best for 2022 too!

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