Living Arrows 37/57, baby tired, moody, diva

Living Arrows 37/57 – Baba is a diva…

Bonjour lecteurs! Today is Sunday so Frenchie Mummy is going to make sure that she is not spending the entire day in front of her laptop… So just a quick one from us aujourd’hui with a picture of Baba that just made me laugh so much this week. Off we go for Living Arrows 37/57 – Baba is a diva…

Living Arrows 37/57 – We are back!

We have not published a lot of pictures this month. I think we missed the last three Living Arrows, to be honest. The truth is we went away for our holidays and then, I went back to work and I was super busy!

Plus we have collaborated with some fabulous brands over the last few weeks. We have many great giveaways you want to enter for sure! You can win a facial in London, but also some cute nappies for example!

Plus we wrote about our sponsor EasyTots to attend BritMums 2017. I am so excited to represent this gorgeous brand as I am going to this blogging conference for the first time ever!

So here we go, we were absent from the Living Arrows community.

Living Arrows 37/57 – Baba is a diva …

But we are back and stronger with a super funny snap this week. I love it because it describes so well mon fils. You may already know that I am un peu a diva myself. I can tell you today that Baba has the same temper as his maman.

He was down for a nap on Monday and as usual, well grumpy when he woke up. He was not happy. But I had the camera as I was shooting for a post and I started taking some pictures of le bébé. I kid you not. As soon as I took some snaps, a smile on his face reappeared. And he then went onto the cushion on our bed. He was literally playing and posing for me.

This snap makes me smile because it says it all. ‘I am super tired and my life is terrible Maman, but I will pose just for you, as you love it!’ Diva attitude? 100% for sure and it is so funny!

Living Arrows 37/57, diva, moody, baby sleeping, baby tired
Life is exhausting… non?

I posted it on our Instagram feed and we received so many nice comments. I reckon Baba is well happy with the effect he has on women. He is so like his grandfather! A charmer!

Is your little one a diva too sometimes?

Thanks for reading our Living Arrows 37/57. Have a great week and don’t forget to check out our future posts. We have some great giveaways coming up just for you! Don’t miss them! See you next week!




16 thoughts on “Living Arrows 37/57 – Baba is a diva…

  1. That is so cute! Have so much Fun at BritMums I went a few years back and it was awesome, I would love to go again, hoping I can get a sponsor for next year now that I am blogging again!

  2. Such a lovely relaxed photo! I know how it is with going away and then getting back into routines – there just isn’t the time! x

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