Living Arrows 2/52


When I reflected on my first year blogging, I decided that I would share more pictures of Baba on the blog. So here we are! Today is my first photography post of the year with Living Arrow 2/52. What a great way of remembering our moments with the famous Frenchie bébé!

It will also be a nice new project for me. I used to post weekly Une photo, Une histoire and then didn’t follow up. But when I published 12 photos, 12 histoires last week, I really enjoyed doing it. So to a year full of Frenchie pics!


I missed Living Arrow 1/52 last week but I reckon our post with the 12 photos in 2016 was kind of the equivalent even if I totally forgot to share it on Donna’s linky.

This week picture is quite simple and sums up so well what we have been up to! Not much really. I returned to work after 1 year on maternity leave and Baba started to go to the nursery. The first day was tough as I was missing him a lot. De plus, I was quite upset when I heard that he fell (Grumpy Boyfriend had to sign the accidents’ record book). Having thought about it, later on, I realised it was nothing and that the nursery probably does this for insurance reasons.

Because of all those emotions, we mostly chilled out at home for the rest of the week. I took this picture yesterday. Baba is doing what he loves the most at the minute. He is just obsessed with our coffee table and wants to stand up against it. Basically, he just wants to stand up all the time! I reckon soon, he will be walking and it will be the start of the end! Not much more free time Frenchie Mummy! ?

I hope you all had a fab week! Don’t forget to end it en beauté with our new competition to win some cool clothes here!

Living Arrows

20 thoughts on “LIVING ARROWS 2/52

  1. Such a cutie! I used to work in daycare and we had to fill out a report for each and every accident of each and every child… just in case. Most were normal bumps and bruises but you just never know what might come of some seemingly innocent & minor injury.

  2. Aww poor baba falling. I hope your first week back at work went ok. It must be hard to leave that beautiful face every day.

  3. Cute photo. Nursery really helps them come on, especially walking because they want to be like the others. Looking forward to seeing more living arrows photos over the year #livingarrows

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