Frenchie Xmas Giveaways – Win A Wine Affairs Mixed Case worth £123

Bonjour lecteurs! Our new series of Frenchie Xmas Giveaways is officially starting next weekend. But we decided that we would treat you to special prélude with Wine Affairs this week! Indeed, you can win a Wine Affairs Mixed Case worth £123 and have a magical Christmas with some good French wine sur la table! Regardez and don’t forget to check out our Instagram too for more Frenchie giveaways with some really special French brands!

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Wine Affairs

Wine Affairs is a family business run by Marc and his wife. After having lived in France for over 25 years, he decided that the market was lacking some good French wines with an amazing value for money. Marc turned his passion into his job and he is here to share the love!

Wine Affairs, Mixed Case, Organic, Winemakers, Eco-Friendly wines, good value, Christmas Giveaways, win, the Frenchie Mummy

So he set up Wine Affairs and let me tell you that you are in for a treat! After all, I love good French wine! Mon préféré? A glass (or two) of Merlot. The online shop has a lovely selection.

More importantly, the brand prides itself to have a strong relationship with the winemakers it works with. Each wine on the website comes from independent domains that take great care of their soils and the environment.

Wine Affairs, Mixed Case, Organic, Winemakers, Eco-Friendly wines, good value, Christmas Giveaways, win, the Frenchie Mummy, French brand, French Savoir-Faire

Fancy some good eco-friendly wines organically made?  Enjoy a bit of the French savoir-faire with an amazing value for money!

Wine Affairs, Mixed Case, Organic, Winemakers, Eco-Friendly wines, good value, Christmas Giveaways, win, the Frenchie Mummy, French brand, French Savoir-Faire

Wine Affairs is your place! En plus, the brand offers a next day delivery too!

Win A Wine Affairs Mixed Case worth £123

Fancy some good wine to enjoy at Christmas? Win A Wine Affairs Mixed Case worth £123.

Wine Affairs, Mixed Case, Organic, Winemakers, Eco-Friendly wines, good value, Christmas Giveaways, win, the Frenchie Mummy, French brand, French Savoir-Faire

The brand has specially selected for you some of its favourite grand crus. Who can resits a Chablis, a Saint Emilion or a Syrah?

Wine Affairs, Mixed Case, Organic, Winemakers, Eco-Friendly wines, good value, Christmas Giveaways, win, the Frenchie Mummy, French brand, French Savoir-Faire

Your mixed case will contain 6 bottles, one being some champagne. But also une bouteille of Côte Du Rhône from Domaine Maby. Great if you like a wine with fruity balanced texture…

Enter now our first Xmas Giveaway via Gleam! And see you next week for more!

Win A Wine Affairs Mixed Case worth £123

This giveaway starts on the 15th of November and ends at midnight on the 15th of December.

The competition is open to UK residents only.

Competition Terms & Conditions:

By entering this competition you accept these Terms and Conditions:

By submitting their details, the entrant agrees to sign up to our newsletter.

We will notify the winner via email or Twitter.
No cash alternative available.

We will select 1 winner at random.
The winner must respond within 5 days of receiving the email to claim their prize.
Provision of the prize is the responsibility of the brand. Frenchie Mummy is not responsible.

We will treat your data with confidence and will not disclose it to third parties. 
The competition is not affiliated with Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.
Bonne chance!

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Wine Affairs.









    November 15, 2020 / 2:42 pm

    À votre santé – perfect for Christmas celebrations!

  2. Katie
    November 15, 2020 / 2:48 pm

    Great prize, perfect for xmas! Thanks for the chance

  3. Charlotte isobelle
    November 15, 2020 / 3:11 pm

    I’d love a little treat like this. Me and the other half always like to try a new bottle on a Saturday x

  4. Sylvia Dixon
    November 15, 2020 / 3:21 pm

    Excellent giveaway, perfect for the festive season, Cheers!

  5. Margaret Clarkson
    November 15, 2020 / 3:26 pm

    This is a great prize, such a lovely selection on wines.

  6. Helen Arlow
    November 15, 2020 / 3:32 pm

    A perfect addition to the table on Christmas day x

  7. Margaret Gallagher
    November 15, 2020 / 3:52 pm

    Many thanks for your generosity and love bringing so.much festive cheer

  8. Sandra Fortune
    November 15, 2020 / 3:53 pm

    Fabulous Prize to.share with my family at Christmas

  9. Dale Askew
    November 15, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    This would be a lovely prize to enjoy this Christmas

  10. H
    November 15, 2020 / 4:17 pm

    This would be such a lovely surprise for my elderly mum.

  11. Allan Fullarton
    November 15, 2020 / 4:29 pm

    WOW! Amazing competition in time for xmas.

  12. Jo Jones
    November 15, 2020 / 4:30 pm

    Very interesting blog post and a lovely prize

  13. Margaret Murray
    November 15, 2020 / 5:08 pm

    Fantastic prize, would love this, love wine. Thanks and fingers crossed.

  14. Andrew Petrie
    November 15, 2020 / 5:34 pm

    If you pull my name out of the hat you will be the first person I toast on Christmas Day.

  15. Tracy Nixon
    November 15, 2020 / 5:35 pm

    What a treat for Christmas and New Year!

  16. Jackie Howell
    November 15, 2020 / 5:36 pm

    amazing wines, perfect for Christmas

  17. Priscilla Stubbs
    November 15, 2020 / 5:47 pm

    Lovely treat for the festive season

  18. ashleigh allan
    November 15, 2020 / 5:56 pm

    Wow fab prize!

  19. Annabel Greaves
    November 15, 2020 / 5:59 pm

    This is such a great treat, perfect for the festive season

  20. Heather Macklin
    November 15, 2020 / 6:05 pm

    Trinquons à noël

  21. Fiona K
    November 15, 2020 / 6:13 pm

    A lovely selection of wines, would make a great prize in time for Christmas

  22. Pippa Ainsworth
    November 15, 2020 / 6:17 pm

    These would be a great accompaniment to our Christmas celebrations

  23. Jo m welsh
    November 15, 2020 / 7:09 pm

    A great prize would be perfect for Christmas thanks for the chance

  24. justine meyer
    November 15, 2020 / 7:59 pm

    Just in time to keep us happy for Christmas

  25. Katie Jaques
    November 15, 2020 / 8:07 pm

    this would be perfect for christmas!

  26. Laura
    November 15, 2020 / 8:54 pm

    This would go nicely with Christmas lunch

  27. Linda Jones
    November 15, 2020 / 9:56 pm

    Brilliant prize, love to win

  28. Sheena Batey
    November 15, 2020 / 10:15 pm

    This looks just up my street. Lovely wine.

  29. Jules Henley
    November 15, 2020 / 10:47 pm

    Nothing better than a good French wine – Cotes du Rhone my favourite.

  30. A.E. ADKINS
    November 15, 2020 / 11:23 pm

    Perfect prize for this time of year, particularly this year!

  31. Amy Doyle
    November 15, 2020 / 11:25 pm

    Like who doesn’t love wine 🙂 great prize

  32. Denise Dunn
    November 16, 2020 / 3:33 am

    Can’t beat a classic French wine, and these sound fabulous!!

  33. William Gould
    November 16, 2020 / 8:46 am

    Wow! What a fabulous prize! Perfect for Christmas!

  34. Peter Watson
    November 16, 2020 / 10:05 am

    This seems to be an ideal gift to suit my wife’s tastes.

  35. Jan
    November 16, 2020 / 11:59 am

    Perfect prize to win for Christmas

  36. Kira
    November 16, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    Ooo lovely

  37. dave johnston
    November 16, 2020 / 12:17 pm

    Great prize, perfect for a celebration ! Fingers crossed Thanks

  38. Natalie Burgess
    November 16, 2020 / 12:41 pm

    Such a perfect and generous prize xx

  39. Caroline Tinsley
    November 16, 2020 / 12:45 pm

    This would be all my Christmas wine sorted, what a great selection!

    November 16, 2020 / 12:45 pm

    just the thing for those Christmas partys

  41. Joanne Blunt
    November 16, 2020 / 1:42 pm

    Some lovely wines. I always like to try something new.

  42. SarahJG
    November 16, 2020 / 4:33 pm

    Lovely giveaway

  43. Rebecca Whatmore
    November 16, 2020 / 5:09 pm

    Wow – looks lovely – would definitely try this company

  44. Jenny McClinton
    November 16, 2020 / 7:51 pm

    This is a lovely prize and would be amazing to win for Christmas and New Year celebrations

  45. Nadia Josephine
    November 16, 2020 / 11:29 pm

    Wonderful prize just in time for Christmas ! Thank you for then chance to share this!

  46. Phil B
    November 17, 2020 / 9:36 am

    This would be great for Christmas, but I’m not sure it would last till then

  47. Carly Belsey
    November 17, 2020 / 10:56 am

    Fantastic giveaway and perfect place to get some affordable wine in for Christmas celebrations even if it is just me and my partner drinking it haha.

  48. Ursula Hunt
    November 17, 2020 / 11:48 am

    Great prize with good wines to top up the wine rack

  49. Lorne Bedford
    November 17, 2020 / 2:34 pm

    A very appetising giveaway

  50. lynn neal
    November 17, 2020 / 2:42 pm

    Perfect to make Christmas and Neew Year extra special!

    November 17, 2020 / 6:44 pm

    This would be perfect with Xmas on the way.

  52. Fiona jk42
    November 18, 2020 / 12:08 am

    This would be a great Christmas gift for people who are hard to buy for.

  53. Andrew Petrie
    November 18, 2020 / 6:28 am

    A great giveaway , not to be sniffed at !!!

  54. Phil B
    November 18, 2020 / 9:34 am

    Good wine at Christmas is a must, that and some mulled wine

  55. Emma Walton
    November 18, 2020 / 9:41 am

    Thank you for offering this amazing giveaway – I would love to win it! ??

    November 18, 2020 / 3:30 pm

    wine rack very empty at the moment would love to fill it up again

  57. November 18, 2020 / 3:49 pm

    Lovely selection of wines to enjoy with family and friends xx

  58. Maegan Boyle
    November 18, 2020 / 3:52 pm

    Brilliant for Christmas. I would share it out amongst my family to enjoy ♥

  59. MAUREEN findley
    November 18, 2020 / 4:29 pm

    fabulous for christmas celebrations

  60. James Travis
    November 18, 2020 / 4:32 pm

    Great selection of wines, perfect to use overt Christmas, when we ‘hopefully’ have family and friends over

  61. Kim M
    November 18, 2020 / 5:06 pm

    Would love to win x

  62. kim white
    November 18, 2020 / 5:37 pm

    This would be excellent for Christmas at the table and beyond. Who doesn’t love French Wines?

  63. Jackie Howell
    November 18, 2020 / 5:46 pm

    amazing wines, love to win

  64. Marylyn Hammersley
    November 18, 2020 / 6:00 pm

    My son-in-law is in the wine trade in Brooklyn, so this case of wine would be perfect to impress him with, and perfect to wet our baby granddaughters head with all the family when she finally gets over here to meet all of us! That will be one very special occasion!

  65. Jeanette leighton
    November 18, 2020 / 7:25 pm

    Great competition perfect for Christmas Time

  66. MichelleD
    November 18, 2020 / 7:34 pm

    This would be brilliant to celebrate our first Christmas and New Year in our new house!

  67. fiona waterworth
    November 18, 2020 / 8:54 pm

    some nice wines in this collection

  68. Christine Constable
    November 18, 2020 / 9:03 pm

    Champagne to celebrate my birthday in January!

  69. Rebecca Beesley
    November 18, 2020 / 9:40 pm

    I adore wine from the Cotes du rhone region!

  70. Christine Caple
    November 18, 2020 / 10:30 pm

    This would be fab, I love trying different wines.

  71. Sheena Batey
    November 18, 2020 / 10:54 pm

    This would be a real treat for friends and family this Christmas

  72. Karen hutchinson
    November 18, 2020 / 11:40 pm

    Fingers crossed – great prize for Xmas treats

  73. Penny Lane
    November 19, 2020 / 2:01 am

    This is a fantastic prize for Christmas!

  74. Julie T
    November 19, 2020 / 4:56 am

    Who wouldn’t be delighted with a lovely wine selection to enjoy over the festivities.

  75. Daggi
    November 19, 2020 / 5:50 am

    Perfect for Christmas

  76. Stefd159
    November 19, 2020 / 6:38 am

    What a great competition, thankyou

  77. November 19, 2020 / 7:30 am

    We won’t be going to France to visit the family for Christmas this year – I know you can’t help me out with the “seeing grandchildren” part of that, but at least this wine would help us to recreate the Christmas dinner experience here in England. Our oenophile son in law usually produces the perfect French wines for with the feast and we’ll be missing that (but not as much as we’ll be missing the grandkids)

  78. November 19, 2020 / 8:24 am

    Oooh, what a great prize! I’d love to try some new wines as we enter the festive season!

  79. Marcos
    November 19, 2020 / 12:16 pm

    Brilliant selection, merci Frenchie Mummy

  80. Dorothy K
    November 19, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    An amazing prize!

  81. Richard M Johnson
    November 19, 2020 / 1:36 pm

    great prize

  82. Audrie naylor
    November 19, 2020 / 3:27 pm

    I see the wine maker likes Beaky Blinders, as does my other half, he loves to sit down and watch it, I liked the first one but wasn’t keen much after that.
    The wine would be a much welcome addition to our christmas dinner. Its a great comp and giveaway.

  83. Alex McKay
    November 19, 2020 / 4:26 pm

    A delicious treat for the holiday season. How lovel y

  84. Krzysia
    November 19, 2020 / 5:05 pm

    My wine stocks are quite depleted at the moment so this would be amazing to win for Christmas time.

  85. Elaine Stokes
    November 19, 2020 / 5:15 pm

    amazing giveaway, perfect pick me up after the year we have all had

  86. Michelle Maclachlan
    November 19, 2020 / 6:06 pm

    Amazing competition, thank you

  87. Michelle Maclachlan
    November 19, 2020 / 6:12 pm

    Delicious prize, thank you so much for the chance

  88. Andrew
    November 19, 2020 / 7:09 pm

    Perfect for Chrsitmas

  89. William Gould
    November 20, 2020 / 8:36 am

    What an absolutely perfect prize for Christmas!

  90. Jessica Jacob
    November 20, 2020 / 1:51 pm

    Its been a while since I was wine drunk…

  91. Hazel Rea
    November 20, 2020 / 8:47 pm

    Lovely prize, thank you. Just perfect for Christmas – if we are allowed to be together.

  92. JW
    November 20, 2020 / 10:13 pm

    Fantastic prize – and we all need a few treats at the moment!

  93. Julia Kerr
    November 20, 2020 / 11:21 pm

    I’d love to share this out with my wonderful neighbours if I won

  94. Julia Husband
    November 21, 2020 / 8:07 am

    Another wonderful giveaway Frenchie Mummy! A Wine Affairs mixed case would be perfect to enjoy with family over the festive season.

  95. Andrew Petrie
    November 21, 2020 / 1:52 pm

    This will be the backbone to a great Christmas party . I hope !

  96. natalie s
    November 21, 2020 / 3:51 pm

    Oh my goodness I would love to win this prize!

  97. Emma Webb
    November 21, 2020 / 6:19 pm

    Perfect for Christmas! I would love this. What an excellent giveaway.

  98. Nadia Josephine
    November 21, 2020 / 8:00 pm

    This would make Christmas something bright and festive! Good wine is always a great accompaniment to Christmas dinner

  99. Ruth Harwood
    November 22, 2020 / 7:17 am

    I do love a glass of wine on a Friday evening, or a Saturday evening, this would be awesome as one of these bottles would be great for my dad this Christmas too xx

  100. sarah morris
    November 22, 2020 / 8:14 am

    This would be perfect for Xmas

  101. Kirsty Hosty
    November 22, 2020 / 12:17 pm

    lovely for Christmas

  102. Hazely
    November 22, 2020 / 2:02 pm

    I adore French wine! It’s always my first choice for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. Much prefer reds but whites and roses come into their own over the holidays and in the height of summer. This is a wonderful prize.

  103. Kirsty Connor
    November 22, 2020 / 8:47 pm

    This would be perfect for Christmas!

  104. Debby
    November 23, 2020 / 3:56 pm

    Chronic health problems were a big factor in my refraining from drinking alcohol, but I would love to win a mixed case so that I could give a bottle or two each to the people that have cared for me and helped me; my better half has cared for me for 30+ years and he & his business partner have kept me well shielded during this Coronavirus pandemic (they are the only 2 people I’ve seen all year apart from a couple of very socially-distanced chats with our lovely neighbour, who also needs shielding. They have been trying to prevent their business from bankruptcy, renovating our forever home (total back-to-brick renovation), doing all the shopping for me, my neighbour and an elderly customer or theirs – and taking all the precautions they can for this and having to change the way they work (e.g. not accepting beverages and/or food, not going through people’s houses). They have also collected prescriptions, fetched pet supplies, posted mail and other things they don’t like doing but want to keep us all safe. As well as the two of them I’d also give a bottle to my neighbour.

  105. Leila Benhamida
    November 23, 2020 / 5:29 pm

    What a super treat especially for Christmas. Love a good wine.

  106. MiraCassandre
    November 23, 2020 / 8:12 pm

    Really nice

  107. Michelle Maclachlan
    November 23, 2020 / 8:22 pm

    Thank you for this awesome opportunity

  108. H
    November 23, 2020 / 11:48 pm

    Would be a lovely surprise treat for my elderly mums birthday.

  109. Natalie Crossan
    November 24, 2020 / 11:26 pm

    What a lovely festive surprise – cheers!

  110. Nadia Josephine
    November 25, 2020 / 9:25 pm

    Wine at Christmas time is so important to compliment the food and to toast the family!

  111. Carole Nott
    November 25, 2020 / 10:51 pm

    An excellent selection of wine – just perfect for xmas

  112. Fiona Rennie
    November 26, 2020 / 6:29 pm

    What a lovely prize, I’m going to be on call for work on Christmas Day but will hopefully enjoy a tipple on Boxing Day

  113. Hazely
    November 26, 2020 / 8:16 pm

    Oh, hadn’t realised these were eco-friendly wines. Even better *keeps fingers crossed*

  114. Nadia Josephine
    November 26, 2020 / 10:44 pm

    This is fabulous for sharing with family when we can finally be together again

  115. Nadia Josephine
    November 27, 2020 / 10:01 pm

    Can’t wait to break open a good bottle of vino to enjoy at Christmas

  116. Alison Johnson
    November 28, 2020 / 12:21 am

    Like a nice bottle of wine xx

  117. natalie s
    November 28, 2020 / 11:40 am

    This would just be the perfect Christmas gift!

  118. Gemma Massey
    November 29, 2020 / 4:40 am

    Lovely prize perfect for Christmas thanks for the chance

  119. Amandeep Sibia
    November 29, 2020 / 5:18 pm

    Perfect prize for Christmas!

  120. Julia Linsley
    December 2, 2020 / 12:43 pm

    The Perfect Gift for my husband

  121. Mark Fridlington
    December 3, 2020 / 12:48 pm

    Always nice to settle down and relax with a good bottle of wine, especially at this time of the year.

  122. Philip Hall
    December 10, 2020 / 11:36 am

    Wine at Christmas time is so important to compliment the food and to toast the family!

  123. Julie Scattergood
    December 10, 2020 / 5:58 pm

    A fine prize. Perfect for this time of year. Thank you for the chance.

  124. clair downham
    December 11, 2020 / 6:05 am

    fab prixe would love to win for xmas thankyou

  125. clair downham
    December 12, 2020 / 10:02 am

    what a fab prize would love to win

  126. Jennifer Rhymer
    December 12, 2020 / 11:12 pm

    This would be amazing, so many lovely wines!

  127. steven phillips
    December 13, 2020 / 1:13 am

    Lovely prize perfect for Christmas

  128. clair downham
    December 13, 2020 / 8:20 am

    some lovely wines here fingers crossed

  129. Lyndsey B
    December 13, 2020 / 7:53 pm

    What a fantastic prize. Would be perfect for Christmas with my family.

  130. Sheri Darby
    December 13, 2020 / 10:22 pm

    What a dream of a prize

  131. clair downham
    December 14, 2020 / 4:51 am

    would love the chablis for xmas day lunch

  132. J S
    December 14, 2020 / 1:21 pm

    Perfect prize for Christmas!

  133. Eileen Sumner
    December 14, 2020 / 3:28 pm

    Super giveaway

  134. Anthea Holloway
    December 14, 2020 / 5:56 pm

    What a lovely prize and what super quality wines too.

  135. December 14, 2020 / 7:55 pm

    What a lovely prize, perfect for Christmas day

  136. Susan Willshee
    December 14, 2020 / 8:21 pm

    I usually restrict my wine drinking to either when we are on holiday or when we go out for the evening. Purely because I could happily sit at home and drink wine and not be bothered about going anywhere.
    Clearly, this year, we haven’t been on holiday and haven’t been out anywhere. My wine drinking has seriously declined!!

  137. Craig Rogers
    December 15, 2020 / 12:17 am

    A great selection of wines… I love a good St. Emillion! ?

  138. Amanda Botterill
    December 15, 2020 / 10:15 am

    Merry Christmas!

  139. Jeanette Leighton
    December 15, 2020 / 10:41 am

    Fantastic prize would love to win for Christmas time

  140. denise s
    December 15, 2020 / 12:01 pm

    love that it includes a bottle of bubbly . i like trying new wines

  141. kim white
    December 15, 2020 / 2:10 pm

    The French certainly have something to boast about when it comes to their wines. This is a lovely prize for someone.

  142. lynn neal
    December 15, 2020 / 2:45 pm

    Great prize, we would be sorted for Christmas with this!

  143. Karen Richards
    December 15, 2020 / 3:28 pm

    What a fabulous giveaway. That’s the drink sorted for Christmas.

  144. Tracey Hallmark
    December 15, 2020 / 8:01 pm

    Perfect to celebrate Christmas

  145. christine reid
    December 15, 2020 / 9:22 pm

    The wines look really nice and and would make a nice gift or to enjoy after dinner

  146. Emma Davison
    December 15, 2020 / 9:46 pm

    This sounds amazing. Especially at this time of year.

  147. HazelY
    December 15, 2020 / 11:20 pm

    Keeping everything crossed for what looks to be some truly delicious French wine to grace my Christmas table!

  148. Darren Bourne
    December 15, 2020 / 11:37 pm

    This is a wonderful prize to unwind with after a challenging year. Merry Christmas.

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