Une photo, une histoire #5

Once upon a time, there was a little boy called Baba. He was only 8 months old, but already, he loved computers. Here is his view on the topic!

Le boss, c’est moi!

Computers are magic. They are a box with a lot of things inside. Baba’s favourite one in l’ordinateur? Cartoons! What a question!

What I love watching on the computer… They have cool songs

And do you know what is even better than computers? The cool chair that Papa got to work on his desk! It looks like it is from a racing car.

When you sit on it, you feel like you are the future Ayrton Senna (that’s probably why Papa bought it!). Maman is not really impressed with it. She thinks it looks absolutely ridicule!

She doesn’t like the colour. Orange doesn’t match the pink roses she carefully picked up yesterday at the shop! And it’s far from looking nice with the brown curtains… (Mummy’s note: I don’t really like those curtains!)

Sometimes, Papa straps me to the chair and then spins me around: we love that! But again, Mummy is not really keen on that. It makes me laugh to see how much she is worried about me! She has no idea what I am planning for her later on when I am bigger! I am an adventurer. Spinning around in a chair like that is nothing compared to what is coming up!

Mummy is so amusing when she worries for nothing!

I am sure she will tell you about it at some point on her blog! For now, I am off chers lecteurs. I have some more cartoons to watch (a series special Halloween! I bet you Mummy will get scared hahaha).

Actually, I will have a bit of fun before watching cartoons…

Disclosure: No baby was harmed during this pseudo-review of Grumpy Boyfriend’s skills at being a dad… I don’t know why he takes so much space on the blog lately! We apologise for the inconvenience. The Frenchie Mummy Blog will resume very soon to its normal standards.

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22 thoughts on “Une photo, une histoire #5

  1. What a chair! You are nicer than me….I would have had that in the skip the second my husbands back was turned!


  2. Ha ha, love this fun post. As for that cute and cheeky smile – just adorable!!! #coolmumclub xxxx

  3. Aww I love this post – Baba is just so cute, I can’t get enough of him! We have a computer chair upstairs, though it doesn’t have any straps and Emma loves doing spins in it before bedtime. The boys love spinning her round 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #dreamteam lovely to have you x

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