Living Arrows 9/52

Grumpy Boyfriend took me out last weekend to celebrate our anniversary and Valentine’s Day. So I didn’t post a photo last week. But we are back with Living Arrows 9/52 today!

This week’s pic is so important to me. Just un bébé content! Playing some music with his new toy that Papa got him for Valentine’s. Don’t worry, Grumpy Boyfriend didn’t forget to spoil me too! I had the most amazing mug ever. Yes, I am fabuleuse girlfriend! Haha! If you still doubt about it, just read this post now!

But back to our Living Arrows 9/52 snap!

Grumpy Boyfriend bought Baba this musical toy and le bébé is a big fan of the hammer. Literally, he would just bang anything! I just love the way he is so into it on the picture. Well, he is having a break or thinking about what next big piece of music he is going to interpret really…

I have a big crush on wooden toys at the moment. They look so elegant and timeless.

My mum bought Baba a very cute dog that makes music when you pull it along. I will make sure to share it with you in another Living Arrows post!

Leaving you for now, with our famous Baba le musicien! Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading Living Arrows 9/52!

6 thoughts on “Living Arrows 9/52

  1. Noisy things are great aren’t they?
    We have a xyolophone too but it hasnt been used in a while. The noisiest thing we have is a drum though and that has been used for years. #livingarrows

  2. Wooden toys are just so much more fun aren’t they, useful for teething too ! he looks like he’s having a good old munch. #LivingArrows

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