Stop being a cheater on Facebook groups!

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You get it; this post is going to be a massive rant. No nice and witty Frenchie Mummy today. I am not in the mood! Baba decided to wake up three times last night and I am knackered. Also, Grumpy Boyfriend booked a table at a super posh restaurant for tonight but we had to cancel at the last minute… So, I am in a rage.


Literally, I have been roaring all morning. Grumpy Boyfriend is long gone to his office while I am typing those lines.

No one to face my anger! I can’t take it on Baba! He is too cute and too young…

I am just eating a banana 😇  Please don’t take it out on me…

Therefore, someone has to take the blame! Well, someone in the blogosphere will be my punching ball. No one, in particular, don’t worry. I am not going to name anyone.

Today, I am going to have a go at you. Yeah, you the cheater on Facebook groups! Just let me know, please. What is the point of you to join such groups? Why would you take part in a thread and then not follow the rules?

I explain. I am a member of 20 bloggers groups, if not more, on Facebook. I take part in several threads every day. This is my new addiction. I am not so much on linkies at the moment. I decided to slow it down. I don’t have as much time as before to properly comment on blogs. Therefore, I don’t do it to avoid let people down.

Anyway. Back to Facebook groups. There isn’t one where I have seen everyone playing 100% by the rules.

Here is an example that really annoyed me. It was by an American group. The thread was clear. All you needed to do was ask for a specific favour to all members. I wanted them to like my Facebook page (it’s here if you fancy joining. If you don’t want to miss my latest post but you also like seeing cute pics of Baba, this is the place to be!).

I am trying to grow this social media platform at the moment. Once the members were done, they were supposed to like my comment on the thread. Pretty standard if you take part in Facebook groups.

People had a 48 hours window to complete it. There were about 50 people joining the thread. It took me ages to complete what everyone asked for: pin a post, connect on Twitter or whatever they wanted. Conscientious, I stayed up all night to do it on time.

And you know what? I reckon 10% of those people didn’t like my page as I asked. So I did the favour they asked for, but they didn’t return it. Some didn’t even bother to like my comment. I suppose the admin will deal with them? Warn them or ban them from the group? I don’t care.

But what annoyed me is that 4 people pretended they liked my page. They liked my comment on the thread but yet, they did nothing on my page! I asked them if they used another username. None bothered to reply. Someone told me that, due to certain settings people choose, you sometimes don’t have a notification when they like your page on Facebook.

Right, but I checked the number of people liking my page before and after this particular thread and it was not right. Those 4 people didn’t play the game! They cheated!

I don’t do that all the time, you know. I don’t check on people like that! But it was so clear they were cheating that I decided to investigate. Just for once.

The whole thing really annoyed me. It was like being back at school (I am a teacher). ‘I swear I did my homework Miss, but my dad’s dinosaure ate my bag today and my French book with my homework was in it! I will give it to you tomorrow, first thing in the morning.’

And then they turn up with what is clearly a duplicate of their best mate’s work, with exactly the same mistakes, word for word. I am sure you get me if you are a teacher too… You have no idea what students come up with to avoid a detention…

Another example that actually made me write this post. It just happened yesterday. You might even know what I am talking about if you are a member of this Facebook group.

The thread was clear. Follow everyone on Twitter and don’t take part if you plan on unfollowing other members afterwards. So here again, Frenchie Mummy was a good girl. She followed the rules and connected with every single person on the thread, even the ones that were not in my niche.

I went to bed when my Crowdfire app beeped. If you don’t have it yet, download it now! It tells you who follows / unfollows you!

Someone from that thread unfollowed me, not even 24 hours after completing it! I was fuming! This person clearly didn’t understand the rules… I don’t have a problem with people unfollowing me on Twitter. We all do it. It’s simple if people do so, I do the same. We are not all real friends. No strings attached. But there, the point of that thread was to connect with other people and not ditch them as soon as possible to grow numbers on Twitter.

I am not perfect. I am sure that sometimes, I may have missed some stuff like that or didn’t oblige to the rules by accident or because I rushed it.

I have a clear example in mind. When I started joining linkies, I once put a post and barely commented on other blogs. Here is what happened: I linked up my post and then got distracted with Baba. He was still very small at the time and needed so much attention… One thing after another, I took care of him and then completed other tasks in the house. I totally forgot that I needed to finish this linky.

The week after, I rushed to my computer to take part again. Only at that moment, I realised with horror that I didn’t do the previous one properly! I was mortified! I emailed straight away the person who was running it to apologise! She laughed and said it was fine.  It could happen sometimes. Since then, I have a notebook next to my laptop and drop what I need to do every day!

So nobody is perfect and it might be the case that sometimes you don’t mean to not follow the rules on a Facebook group. It’s ok. All you need to do is say ‘Sorry’. We are all humans (and adults!)

But please, don’t do like this blogger who denied the whole thing. She even turned it around saying that I was not following her.

Quoi?! What?!

She said I was sarcastic (she had a point! I was very much indeed because she really pissed me off!).

She can say that. I don’t mind. I am many other things. I am a perfectionist, I am demanding (ask Grumpy Boyfriend, he can tell you a lot about it!), sometimes lazy (especially when it involves housework…), I am bloody stubborn but also a bit cocky (not my fault, it’s my Frenchie part…), but I am honest!

And yeah, I left her a sarcastic comment on the thread because she wasted my time and tried to lie about it like I was the bad one in the story…

I just want to finish this post with 3 little (actually massive!) points that are important to me:

  • If you run a linky or if you are in charge of a Facebook group, I admire you! It involves so much work! I don’t know how you do it. There are always people that will try to take advantage of the system and not be fair… That’s probably why I will never run a linky myself. It would be too much hassle. It would give me more grey hair! I even reckon the teacher I am would want to scream ‘You!!!!! 20 minutes detention after school!’ I left this kind of annoyance when I became a SAHM… So no thank you!hqdefault
  • If you are a person who joins linkies and Facebook groups and you always play by the rules, I also admire you. Because you have what we call the #bloglove. And that’s because of people like you that those groups and tribes are fabulous! You are the reason why bloggers like me want to be part of your gang! You are the ones that make new bloggers work harder and continue connecting with you. Merci!
  • If you are one of those cheaters on Facebook groups, please look at yourself in the mirror… Is it really worth it? Is it who you want to be? A dishonest person? Just to have big numbers showing off on social media platforms? Don’t be daft! Some other members know what you are doing and one day, you will be caught and banned. But I suppose you can join many other groups and start it all over again… But please, just stay away from me. I might turn into Mumzilla and eat you!!
Frenchie Mummy is having a bad day!!!!

Pardon chers lecteurs! I am so sorry you had to read this post today. But I needed to get it out. Surely, I am not the only one experiencing this kind of crap! Merde! I said a bad word! I must still be angry…

I would love to hear your opinion about the whole thing. Are you a member of Facebook groups? Do you run a linky and see people not following the rules? How do you keep calm? (I might need some tips on this…) How often do you see people cheating?

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196 thoughts on “Stop being a cheater on Facebook groups!

  1. This is actually why I’m not joining linkys at the moment; I just don’t have time to do all of the return commenting. And I always wanted to leave proper comments, not just “fan post, Hun” or whatever. So I figure it’s best just not to join than it is to do so and be THAT person! I’m glad you wrote this. I’m not on Facebook, but I used my husband’s account once to join a blogger group and I just couldn’t dedicate the time to it, so I sent a message to the admin explaining my situation and left the group so someone else could join. X

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  2. Unfortunately I think there will be people like this in whatever you do. It’s sad, but you can’t force people to be decent so I wouldn’t waste my anger on them. Also, end of the day wouldn’t you prefer people liking your sites because they actually want to, not because they had to? I think it’s good to support each other with these type of things, but if someone them chooses to unfollow so be it… their loss more than yours I would say🙂 #KCACOLS

    Nadia – ScandiMummy x


  3. Well said! The blogging community is so lovely, it would be an absolute shame to deprive your fellow bloggers of the comments they so deserve. #KCACOLS

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  4. Facebook terrifies me I haven’t got round to properly getting involved with all the blog groups etc, it is amazing how much work people put into them and how dedicated bloggers are, I have so much respect for everyone! I am sad you have had a bad experience but its good to let it all out and feel better #KCACOLS

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  5. Ahhh I get real anxiety about this. There have been several times when I have joined things and just missed doing them – through nothing but absent-mindedness… It doesn’t happen that often but I reckon I do it at least once a month. I usually do the catch up. But, just so you know, if I ever do it to anyone reading it is entirely accidental! #KCACOLS


  6. I got into a heated disagreement on a food bloggers social sharing group on FB not so long ago.

    The idea was that you ‘yum’ (as in, share to Yummly) every one of the posts above you in the thread, and in return, they would all yum yours.

    The rule was that you had to yum all the posts, unless there was a moral or religious reason not to, in which case you had to find something on that particular blog you *did* feel comfortable with.

    Sounds easy, right?

    1. I’m vegan, so while I am not in any way a preachy person, I was still not prepared to publicise meaty dishes. In most cases this was not a problem – most bloggers had vegan recipes I could share (I yummed lots of salads!). However, there were two who had absolutely nothing on their blogs I was happy sharing. I left them replies to say why I hadn’t shared their stuff; one suggested I yum a cheese recipe, so I reminded her that it contained an animal product. She was OK about it, and let it go.

    The other one was a total harpy! Her blog consisted of tales and photographs of all the animals she’d shot, plus how to cook some of them. But most of the animals she killed, she did so for ‘sport’, not for food.

    Honestly, there was not even one vegetable dish. Not even a condiment! I politely told her that I couldn’t find anything to share but if she had a vegan recipe that I’d missed, I’d be happy to yum it.

    She went apesh!t at me, calling me all the names under the sun, saying there must be something wrong with me if I didn’t eat meat, and that ‘freaks’ like me were ruining life for ‘hard-working meat eaters’ (her words, not mine!) like her. I really don’t think I was the one with issues, TBH!

    And I don’t see how I, living in Slovenia, could possibly affect her Texan life!

    2. Over half of the blogs I looked at didn’t even have a search function, and most of them had not indexed their recipes at all, so instead of being able to hit the recipe tab in the nav menu, I had to manually search through every. Single. Post. Until I found something suitable.

    3. There were 93 posts above mine. It took me 4.5 hours to go through them all. I died a little inside.

    4. Eight people yummed my recipe in return. Eight. Out of 93 (well, I guess 91, if you exclude the two I couldn’t share).

    And it was my awesome chocolate pudding recipe too.

    I wasn’t the only one it happened to though – I went through some of the comments, and discovered that most people seemed to just be adding their links to the thread, and not even attempting to share other people’s links. Needless to say that the eight people who shared my link also shared everyone else’s.

    I left a message to say that I thought they were all incredibly selfish, and that the group owners needed to enforce the rules, and set an example. Then I left the group! I doubt it had any effect on their behaviour at all but it made me feel better!


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    1. hahah you did what was best for you and that’s great. 8 people only following the rules is appaling! I once contacted a damin to say that a person cheted every week. She banned me from the group to later on apologise and say that she had the wrong Cecile. I doubt there is any Cecile in a us group… LOL I accepeted to come back as she realised her mistake but I sear the day I see the cheater’s name in a thread, I will not even bother pretend I did what was asked! Good for you for quitting the groups. It is disgusting! xxx

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      1. I think the thing that annoys me the most though, is that if you complain, very often people accuse you of whining or being childish.

        Of course, they are the people who always break the rules. By that logic, it’s an adult thing to break rules, right? And that it’s OK to do so.

        I wonder how those same people feel about their kids breaking the rules at home?

        Honestly. people who behave like that really p!ss me off! LOL!

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  7. Ooooh my god this infuriates me to no end – and I see it constantly. Actually, I’d love to know which group/thread you participated in where only four people failed to do what they were supposed to. I usually get, like, maybe one or two people (out of god knows how many) who actually follow through. I also see a lot of people who seem to do the right thing until they post (and then they never check back on the comments below).

    Likewise for the follow/unfollow thing. I get that from a lot of smaller YouTubers in particular – they’ll follow me, I follow back, I get their auto-DM telling me to check out their channel and they’ll sub back etc. etc. and then within 24 hours they’ve unfollowed me. No. Duh-lete. I’ve been considering shouting them out after, but I can’t bring myself to be that mean.

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    1. hahahaI agree with you on all the points. I think that if Admin are not following up, then people don’t care and truly there is no point participating if people put their feed and then don’t follow each other. The thread I mentionned if a mummy bloggers group on Facebook. The admin is very strict. It’s why it works really but it must be so exhausting for her to chase people up like children… I would hate it!


  8. Winds me up too. I don’t tend to do follow threads or those mix up ones, because I refuse to RT posts I don’t want to, and I don’t want to follow everyone…plus if I do sometimes I end up unfollowing by accident because I can’t remember if they were from a FB group or not.

    Now I rarely use FB groups for threads because they eat up so much time especially if it’s not my niche. I stick with a couple of linkies where people do actually reciprocate. Because a lot don’t outside the hosts.

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  9. This is sooo annoying I’m with you on this . My time to do things is very little but I make sure to complete threads if I take part shame others don’t have the same attitude !! #stayclassymama

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  10. I HATE this!!!! Not the post, I love the post, but when people do this – it enrages me!! I take part in a blog commenting group and every week I will comment on the other fifteen and sometimes only receive one or two comments back. It’s the same with linkies too, sometimes I will comment on ten+ and receive just one or two comments, it’s so frustrating! The worst is the ones who pretend to like your pages though, that’s just sneaky isn’t it! Or like it…and then UNLIKE it!!!! Agghh! #stayclassymama

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  11. Now THAT is annoying! I don’t put my link in if I know I am not going to follow other people’s, it doesn’t seem fair to me. I think I saw that follow thread you’re talking about and there is some massive cheating going on, MEH. I wish there was some sort of Internet police lol. Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

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  12. Yeah, I recently joined a thread where not all the participants took part. I don’t have time to chase them up about it, which is what they might rely on. I’d be annoyed with myself if I thought I’d not complied. #stayclassymama

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  13. Blogging is supposed to be all about the community and sharing the blogging love, right? It’s for fair if people drop links in linkys and don’t comment, or join FB threads asking people to like/share their posts and don’t return the favour. The whole thing falls apart if people are only out for themselves. #stayclassymama

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    1. yep, I had again a conversation with one of those people to tell her to keep quiet hahaha. I can’t control myself! LOL Thanks for reading x


  14. I tend to not do those linky/follow things so much because i don’t have time and I don’t really want my twitter feed filled with stuff I’m not interested in. On the occasion I do, I wouldn’t ever bother to notice who followed me or didn’t. I just think, as on the odd occasion I dump and run on a link group, the fact that I usually read around and comment should make up for it. Life gets busy…Follow who you like and don’t worry about those that do the same…


  15. Bonsoir! Je l’aime ce post (d’accord, je suis desolee pour le merde francais!). It’s so funny! There are a certain few who really are selfish and just out for what they can get, and there are some who are just forgetful and join too many things and can’t remember their committments. But the majority of us are nice so don’t lose heart! My pet hate is people joining in a “like” a post thread on facebook and then they like it as their page….which only benefits them as it only increases their own visibility. Which defeats the object entirely.

    One thing I will say though is, if you use crowdfire….do you have it set up to auto message on twitter to thank them for the follow? Because even though it seems like a nice thing to do, it puts loads of people off because they know it’s a robot. I hope that’s not offensive?! I just know that lots of bloggers have said in groups that they will automatically unfollow someone who uses this function! Which is harsh (I don’t btw!). Anyway #StayClassyMama!

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  16. Well
    You’ve all made my afternoon’s reading a delightful treat
    I don’t do linkies or write blogs BUT I do like reading these
    Really haven’t a clue why people don’t follow the rules
    Not surprised about your rant -new to most groups but even if have spotted some cheats
    Take note of the cheats -they’ll get their just rewards and hopefully a ban
    Keep up your great work x

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  17. Unfortunately there are always more takers than givers, especially when there is no easy way to name and shame people who do not behave honestly on social media. I always feel sad when I am entering a competition and I see that the blogger posting the competition has commented that people should not follow / like etc. to enter the competition, then unfollow / unlike the next day. If the blogger has to put this in writing, it invariably means that someone has cheated on them this way, entering the competition on a bogus basis. You are quite justified to have your “rant” about it, these people are not playing by the rules.

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  18. Girl, thank you for saying all of this!! I have literally fallen asleep at the keyboard once or twice trying to reciprocate on time. I don’t have the inclination to check who is doing it back, BUT I can do basic math and often these things just don’t add up. I’d like to say people who cheat are only hurting themselves, but no, they’re hurting us too. Also, it irks me that the cheaters often seem to be “bigger” bloggers (with high traffic/social media #s, etc.) As if they are too lofty to be tainted by us lowly peons. I’ve heard the excuse “I only share things that align with my brand”, which A. I don’t believe because they’ll shill everything under the sun for a few dollars and B. Is fantastic! But if that’s the case, why are they slumming it in our groups?

    Haha! You seem to have touched a nerve.🙂

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    1. I think I have and I am so happy that many people like you agree with me. Bored of this cheating! But it’s not worth checking… Thanks for reading x


  19. I’m sure I have goofed and not followed all the rules on a link up or facebook group, but what discourages me is that I belong to some small link parties and I make it a point to visit everyone’s blog and comment on their post, but hardly anyone comments back- maybe just the host. One week, I could understand, but after weeks and weeks of someone commenting on your post and you never return the love? I don’t get it….

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    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I think I am actually guilty of it. I take part in so many linkies that I am trying to visit as many different bloggers and sometimes when I have commented I don’t necessarly come back and chek new posts…


  20. I won’t participate in threads like those because I don’t want to be a cheater. I am picky about who I follow. I’ll do the “follow at least 3-5” type share threads but not the “follow all” ones because I know there were be a ton I don’t want to follow and it’s so much work to make sure you get everyone that posted after you. I actually rarely do any of those threads anymore anyway due to a serious lack of time for Facebook groups and because I’d rather people like my social media stuff because they actually like it, not because they have to. (visiting from the Happy Now link party)

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  21. Linky parties and facebook groups are definitely difficult to do properly and not burn out. I’ve been so busy with projects and kids lately that I’ve cut way back on both. And I always felt guilty whenever I participated in a FB group but didn’t finish the requirement in time. Thanks for joining the #happynowlinkup!

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